How and When to Water a Christmas Tree

Don't forget — your real Christmas tree needs regular watering.


An hour or less






Here are a few tips, tricks and devices to keep your Christmas tree hydrated and the nettles on its branches.

Tools Required

  • Hand saw
  • Tree watering funnel
  • Water pitcher

Materials Required

  • Tree preservative
  • Water

Project step-by-step (5)

Step 1

 Cut the End

  • Cut an inch off the bottom of the trunk before setting the tree in the stand. The fresh cut allows the tree to absorb more water.

Step 2

Christmas Tree Preservative

  • Adding a preservative to the water will help your tree absorb more water and last longer.
  • Some tree preservatives you can buy are Handi Things and Miracle-Gro
  • Or try this DIY Recipe: Mix one gallon of water with two cups light corn syrup, four teaspoons bleach, and four teaspoons lemon juice or vinegar (optional).

Step 3

Watering the Tree

  • Fill the tree stand with tap water using a pitcher or watering can. A tree watering funnel comes in handy. Just be sure to keep an eye on the water level as you fill the tree basin.
  • Water your tree daily. A freshly-cut tree will absorb about a gallon of water in a day.

Step 4

Automatic Watering Systems

Step 5


  • Leave yourself a post-it note near the coffee pot or on the refrigerator as a reminder to water the tree.
  • Make a daily event in the calendar on your phone or computer and set an alert to remind you to water the tree.
  • Don’t forget, water the tree! Happy Holidays!

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