11 Essential Decluttering Tips For Your Home

Updated: Jul. 10, 2024

It's almost as if clutter multiplies and before you know it, what started out as just a couple things has grown to overwhelming clutter chaos. Make this the year you get organized and rid your home of unnecessary clutter.

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Focus on One Room at a Time

The first trick to decluttering your home is to focus on one room at a time. In larger rooms, focus on one zone at a time. When you’re done with one area, move to the next.

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Get Boxes

To declutter your home, you don’t need any fancy tools. However, before you get started, make sure you have six boxes or bins. One for items destined for the trash, a second for items to recycle, a third for items to donate, a fourth for items to save for a garage sale, the fifth for items that belong in another part of the house and a sixth for items that need to be fixed.

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In the Bathroom

The medicine cabinet and bathroom drawers are often full of unnecessary items. The easiest way to declutter is to pull everything out at once so you can see everything you have. Discard any outdated medications, toiletries and makeup. Toss items such as hair ties you no longer use or empty lip balm tubes.

Moving forward, organization experts suggest you should stick to one lip balm tube at a time, one shampoo and conditioner, one face wash, etc. This will help cut down on the number of products you have out at one time. And, those little toiletry samples and hotel soaps, find out if you can donate them to a shelter because it’s unlikely you’ll ever use them.

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Clean Out Your Nightstand

Check your nightstand drawers and pull out anything that doesn’t belong there. Put books you’ve already read back on your bookshelf, return them to the library or donate them. Throw out or recycle old notes, empty pens and any used tissues. Make a rule for yourself that you can only have a certain number of books out at a time to help cut down on clutter.

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Sort Clothes and Shoes

A couple times of year, go through every piece of clothing in your closet and in your dresser drawers. Toss or donate old items or pieces of clothing you haven’t worn in a year. It’s easiest to start by clothing type—so start with shoes, then socks, T-shirts, etc.

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Declutter the Entryway and Mudroom

Entryways are often magnets for clutter. From mail to car keys to your child’s permission slips and school artwork, clutter can build up quickly in these areas. Toss old items and add some decorative, yet functional bins or baskets to the area to help collect items and keep it tidy. Vow to put items in this area away as soon as possible, instead of leaving papers sitting around for long periods of time.

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Banish Living Room Clutter

Now is the time to figure out what all those cords, chargers and remotes are for. If you don’t use it or need it, toss or recycle it. Create homes for all items. For example, keep all remotes in one drawer, all cords and chargers in another. Label items if necessary. Keep a designated spot for magazines and newspapers you have yet to read and recycle those that are old.

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Tackle the Kitchen

In the kitchen, empty all the cabinets, cupboards and drawers. If there are items you no longer use or that are broken, toss the broken ones and donate the others. Consider ways to come up with better storage solutions. For example, can you store your spices on the side of the refrigerator for easier access? Will roll-out cabinet drawers help you stay organized and cut down on clutter?

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Organize the Office

Your home office is likely full of old papers, out-of-control office supplies and bundles of cords. Try using an old muffin tin to store office supplies such as paperclips, push pins and various binder clips. Feed cords through a hole in the back of your desk and try color coding files.

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Create a Command Center

Create a command center or message center for your family. This is a good place to keep mail and bills you can’t tend to right away, store grocery lists and leave important notes. Add a calendar everyone can use and you’ll never miss an appointment or a child’s sports practice again.

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Add a Rack for Storage

Hanging a rack can be a great way to declutter your home. Consider installing a rack in the kitchen to hang items such as utensils or towels and get some items off the counter. A rack in the bathroom can be used to store items such as razors, sponges and toothbrushes.