What Are Christmas Tree Collars?

Updated: Dec. 19, 2023

The traditional Christmas tree skirt is getting an update! Find out everything you need to know about the Christmas tree collar.

Say goodbye to the fussy Christmas tree skirt and hello to the Christmas tree collar.

Christmas tree skirts hide unattractive tree stands, provide a soft surface to place presents, and can be another tree decoration. But the tree skirt has been around almost as long as the tree stand, invented way back in 1879. Christmas decor trend-setters have decided it’s time for an update. Here’s our rundown of the trendy Christmas tree collar.

What Is a Christmas Tree Collar?

A Christmas tree collar is a decorative band that conceals the tree stand. Just like your shirt’s collar wraps around your neck, a tree collar wraps around the tree stand to form a decorative cuff at the bottom of the tree.

The collar is the modern answer to a traditional tree skirt. Both the skirt and the collar serve the same purpose, covering ugly tree stands; you can choose one or the other based on your personal style. The skirt is a bit more old-fashioned and finicky, while the collar has a cleaner streamlined look.

Types of Christmas Tree Collars

There are several types of tree collars. We checked out the pros and cons of each so you can decide which one best fits your needs.

  • Ring: A ring collar is a solid, round piece that can’t be adjusted smaller or larger. If you own an artificial tree or tend to buy the same sized fresh tree every year, you should be fine with a non-adjustable collar. This style is durable because it doesn’t have any breakable moving parts. The drawback, of course, will be if you ever decide to go with a different size of tree. Then you’ll need a new collar.
  • Square: Square collars are not as common as ring style, so it’s a great choice if you want something unique. Square collars are usually constructed of wood, which blends well with popular farmhouse decor. But because Christmas trees are “round,” a square collar fits a little more awkwardly around the base of the tree, and arranging presents around it can be a challenge.
  • Hinged: Hinged style collars feature two hinges so you can open up the collar and wrap it around the tree stand, instead of picking up the tree and placing it inside a solid ring. They’re easy to install and fit just about any size tree; simply leave an opening in the back for larger tree stands. The hinged opening also allows access to the tree for watering, making this style the best choice for a fresh tree.
  • Panels: Tree collars made from panels, lay flat when disassembled so you can easily store it away for next year. That makes them a good choice for small space Christmas decorating. But unlike solid collars, this style requires assembly before putting it on your tree. Wood or metal panels are usually held in place with magnets, hinges or pin connections — or Velcro. A fabric tree collar is constructed with locking plastic panels, then encased in a decorative fabric cover.

Choosing a Christmas Tree Collar

A few considerations to help you find a collar that best suits your tree.

  • Find your style. Choose a collar that compliments the rest of your tree ornaments. If you have a rustic or farmhouse style tree, a burlap tree collar looks great. If your tree is all glam and glitter, consider a gold tree collar. Whatever style you’re drawn to for your regular home decor will probably hold true for your tree collar taste as well.
  • Consider material. Fabric and natural fiber tree collars are beautiful but not as durable as metal. A plastic collar and some metal versions will survive accidental spills when watering a fresh Christmas tree. Collars made from more delicate materials, like velvet or sequins, require extra care and shouldn’t be around the watering can.
  • Prioritize features. Consider your must-have tree collar features. Easy access to the tree? Durability? Eye-catching? Price? The type and style of collar you choose should meet your most important needs. With so many options to choose from, it helps to prioritize the available features before you start shopping.
  • Measure your tree stand. You need to ensure the collar is big enough to contain the tree stand completely, while allowing the stand to rest securely inside it, and tall enough to conceal it. The diameter of the collar should be at least slightly smaller than the bottom branches so that it tucks neatly underneath the tree.