Never Worry About Lost House Keys with This Easy-To-Install Smart Lock—And It’s On Sale

Updated: Jun. 04, 2024

Unlock the front door by just approaching it—seriously!

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Few things are as jarring as laying in bed on the brink of sleep, then realizing the front door may not be locked. Ripping off the covers, pattering down the hall and inspecting the lock—only to find that it was indeed secure—is a universal annoyance. So is losing the house keys and inadvertently locking yourself out. Trying to break into your own home is just a headache waiting to happen.

There are other issues with traditional deadbolts, too. The mechanism failing and lock-picking burglars are just a few concerns. Plus, remembering to lock up after leaving relies on a good memory—not something we all have before hitting the morning commute. That’s why keyless entry systems—like the Ultraloq smart lock—are making a big difference in the security of hundreds of homes.

What is the Ultraloq smart lock?

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The Ultraloq smart lock is a waterproof, app-controlled smart lock that connects with smartphones via Bluetooth. It attaches to nearly any residential door easily and with minimal tools—just a screwdriver, in fact. Not only is this easy-to-use smart lock much more secure than deadbolts—it’s up to 35 times stronger—but there are also a variety of ways to unlock it. Six different entry system settings offer plenty of options for families.

Methods include traditional options, like keys and a numerical code. Less traditional is the fingerprint scanner, which uses a biometric scanner to read the family’s fingerprints to grant access. Using smartphone settings, users can unlock their doors by opening up the app. These smart lock methods leave a lot less room for error, so they’re more secure than regular deadbolts or chain locks.

Other features include the ability to send one-time-use or recurring e-keys to family and friends—a handy security tool for service visits and deliveries. Even better, the app offers an entry log so homeowners can see exactly who entered and at what time. Afraid of forgetting to lock up? Timers automatically lock the door at preset intervals after entry. Better yet, the included batteries last up to one year with regular use.

Our Senior Shopping Editor Cher Checchio owns this lock and appreciates the security it offers her and her family. “I’ve had the Ultraloq smart lock for almost a year now,” she says, “I wanted to upgrade from my regular deadbolt to a smart lock for more security after having a baby. I really love the different ways I can lock and unlock my front door.”

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How to Use It

Cher notes that the Ultraloq smart lock is more convenient than a standard deadbolt. “We mainly use the fingerprint ID, which is set up for both me and my husband to easily unlock the door with just one touch. But I also love the security of the smartphone app. I can check it from my bedroom to see if the door is locked (no more wondering if I remembered to lock the door at night!).”

She goes on to say that outside of the convenience it affords her family, the keyless smart lock is also useful for visitors. “The code feature is an added bonus as we can share it with family members or friends when we’re out of town. And for those who are old school, it comes with a backup key just in case.”

Similarly to several of the 10,000 reviewers on Amazon, Cher wants to pick up a few more Ultraloq smart locks for other areas of her property. “I can’t wait to get another one for my basement door. The added peace of mind is reason enough to invest in this smart lock!”

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Amazon reviewers praise the smart lock for all of the options it affords, including ease of installation and enhanced security. “We bought five of these for our new house because I just hate having keys in my pocket. The batteries lasted a long time,” writes verified purchaser C.A. Owens. “The thumbprint scan is a nice easy feature if you’re carrying tools around and need to get in quick. Also great if you’re setting up an Airbnb. The phone interface is good.”

“Easy to install, works well and the features are useful. I’ve had no issues with the fingerprint feature, the codes work and you can assign different codes to different profiles, keeping track of who comes in and out that way, which is nice if you’re out of the house and need to let in family and friends,” notes another reviewer.

Where to Buy the Ultraloq Smart Lock

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The Ultraloq smart lock’s assortment of features do come at a price. Normally, the smart appliance retails for $200. For a limited time, take advantage of Amazon’s coupons and discounts and secure one at a generous savings of $64. That puts the total cost at an affordable $135! Don’t gamble with home security—keep your family safe with the latest smart tech.

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