These Simple Hacks Will Eliminate Dust from Your Home

Updated: Feb. 15, 2023

Dusting can be a tedious and time-consuming chore. These dusting hacks will help cut down on dusting time and help with indoor air quality.

Try as we might, keeping a house dust-free is almost impossible. We ourselves produce dust particles, as do the clothes we wear. Dust in the morning during chores and by dinner time you might already see some gray specks accumulating on the table.

There are some great ways to keep your home less dusty, but over time the dust will always return. This is because dust is composed of elements found in every living situation. We shed dead skin cells and hair that add to the dust pile, and fabric particles from our clothes and linens also contribute to dust accumulation.

Seasonal impacts on dust accumulation also play a role. Consider how winter causes dry skin and the need for fluffy blankets while spring and summer call for doors and windows to open, letting in pollen and dirt particles—all of which contribute to dust. Sometimes the dust is unavoidable, like if new homes are being built nearby or you live in an area prone to dust storms.

How to Reduce Dust Around the House

When it comes to breathing in clean air, dust is a detrimental factor. The American Lung Association notes that dust and dust mites are some of the major indoor triggers for people with asthma and that dusting regularly is important to improve indoor air quality.

You’re not alone if you’re researching dusting hacks to make the chore less tedious. TikTok creator @mama_mila_, AKA Chantel Mila recently offered three of her favorite dusting hacks—and we have a few more to add!

@mama_mila_ 3 easy ways to manage dust around your home ☁️🏡 #dustremoval #homehacks #cleaninghacks ♬ Lavender Haze – Taylor Swift

Always Dust from Top to Bottom

Since gravity pulls everything down, a time-saving dusting hack is to always dust from the top to the bottom. Walls, high light fixtures, chandeliers and ceiling fans should all be at the top of your dusting list before moving to lower areas. Dust the ceiling fan last and you’ll be re-dusting the floor below. When it comes to dusting the right way, saving time is a priority.

Use Newspaper to Line High Shelving to Prevent Buildup

Another one of Mila’s top dusting tricks is to use newspaper to cover high shelving. When the time comes to dust, you can simply remove and replace the newspaper, knowing all the dust has settled into the newspaper. Best of all, this hack uses all recyclable materials.

Use a Lint Roller for Hard-to-Reach Spots

Lint rollers are one of the best cleaning hacks around, but the tool can also be useful when dusting. Use the lint roller on areas with odd shapes that are hard to reach like lamp shades or items that aren’t machine-washable like decorative throw pillows.

Use a Hairdryer on House Plants

Wiping each leaf of a houseplant can be a tedious dusting task. Instead, try blowing it off with a hair dryer set to a cold-air setting.

Repurpose Tongs for Dusting Blinds

Blinds are one of the most unwieldy household items to dust. One of the easiest ways to get into every nook of the blinds is to use a pair of kitchen tongs to grab and then dust the surface. You can use a microfiber cloth over the tongs or even a pair of old socks.

Use a DIY spray

Making your own dusting spray is both economical and helpful for reducing dust. With just four ingredients, using a DIY dusting spray can help prevent dust from building up. As a bonus, it leaves your home smelling clean and fresh.

Keep Pets Brushed and Clean

Similar to how our skin sheds, pets also produce dander than can contribute to a dusty home. Keeping pets brushed and well-groomed can keep dust to a minimum, especially if the pets have a liking for rolling around outside.