12 Astonishing DIY Bathroom Vanity Makeovers

There's no doubt that bathroom renovations are expensive. But, with a little elbow grease and patience, you can save lots of money by tackling your own DIY bathroom vanity makeover.

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bathroom vanity DIY vanity makeover turquoise
Photo: Courtesy of Melina Gillies

Bold Pop of Color

Bathrooms tend to be small, so it’s a great place to add a pop of color without committing to a new color scheme throughout your entire home. In this distressed bathroom vanity transformation, dated oak gets a face-lift with bold turquoise chalk paint that has been antiqued and waxed.

The standard bathroom vanity base has been removed and replaced with classic tulip furniture legs to give the appearance of a stand-alone piece of furniture to this DIY vanity. Also, check out these DIY old dresser ideas to completely transform your old dresser into something stylish.

Photo: Melina Gillies

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Before: Dull Gray

The columnar detail gives this vanity great lines, but its flat color is uninspired.

Photo: Courtesy of Bless Her House

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After: Rich and Rustic

After several layers of chalk paint and wax, this DIY vanity is now stately and luxurious to create a distressed bathroom vanity. Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect bathroom vanity height.

Photo: Courtesy of Bless Her House

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Before: Old Hollywood Boring

Compared to the vintage-chic flooring, this old oak vanity just doesn’t make the cut.

Photo: Courtesy of Life on Shady Lane

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After: Old Hollywood Glam

By lightening the color and installing new hardware, this DIY vanity matches the rest of the bathroom and brings out the old Hollywood charm of the room.

Photo: Courtesy of Life on Shady Lane

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Before: Builder Basic

There’s nothing inherently wrong with this ‘builder’s basic’ vanity except for the fact that it is painfully pedestrian and likely graces millions of homes across the country.

Photo: Courtesy of By the Stand

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After: Fresh and Clean

With a fresh coat of pain, now this DIY vanity brightens up the bathroom. By choosing the perfect paint color even the countertop and floor seem new.

Photo: Courtesy of By the Stand

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Stunning Stencils

Painted stencils or wallpaper on the door panels are an easy way to spice up a bathroom vanity makeover.

Photo: Courtesy of Thrift Diving

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Before: Too Much White

The white cabinet, countertop and white porcelain door pulls are too much of a good thing and make this vanity look dated.

Photo: Courtesy of Girl in the Garage

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After: Warm and Modern

A modern color scheme and a new granite countertop transform the existing vanity without having to rip it out and start over.

Photo: Courtesy of Girl in the Garage

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Before: Has Potential

At first glance, this bathroom looks great, until you see what was missing in the after photo.

Photo: Courtesy of All Things New Interiors

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After: Swoon-Worthy Color

Painting the existing vanity deep blue, resulted in an affordable home improvement that speaks volumes. The unexpected pop of color on this DIY vanity complements the yellow mirror and gray walls perfectly.

Photo: Courtesy of All Things New Interiors

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Tired Antique

This former dresser, turned DIY vanity has lots of potential. See what it looks like with a fresh coat of paint.

Photo: Courtesy of My Old Country House

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Trendy Antique

With a fresh coat of paint, and a new sink and faucet, this DIY vanity went from blah to aha!

Photo: Courtesy of My Old Country House

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Minor Changes, Big Impact

Sometimes all you need is a minor change to make a budget bathroom makeover worth talking about. In this case, the lower portion of the vanity is decked out with colorful curtains to make an industrial bathroom warm and homey.

Photo: Courtesy of Wren and Olive Home

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New Hardware, New Life

Paint and new hardware are enough to complete this DIY bathroom vanity makeover. In many cases, you can restore your existing faucet, so it’s good as new.

Photo: Courtesy of Small Things Considered

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Before: Washed Out

The style of this vanity faded out at the same time as disco music. See how this homeowner created a stunning transformation.

Photo: Courtesy of Bye Bye Brown House

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After: Gorgeous Gray

Some say gray is the new black. This modern shade and brushed nickel hardware bring this DIY vanity right into style.

Photo: Courtesy of Bye Bye Brown House

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Before: The ’80s are Calling

As far as a bathroom vanity makeover goes, there is nothing about this vanity worth salvaging except the wood. Don’t forget to check out these double vanity bathroom ideas.

Photo: Courtesy of Addicted 2 Decorating

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After: Modern Country

Luckily, a subtle blend of color on the old vanity, paired with a butcher block top, makes this ’80s DIY vanity a welcome addition to a stylish bathroom.

Photo: Courtesy of Addicted 2 Decorating