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Best-Reviewed Snow Shovels on Amazon

Upgrade your snow shovel this winter to a product that's Amazon reviewer approved. Find your best snow shovel here.

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Snow Joe Shovelution Sj 18 In Strain Reducing Snow Shovel Ecomm Amazon.comovia merchant

Snow Joe 18-In Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

This Snow Joe shovel is geared toward those who fight bad backs every winter as a result of shoveling. The product was designed to greatly reduce the effort, strain and potential injury involved in shoveling by up to 30 percent. Meanwhile, the ergonomic shovel grip is spring-loaded, capturing the expended energy from throwing the snow to return and reset the shovel.

“These bad boys are a TOTAL back saver!!” an Amazon reviewer boasts. “I’ve ordered five of them… I have a crew of four up on the roof of our motel clearing off over 3′ of snow (on a 300 ft. run of roof!!) and THEY love them too. I’ve shoveled several hundred pounds of the white stuff myself, and I gotta tell ya, I will NEVER use a ‘regular’ snow shovel again! Having that extra handle is a God-Send!! If you’re [semi] old 🙂 like me (60) or a young buck that just needs something that will fling the snow WAY out of the way – GET YOURSELF one or more of these! You’ll LOVE it!!” Check out how car wax before can make shoveling easier!

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Utilityvia merchant

Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Snow Shovel

The perfect snow shovel for car, Lifeline’s aluminum snow shovel is an ideal accessory for your vehicle or snowmobile. It features three-piece aluminum construction, weighs about 1.3 pounds and the length can be adjusted from 25 inches to 32 inches.

One Amazon reviewer calls the shovel amazing despite its size. “Amazing little shovel!!! I just used this to dig out my car after snowstorm Jonas. While it’s a bit smaller than a standard shovel-both the scoop and the arm, it’s aluminum and extremely sturdy! I was able to lift lots of wet, heavy snow with no problem at all. The fact that it comes apart and can be easily stored makes it convenient to keep in the trunk or in a closet in your home (I live in an apartment and lack storage space so this is huge!). I’d highly recommend this to anyone without any reservation at all!!!” Here are 10 great snow removal hacks to try this winter.

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Suncast 18 Inch Snow Shovel Pusher Combo With Ergonomic Shaped Handle And Wear Strip Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Suncast Shovel With Ergonomic Shaped Handle

This reliable snow shovel from Suncast features an ergonomic bent handle, galvanized steel wear strip, ribbed steel-core handle and an 18- x 12-inch blade. Amazon reviewers find the shovel to be good quality, and able to reduce muscle strain when compared to other shovels.

“I could not wait to get a decent shovel that would not break my back,” a reviewer says. “The first time I used it, I knew I made a good purchase. It worked great and didn’t give me back pains, I am just so happy to have a decent shovel that is not 40 plus years old and worn out. When I used it some of the snow had begun to melt but it required very little effort to utilize. The shovel is well made and should last me a very long time.”

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True Temper  Aluminum Snow Shovel Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

True Temper Klondike Poly Snow Shovel

This True Temper shovel features a versatile blade that can serve as both a scraper and a shovel. It is designed to be wide enough to remove large amounts of snow, and deep enough to lift it.

“I’ve lived in northern New England my whole life and this is the best shovel that I’ve ever used,” an Amazon reviewer says. “I’ll be buying one for every member of my family. Has a good sized bucket, and the ergonomic handle really does make all the difference. After 10+ feet falling this last winter, this shovel still looks brand new. Highly recommended, this is the last shovel I think I’ll ever buy.” The snow is going to fly and you want to have the best tools available to deal with it. Try these snow removal tools to tackle the task.

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Orientools Collapsible Snow Shovel Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Orientools Collapsible Folding Snow Shovel

Another perfect snow shovel for car, this foldable shovel can be adjusted between three positions: folding, vertical and horizontal, making it great for multiple uses. The D-shaped grip ensures comfort, protection from frostbite while using, and the ability to get the job done with less power. The lightweight PP blade, with a durable aluminum edge, improves the ability of clearing snow.

Amazon reviewers note it’s the best snow shovel for the car. “Folds up small and about 3 inches thick as shown. Easy to fold up or unfold. Snow scoop is thick plastic with aluminum edge. Intended use is to keep in the car during winter as emergency snow shovel. Looks very well suited for that purpose.”

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snowblowervia merchant

Snow Joe Electric Snow Shovel

Get fancy with your snow removal with Snow Joe’s electric shovel. Ideal for quick snow pickups on decks, steps, patios and sidewalks, the shovel features a 10-amp motor and can move up to 400 pounds of snow per minute, according to the manufacturer. The 2-blade paddle auger cuts 13 inches wide by 6 feet deep with each pass, while the ergonomic design with adjustable handle minimizes user strain.

“This thing is amazing!” boasts an Amazon reviewer. “I could not believe how powerful it is. It cut my work in half of using a manual labor shovel. It is also light weight and easy to move around even if you are not a big guy like myself. This is exactly what us guys over 50 need. It is built well and it is powerful. Very simple to use also. With one button and one trigger to get it to going. Great Job, Snow Joe! I highly recommend it!”

Not convinced? Browse more options for the best electric snow shovels.

Here’s how to avoid slipping and sliding on your front porch this winter.

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Garant Yp139eakd Yukon 14 Inch Ergonomic Snow Shovel Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Garant Poly Blade Ergonomic Snow Shovel

Another great shovel for keeping back aches at bay, Garant’s snow shovel was designed to adapt to the body’s natural movements. The result is a product that allows you to lift and move snow with ease, thanks to its ultra-light, large aluminum handle. It’s the perfect snow scoop shape.

“This thing is amazing,” exclaims a reviewer. “It glides across the ground. I’m up in North Dakota where the snow is powdery but comes in heavily, this product is perfect for these conditions. As someone who stands 6′ 3″ and has consistently had back pain using standard shovels, this thing is a godsend. No more twisting or snow throwing, simply scoop the snow and use the sleigh-smooth bottom to glide onto the nearby ground and dump easily.” Are you prepared for winter? Check out these important things you should do before the cold hits.

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Suncast 12 Kids Snow Shovel With 34 Inch Resin Handle Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Suncast 12-In Kids Snow Shovel

This snow shovel for kids makes the list for families who have little ones who like to get involved. They can also use the shovel for fun when building snowmen or snow forts.

“This was a dual-purpose purchase for us,” says a reviewer. “To entertain the three-year old while we shovel snow, as well as a small plastic shovel we can use to shove snow off the car without scratching it (too badly, anyway). It was a big hit on both fronts and we’re glad we bought it.” A little spray bottle filled with this mixture will get you on the road much quicker after a snowfall all winter long.

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Handlevia merchant

Truper Long-Handle Shovel

This Truper snow shovel features a professional-grade premium North American white ash handle, which allows for optimum ratio of resistance and flexibility. Meanwhile, the 9-inch cushion grip gives improved control and reduced hand fatigue.

“I always look for old coal shovels at garage sales but they are pretty few and far between these days,” begins one reviewer. “They are the best for snow if you have a little manly strength. This can easily scrape up icy patches that lightweight plastic or aluminum snow shovels just can’t handle. This shovel is very well-built and will last beyond my years and I’m 59. I personally expect 60 years of service with it.” If you’re considering investing in a snow blower, read this first.

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Suncast Snow Shovel Ecomm Amazon.comvia merchant

Suncast Big Scoop Snow Shovel with Wear Strip

Featuring a no-stick graphite blade and collapsible one-piece steel handle for easy storage, this Suncast snow shovel is a solid piece of equipment for handling snow with ease. Reviewers say it’s the best snow shovel for big jobs. Here’s what one person says about this snow scoop:

“Can’t say enough great things about this shovel! Really is a huge life and back saver,” says an Amazon reviewer. “I did my entire driveway and sidewalk with this alone in 30 min with about 2 inches of snow. I am a 47 yr old woman and only 5′ 2″. It really is a piece of cake. Also used it to make a dog run for my dogs in the back yard in over 5 inches. Easier than dragging the stupid snowblower out and actually works better.”

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