5 Best Digging Shovels of 2022

Take a look at some of the best shovels available in 2022 no matter what kind of digging you have to do.

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Best Shovel for Digging a Trench

Got some trenches to dig? It’s a tough job, but one made easier with a tool specifically made for it, like the Truper Tru Pro California Trenching Shovel. This shovel has a thin, pointed head made from 14-gauge steel that is perfectly suited for digging trenches, however long you need them to be.

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Best Shovel for Digging Soil

Digging through dirt and soil can be tough, especially if the ground is still hardened after a hot summer or frosty winter. This Fiskars Pro shovel, with a sharpened edge at the tip of its reinforced aluminum handle, is made to slice through soil no matter how crusty it might be.

The shaft profile features a distinctive “teardrop” shape that Fiskars claims makes shoveling easier on your hands and palms than traditional shaft designs.

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Best Shovel for Digging Up Grass

If you’re trying to dig up a section of grass without wrecking the rest of your pristinely maintained lawn, check out the Gauge Edging and Planting Spade from Bully Tools. The flattened edge of this garden spade allows for precise and neat digging, which is especially useful for projects like starting a garden.

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Best Shovel for Digging Up Trees and Roots

Digging through tough soil can be hard enough. But digging through dirt laced with roots requires a shovel with some teeth. Luckily, that’s exactly what Radius Garden’s Root Slayer Shovel is.

The sides of this V-shaped shovel are lined with serrated teeth that will saw through roots while you dig them up. It’s also got wide, flat areas above the shovel, offering a sturdy platform to push down with your foot. That should help you tear through rooty soil even more easily.

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Best Shovel for Digging Gravel

When you’re digging up something heavy, it’s best to use a lighter shovel so you don’t wear out your arms, back and shoulders. This shovel from Nupla, with its lightweight fiberglass handle, weighs just under five pounds. The head of the shovel has a rounded edge, making it a better choice for scooping up things like gravel and rock than more sharply-pointed shovels.

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