What Is Backdrop Paint?

The trendy paint company has taken over the internet—but is it worth all the hype?

When painting a home, renovators have dozens of brands to choose from. From time-tested names like Sherwin-Williams to fancier blends like Farrow and Ball, it seems there are more options now than ever. Now there’s a new paint to add to the mix: Backdrop.

Since its release a couple of years ago, Backdrop Paint has seen massive publicity thanks to its collaborations with millennial-cool brands like Porsche, Madewell and Barbie. For the uninitiated, here’s everything to know about Backdrop Paint, including what makes it so special, what reviews say about it and how to get some for yourself.

What Is Backdrop Paint?

Backdrop X Porsche Shot 1 0108 Copy Ian Evan Lam Courtesy BackdropIan Evan Lam/Courtesy Backdrop

Backdrop is a paint company that originated in Los Angeles, California. Backdrop offers 65 paint shades in three finishes for interior, exterior, cabinets and doors (as well as primers). The brand has gained popularity due to their playful paint names, such as “Jawbreaker” and “Pretty Ugly,” as well as its numerous marketing collaborations.

Backdrop’s paints have been featured in Architectural Digest, Vogue, The New York Times, Dwell and New York Magazine’s The Cut. Backdrop also creates premium wallpapers based on hand-crafted artwork and even rugs.

What’s So Special about Backdrop Paint?

Backdrop X Porsche Shot 8 1017 Copy V3 Ian Evan Lam Courtesy Backdrop Ian Evan Lam/Courtesy Backdrop

In short, Backdrop Paint is uniquely environmentally friendly; it’s the first Climate Neutral Certified paint brand. The company says its premium paints contain few volatile organic compounds (VOCs), emit low odor, and are Green Wise certified. Backdrop also ships paints in recyclable, eco-friendly packaging.

Beyond its environmental impact, Backdrop also helped revolutionize how we buy paints. While many people used to go to a store like The Home Depot or Lowe’s to pick up a can, now consumers can accurately buy paints online. Backdrop ships its paint for free, and accepts returns of unopened cans for a $10 restocking fee.

What Do Reviews Say About Backdrop?

Backdrop X Porsche Shot 18 2197 Copy Ian Evan Lam Courtesy BackdropIan Evan Lam/Courtesy Backdrop

As one might imagine, the reviews on Backdrop’s website are overwhelmingly positive. Users have called it the “best paint ever!!!” and “first class!”

Most reviews call out the subtle nuances in Backdrop’s paint colors, but some also highlight how easy it is to use. Reviewer Elizabeth H. says, “This paint covered extremely well, didn’t drip, didn’t streak, was extremely smooth to paint with and overall was a great experience. The paint dried quickly and didn’t give me a headache like most paints with a ton of fumes.”

Another reviewer, Jairo G., noted that Backdrop had “the best service [they]’ve ever received.” When FedEx delivered the wrong color to Jairo, they emailed Backdrop, who “responded and sent me another order within an hour of [them] sending the email.” Jairo added, “Couldn’t be more pleased with this company’s customer service.”

How Do I Buy Backdrop Paint?

Paint Can Background Rivierablue Semigloss Courtesy BackdropCourtesy Backdrop

If you’d like to try Backdrop for yourself, visit the Backdrop website. Most paints will cost $49 per can, but limited edition cans will cost $75. Backdrop also offers samples in the form of 12- by 12-inch adhesive swatches for $3. Happy painting!