8 Garage Wall Ideas to Enhance Your Space

Updated: Jan. 27, 2024

Typically, garage walls are not what you'd call inspiring. So we did some digging and discovered they don't have to be bare or ugly!

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Fmh 8 Potting Shed Ideas Simple And Tidy Courtesy Onteallane Pantry Girl
Courtesy @pantry_girl/Instagram

Slatted Shelving

Walls are an overlooked asset in any garage. Instead of cramming more freestanding shelves into your already cramped space, consider an upgraded shelving system, like this slatted one from professional home organizer @pantrygirl.

This sleek and customizable option can hold your tools, bikes and anything else to free up floor space. Plus, you can switch up the placement of shelves, wire baskets and hooks whenever you need an update.

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Homey Hidden Storage Courtesy Onteallane Jennazielbauer
Courtesy @jennazielbauer/Instagram

Homey Hidden Storage

No extra bedroom to house your little ones’ arts and crafts? No problem. Take a page from interior designer @jennazielbauer’s book and utilize the cabinets and shelving units you’d typically use inside your house to keep any unattractive items hidden away in your garage.

Good-looking cabinets give your garage walls a seriously sophisticated upgrade while hiding a lot of that clutter.

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Built In Storage Bench
Courtesy @hamiltonparkhome/Instagram

Built-in Storage Bench

If you like to enter your home via the garage, you probably have a dedicated space to kick off your dirty shoes and hang your jacket. Blogger @hamiltonparkhome made that space in her garage more functional by building a storage bench with baskets to hide clutter, adding convenient hooks and installing lighting.

Erin Gerlach, who runs the account, told us the key: incorporating elements that are as functional as they are stylish.

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Wall Easel Tidy Courtesy Onteallane Cbrookering
Courtesy @cbrookering/Instagram

Wall Easel

Your garage may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of hanging your most prized artwork, but that’s just because you haven’t seen artist @cbrookering’s setup. Her wall easel system saves lots of space while allowing you to display multiple pieces at once.

Whether you’re an artist in need of a studio or an enthusiast with an ever-growing collection, this is a unique and functional way to incorporate art into your garage. She’s got a whole YouTube video explaining how her husband built it.

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Not Your Dad's Workshop Courtesy Onteallane Thefrenchfolk
Courtesy @thefrenchfolk/Instagram

Not Your Dad’s Workshop

The garage has long been the home for DIY projects and general tinkering. But that doesn’t mean it has to be an eyesore. Interior designer @thefrenchfolk‘s tool corner is the perfect mix of traditional workshop stylings and modern decor.

The pegboard wall keeps your most-used tools within reach, while the workbenches and shelves provide plenty of space for larger projects. Speaking of shelves, the whole crate situation she’s got going on here is genius, right?

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Boho Laundry Room Courtesy Onteallane Poplollyco
Courtesy @poplollyco/Instagram

Boho Laundry Room

Not all of us are blessed with an interior washer-and-dryer hookup. But that doesn’t mean your garage laundry room has to be a sad and sterile place. We love how blogger @poplollyco gave her bland, unfinished laundry room a boho facelift with a stenciled backsplash and some customized cabinetry.

On her blog, she details what she did to elevate this space. She also notes that the most important thing in creating a garage that actually gets used is giving each area a function and purpose.

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Gallery Wall Courtesy Onteallane Little Truths Studio
Courtesy @little_truths_studio/Instagram

Gallery Wall

Cozy is probably the last word you’d ever use to describe your garage. But it can be if you take inspiration from artist @little_truths_studio and hang some artwork on the walls. Even if you don’t lean fully into the cozy studio shown above, hanging prints and photographs is a simple way to give a bland garage a little personality.

Think about the main function of your garage— let that inspire the wall hangings you choose.

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Elevated Home Office Courtesy Onteallane Homemadebycarmona
Courtesy @homemadebycarmona/Instagram

Elevated Home Office

If your work-from-home station means the kitchen table, consider moving it out to the garage. @homemadebycarmona, a DIY blogger and host of HGTV’s Table Wars: The Look for Less, may have needed more space for sawing than typing. But her gold-leafed workspace serves as great inspiration for any home office.

She told us installing molding around the pegboard and painting her walls black added a touch of sophistication you don’t typically see in garages. Her DIY philosophy? “Make it beautiful — while making it practical and well organized,” she says.