These Simple Tricks Will Keep Your House Cool All Summer Long

Updated: Mar. 09, 2024

It certainly is nice to have warmer weather, but it’s never nice to have an uncomfortably hot home. If you’re looking for some quick fixes to cool down the house, these are for you!

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Blackout curtains

Having windows certainly brightens up a room, but it also means making your room uncomfortably warm. So it would make sense to block out that extra heat source in your home with some heavy-duty blackout curtains. When you’re not using a room, or even away from the house for a bit, close up the windows with these curtains to keep the temperature cook within your walls while you’re out.

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Close all of the doors

If you don’t have central air flowing through your house, than you probably have a few air conditioning units attached to some windows. If you have one in your room, it may be working to try and cool other parts of the house. But by closing the door, you are able to keep that cool air in a confined space.

Now be careful—closing your doors can cause higher energy bills. Plus, by closing the doors, rooms without air conditioning (or any other cooling source) are going to become uncomfortably hot. This is a good tactic to have at particular times, like sleeping at night.

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Put a bucket of ice next to your fan

This may be strange, but trust us on this one. If you don’t have enough air conditioning units in your home, this is an easy fix on a hot summer day. Simply prop up a bucket of ice tilted slightly away from a fan. The fan will bounce off the ice, creating even colder air for you to relish in. If you still don’t have an air conditioner, here are a few more ways to keep your home cool without an air conditioner.

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Have your ceiling fan rotate counter-clockwise

Did you know that the direction of your ceiling fan makes a huge difference when it comes to heating and cooling your home? Because it does! In the summer your ceiling fan should go counter-clockwise. This will push the cool air down and give you that wind affects you are looking for when trying to cool off. In the winter time switch the fan back to clockwise. This will circulate the warm air that rises, bouncing off your walls, and the entire room warm. We’ll show you how to install a ceiling fan yourself.

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Open the windows and doors at night

It’s hot during the day, but cool at night, and you should be taking advantage of that temperature change. If you have screen doors and windows, open up the original windows and doors to let in that cool summer night breeze.

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Switch out incandescent lights

Yes, even your light bulbs have an effect on the temperature of your home. Did you know that 90 percent of the energy used from these light bulbs is to generate heat? Yes, that’s real, and it’s making your house way too hot. It’s time to switch out those bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). Plus, it would save you a ton on your electrical bill! Find ways to save even more money with a home energy audit.