This Water Sensor Alarm Prevents Flooded Basements (and It’s on Sale)

Updated: Dec. 04, 2023

If you're already investing in your basement with air purifiers and dehumidifiers, don't sleep on the Basement Watchdog water leak detector. This handy device saves shoppers "thousands," and right now it's on deep discount.

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Those who know the horror of discovering a leaking washing machine or flooded basement understand how detrimental—and expensive—water damage is. There are plenty of things you can do to protect your basement furniture, including investing in basement shelving for valuables. Don’t assume you’ll catch a leak before it’s too late, though—pick up the Basement Watchdog water leak detector.

What is a water leak detector?

Early leak detection is crucial to prevent thousands of dollars worth of destruction and a big headache. A water leak detector (or water sensor alarm) is a home tech product that sounds an alarm when it comes into contact with water. While they don’t stop floods in a finished basement, they do minimize irreversible damage by alerting homeowners of any leaks the second they start.

Why do shoppers love the Basement Watchdog water leak detector?

The Basement Watchdog water leak detector easily fits next to a water heater, in a sump pit, under a laundry tub or mounted on a wall near your basement bar. Each unit includes up to 100 feet of wire to protect hard-to-reach areas like inside cellars or crawlspaces. When it detects as little as 1/32″ of water, the unit emits a piercing, 110-decibel alarm that’s easy to hear throughout the home.

There’s no need to worry about keeping your man cave safe from floods when you install this low-cost home tech product. Like with smart water valves, a water leak detector may lower your homeowner’s insurance rate. Check with your insurance for any added benefits after installing one.

What Reviewers Say About the Basement Watchdog

Verifier reviewer Rockster writes, “Love this alarm. We had a basement toilet backup from tree roots underneath our street. After that backup, I bought these alarms for $10-12 each and put them under every sink and behind toilets, by the hot water tank, etc. A year or so later, it went off while my husband was eating dinner and he went downstairs to find that another backup was happening.

We don’t always go downstairs every day, so without that alarm, we could’ve faced more damage, but instead the alarm saved us. I highly recommend these units. A wire extends out several feet so you can place it where you want. We haven’t had to replace the battery yet, and it has been a few years.”

Where To Buy the Basement Watchdog

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Protecting your basement living space doesn’t have to require a watchful eye or expensive camera systems. Just pick up the Basement Watchdog water sensor alarm and minimize damage to your basement floor. If the unit piques your interest, you’re in luck. Invest in one today and save a hefty 37% off when you buy it on Amazon.

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