12 Ways to Keep Your Garage Shipshape During Winter

Updated: Jan. 03, 2024

Take some time to get your garage in order this winter. Follow these tips to get organized and make sure your garage is ready for winter—it will make winter a whole lot easier.

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messy garage floor

Rotate Seasonal Items

Before winter even starts take some time to push summer items such as the lawn mower, garden tools and hoses to the back of the garage, and winter items such as shovels and salt to a spot that’s easier to get to. You can also move sports gear such as soccer and basketballs to the back and sleds and skis forward.

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Check the Snowblower

Make sure your snowblower is ready for battle. It’s easier to fix any problems now than it will be when you have 10 inches of fresh snow on the ground and can’t get the snowblower to start! You’ll also need to move it to a spot in the garage where you can easily get it out without moving the car.

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snow drop zone mat in garage

Create A Drop Zone For Snow

If you have an attached garage, set up a drop zone near the entrance to your home so you don’t track mud, snow and ice through the house. Set up a spot for boots and items such as wet mittens, scarves, hats and coats. Check out these 12 DIY entryway boot tray ideas.

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diy squeege rake hack

Keep a Squeegee Handy

Need a squeegee in a hurry? Take a piece of pipe insulation and use a couple cable ties to fasten it to the back of a garden rake. Works like a charm, and you don’t even have to take it off to use the rake.

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DIY ski holder

Set Up Wall Storage

Feel like your garage needs an organizational revamp? Don’t forget to use your garage walls to your advantage. Install racks to hang sports equipment such as skis and sleds, and to keep shovels from falling over.

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cans of paint in garage
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Check For Temperature Sensitive Liquids

It’s best to not let fluids such as paint, weed killer and wood stain spend the winter in an unheated garage. If you live in an area where it get really cold, consider moving these liquids from the garage to the basement, out of the reach of children and pets, of course.

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foam crack sealer

Seal Cracks

Check for cracks, both inside and outside the garage. Seal any cracks with caulk or expanding foam to prevent pests from taking up residence in the garage over the winter months.

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cutting garage insulation

Stay Warm By Adding Insulation

If you spend a lot of time in the garage during the winter, consider installing a heating unit or adding insulation to the space. You can also help keep cold air out by adding some weather stripping to the doors and windows.

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garage door chain lubrication
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Check the Garage Door

Make sure your garage door and opener are running properly. Lubricate moving metal parts and check the door regularly for signs of ice buildup.

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garage door floor water dam
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Garage Floor Water Dam

Garage floors are puddle prone: springtime floods, melting ice from tires, you name it. You can keep that water away from your tools and toys with a dam made of expanding foam. It sticks, it’s waterproof, and you can walk or drive over it without damaging it. And come summer, it’ll scrape right off.

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floor mat for garage floor
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Add Absorbent Floor Mats

Garage floors can get slippery fast and that’s when injuries happen. Add some non-slip floor mats to areas of the garage floor that see heavy foot traffic to help prevent slips and falls.

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salt for garage in winter

Get Ready for Ice and Snow

Make sure you’re stocked up on salt for the sidewalk and driveway, and that your shovels are ready to go. You’ll also want to move ice scrapers to the car. Put all supplies in a place that’s easy to get to. These 10 great snow and ice removal hacks will help you this season.