This Robotic Pool Cleaner Keeps Pool Water “Sparkling” and Scrubs Tile—Get It for $110 Off

Updated: Mar. 18, 2024

Robots can already mow our lawns and vacuum our homes—why not invest in one that cleans the pool? The Aiper pool cleaner robot makes maintaining pools a breeze.

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Backyard swimming pools are a summertime staple that bring a dose of joy to any outdoor soirée, but maintaining them is another story. Between fishing out leaves and vacuuming up dirt, keeping a pool clear of debris eats up hours of free time. Don’t opt for the public pool instead—the Aiper pool cleaner does the dirty work for you.

What is the Aiper Seagull SE pool cleaning robot?

The Aiper robot is a cord-free automatic cleaning robot made specifically for above or in-ground pools. We’re big fans of products that clean automatically, and the Aiper pool cleaning robot doesn’t disappoint. The unit automatically scrubs tile, vacuums and dispenses one-inch cleaning tablets.

Not only does the Aiper pool robot make your home smarter, but it replaces bulky tools like pool vacuums and skimming nets that take up space in the shed. At a modest 7.6 pounds, the Aiper pool cleaner easily stows away on a shelf or tucks into a corner next to other pool accessories.

Each unit arrives with a power adapter, unit manual, brushes, spare wheels and a retrieval hook. The Seagull SE takes 2.5 hours to charge. It focuses on scrubbing and vacuuming the pool floor. Those who want to clean the walls or who own pools that sit under trees and collect more debris should consider upgrading to the Seagull Pro model.

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How To Use the Robotic Aiper Pool Cleaner

Using the pool cleaning robot is as simple as inserting the included brushes into the slots on the bottom, charging up the unit with the charging cord and then pressing the “on” button. Once submerged in the pool, the Aiper takes care of the rest. Each full charge offers 90 minutes of continuous operation.

After the Aiper Seagull SE finishes clearing out debris, cleaning it is a snap. Remove the filter tray cover and rinse with a hose or in the sink to eliminate dirt. Built-in fault indicators trigger the LED lights when there’s a rotor blockage, flooded motor or power failure, so problems are easy to diagnose.

Can I leave a robotic pool cleaner in the pool?

While you can leave a robotic cleaner in the pool, it’s always a better idea to pull it out between uses. Chemicals like chlorine or the salt in saltwater pools slowly corrode the materials. Removing the device once it’s finished with its chores helps curb premature unit failures.

Luckily, the Aiper pool vacuum includes an automatic docking feature. If the battery is low, the unit’s indicator flashes red while the machine pulls up to the side of the pool for easy retrieval with the included retrieval hook.

What Reviewers Say About the Aiper Robotic Pool Cleaner

Verified Amazon reviewer Cheetah111 writes, “Charge it up… drop it in the pool (gently)… and off it goes! We call it ‘Zippy’ because it zips right along the bottom of the pool, bumps into a side and then shoots off in another direction. It’s pretty quick

I charged it up and popped it in the first time and watched it go. After about 5 minutes of entertainment, I noticed that there was no real pattern to it. It’s kind random and the robot doesn’t go very straight… There’s a bit of a curve to its trajectory. I thought to myself that this will be a waste and it won’t clean much. I came back in a half hour and it was sitting (dead) by one of the sides and the bottom was pretty darn clean. I was shocked.

There were a few leaves on the bottom, quite a bit of dirt and even a small rock that fell into the pool the previous day. It got almost all of it! It even picked up the rock! There were a couple spots that it didn’t seem to hit but 95% was perfectly clean. I was quite impressed. Way better than my hose-attached automatic vacuum in regards to coverage. So I just charge it up and run it a 2nd time. Worth every penny.”

Where can I find the Aiper robot pool cleaner?

Aiper Seagull Se Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner Ecomm Aiper.comvia merchant

Pick up the Aiper pool cleaner during the brand’s robotic pool cleaner sale and enjoy a hefty savings of $110, bringing the price to under $190. Use code egg110 at checkout to secure the deal. The Aiper pool cleaner is also available on Amazon for a sizable savings of $110, plus a bonus coupon for an extra $20 off. Swim in a sparkling pool all summer long—snag this robotic pool cleaner and say goodbye to unsightly debris for good!

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