Nothing makes the space you live in feel more like home than renovating walls. Here, you’ll find essential decor, design and painting to inspire all your wall projects.

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    What to Know About Wall Studs

    Wall studs are vertical pieces of wood or metal that help form the framework of a stud wall. New to...

    How to Fix a Seized Engine

    Sitting idle can cause an engine to seize. Learn how to free it and get your vehicle running again.

    10 Home Design Trends That Will Take Over in 2020

    A new decade calls for big, bold changes in interior design. Here's what to expect.

    4 Weekend Kitchen Upgrades

    Do you want a kitchen refresh? A brighter, more user-friendly kitchen is just four weekends away.

    10 Ways to Insulate Your Home Without Opening Up Walls

    Don't live in an under-insulted home just because you don't want to destroy your walls.

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    How to Paint Wood Paneling

    Yes, you can paint wood paneling. And, it can look terrific or it can look terrible. Use this step-by-step guide...

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    How to Clean Wallpaper With Simple Ingredients

    Wallpaper is back — on accent walls and backsplashes, in bathrooms and bedrooms. When that papered wall gets dirty, here's...

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    How to Paint Walls: Prepare Interior Walls for Painting

    Learn fixes for the 8 most common drywall flaws.

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    5 Things to Consider Before Painting a Chalkboard Wall

    Chalkboard paint (which is not the same as chalk paint) is fun, versatile and easy to use.

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    10 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Contact Paper

    Tired of that drab looking bookshelf? Maybe your home office desk needs a bit of an update. Enter Con-Tact (the...

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    10 Unique Ideas for Decorating Tall Walls

    The 10-foot ceilings hooked you and you signed on the dotted line. But now what do you do with those...

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    Wall and Ceiling Repair Simplified: 11 Clever Tricks

    We know these products work-because we use them!

    10 Cheap Ways to Create a Luxe Space

    Boost the plushy quotient in your home with a little effort and a little budget. Here are our picks for...

    The 30 Backsplash Ideas Your Kitchen Can’t Live Without

    From intricate and eye-catching to simple and clean, a backsplash can help you express your style in the kitchen. Get...

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    39 Home Repairs You Need to Make Before Someone Gets Hurt

    How many of these home repairs have you put off to next week…and the next week…and the next week? Find...

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    Washing Walls Before Painting Guide

    Get your interior painting project off on the right foot by washing walls before painting them. Learn when this is...

    Landscaping: Tips for Your Backyard

    Adding walls and paths to your landscape transforms it into something truly special. Here's a collection of pro building tricks...

    How to Frame a Gabled Dormer

    A gabled roof looks great from the outside and adds space and light inside.

    Everything to Know About Bathroom Paint

    As a professional painter, I always specify the use of bathroom paint on ceilings, walls and trim. I do this...

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    How to Get Rid of Mold on Bathroom Walls

    Bathroom mold is an unsightly and unhealthy problem that should be addressed as soon as you spot it. For mold...

    These Are the Best Paint Colors According to Science

    The science of genetics determines eye color and hair color, so why not let science dictate what color you paint...

    Plumbing With PEX Tubing

    PEX tubing is an easy-to-install alternative to copper pipe. Long used in radiant heating systems, flexible PEX tubing is perfect...

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    Paint Trim or Walls First? And Other Painting Questions Answered

    Professional painters share their secrets for producing a great-looking interior paint job. The work will go faster with less hassle...

    Don’t Hang Anything on Your Walls Until You Read These 9 Tips

    Even the most beautiful painting or photo will look out of place if it's not hung properly. These tips will...

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    14 Framing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

    Build your walls straight, sturdy and plumb with these great tips.

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    Paint Roller Techniques and Tips

    Paint faster and smoother with the right rolling techniques

    How to Create a Subtly Dimensional Accent Wall

    Follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to use high-gloss medium mixed with standard wall paint to create a dimensional accent...