The 5 Best Christmas Tree Fences for Every Budget

Updated: Mar. 30, 2024

A Christmas tree fence is the most practical and elegant way to keep your tree and ornaments safe.

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What Is a Christmas Tree Fence?

If you’ve got pets, toddlers or lots of foot traffic at home, a Christmas tree fence offers a practical solution to keeping your tree and its decorations upright and functional.

These fences can look like miniature picket fences or daintier little home décor borders. Either way, they create a perimeter around the tree that becomes a no-go zone. They’re especially helpful when you’ve invested serious cash in the best Christmas tree decorations. or have vintage Christmas pieces that can’t be ruined.

The most important thing a Christmas tree fence (also called a tree collar) does is keep little ones and pets safe from ingesting parts of the tree or the ornaments, or tipping the whole thing over. It’s vital if you hang lots of fragile glass ornaments. And if you have a high-tech smart Christmas tree, a fence keeps little hands and paws away from potentially dangerous electrical components.

The fences on this list suit every type of Christmas tree. Beautiful options exist for every budget.

The Wooden Skirt Ornamental Fence

This Christmas tree fence is red, handmade and absolutely adorable. The Wooden Skirt is a decorative piece to beautifully frame your beloved Christmas tree. It comes with eight 24-inch sections that connect at pre-made notches for simple assembly.

Each side measures 48 inches when assembled, making this choice a perfect American-made addition to trees up to eight feet in height. It’s also made of American-grown pine wood that seems especially fitting for the season.

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Vintage Red And Green Christmas Tree Fence

This vintage red and green Christmas tree fence option riffs on the design of 1950s Christmas toys. It’s a conversation piece with artistic character you’ll love for seasons to come, and the perfect addition to any home that plays A Christmas Story on repeat every year.

Each of the four included sections measures just over 23 inches long and seven inches tall. It fits together with small pegs for easy assembly and stores flat. Here are some tricks for storing Christmas décor.

Two Panel Christmas Plastic Fence Pack via

Two-Panel Christmas Plastic Fence Pack

This affordable fence pack lets you customize the exact size you need for your tree. It comes in 15 pieces, so you can grab a few for tiny or corner trees, or all of them for huge cathedral ceiling-scraping displays.

These panels measure just over 12 inches tall and nearly four inches wide. They’re ideal for reminding guests to mind their steps and add a bit of style, but probably won’t keep a rowdy toddler or athletic house cat from accessing the branches.

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Personalized Holiday Fence Sign

This giant cardboard personalized holiday fence can be customized with your choice of family name or special messaging. While it won’t keep animals off the tree, it definitely creates a conversation-worthy barrier between your tree and your guests. And it makes the entire room look like a winter wonderland.

This Christmas tree fence is best for large trees, collections of decorated trees or office spaces. Personalize it with up to two lines of text. At 105-in.-wide x 40-in. tall, it’s large enough to handle it.

Natural Wood Christmas Tree Base Collar via TigaLimaHome/

Natural Wood Christmas Tree Base Collar

This handmade natural wood Christmas tree collar doubles as a rustic tree fence when expanded. It comes in four sizes, from itty-bitty to suitable for three-to-five-foot trees. It can easily be multiplied to accommodate trees as grand as seven feet.

Though you can also choose the style of wood construction you like, no two pieces are exactly the same. The nature and charm of this raw wood Christmas tree fence make it a beautiful find for smaller trees and people who are serious about home décor.