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10 Best Shower Kits of 2022

If your current shower isn't up to par, consider replacing it with one of these convenient shower kits.

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Buying a Shower Kit

Whether you’re designing a bathroom from scratch or remodeling, consider a shower kit. These convenient bundles typically consist of several pieces that make up the shower walls, as well as other optional components like shower stall doors, shelving and framing.

The variety of options and styles allows you to customize a kit to your specific needs and specifications. We consulted a shower kit expert, Nick Yahoodain, CEO of Advanced Builders and Contractors, to explain what a shower kit is, as well as important things to consider when purchasing one.

  • Size: Yahoodain says to make sure the kit you’re considering fits inside your allotted space and complies with any local building codes.
  • Material: Fiberglass, acrylic and composite all have their pros and cons, so choose the one that’s best for you and your budget.
  • Pieces: While one-piece units are easier to install once they’re in place, two- or three-piece kits can be easier to maneuver through doorways and into your bathroom.
  • Accessories and storage: Think about what components would be most useful for you — things like the type of shower doors, shelving, niches and seating options.
  • Maintenance: Keep in mind how often your shower is used, by whom, and how easy or difficult the shower walls will be to keep clean.
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American Standard Ovation Shower Kitvia

American Standard Ovation Shower Kit

This affordable option from American Standard ($542) provides an impressive amount of shower shelves, and its curved front creates a little more space than similar 60-in. x 30-in. kits. The three-piece wall set also helps if you’re navigating a challenging bathroom configuration.

The acrylic walls are easy to wipe down and keep clean, making it a great choice for a home with several family members utilizing the same shower.

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Delta Classic 400 Shower Kitvia

Delta Classic 400 Shower Kit

We love the extra-long shelf integrated into the back wall of this 60-in. x 30-in. kit from Delta ($615). With six additional shelves, it’s ideal for anyone with lots of shower accessories who wants them within arm’s reach. The high-gloss acrylic finish also makes for easy cleaning. Delta offers a limited 10-year warranty.

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Sterling Accord Seated Shower Kitvia

Sterling Accord Seated Shower Kit

This alcove kit ($1,179) features an integrated seat, which can be easily positioned on either side or removed altogether from the shower layout.

The recessed shelves also create a spacious overall feel, and the 36-inch depth allows even more room to move around. We’re also fans of the composite finish, providing the durability of acrylic at a lighter weight. That makes installation that much easier.

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Sterling Single Threshold Shower Kitvia

Sterling Single Threshold Shower Kit

If you’re looking for a 34-in. x 34-in. single threshold shower kit, this Sterling model ($550) could be the perfect fit. Its modular design and lightweight composite construction should be relatively simple for one person to install, mounted directly to your existing studs.

The removable shelves create more nooks and crannies than integrated models, but might be more of a challenge to keep clean.

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Glacier Bay Corner Shower Kitvia

Glacier Bay Corner Shower Kit

The curved glass-paneled design of this corner shower kit ($1,139) is well-suited for those seeking a distinctive look. The reversible design allows it to be oriented left or right, and it should fit easily into a 38-inch corner space.

The heavy-duty ABS plastic panels are more durable than acrylic. The panels and the 1/4-in. tempered glass door should stand up well to regular use.

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Dreamline Cornerview Shower Kitvia

DreamLine Cornerview Shower Kit

The convenient sliding doors of this DreamLine shower kit ($1,849) won’t take up valuable room like swinging options do, making its 36-in. x 36-in. frame perfect for those short on bathroom space.

The wall profiles also account for up to 1/2-inch of uneven or out-of-plum walls, saving serious headaches during installation. Its slip-resistant floor also makes this a safer option for senior family members. If a spotless shower is a priority, the stain-resistant acrylic walls will be appreciated.

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Ove Decors Breeze Shower Kitvia

OVE Decors Breeze Shower Kit

Another space-saving design, this OVE Decors kit ($1,249) features a curved sliding door — great for a corner shower lacking room for a swinging door.

This two-piece kit also makes it relatively hassle-free for an experienced installer. The reversible door handle means it can be made to open from either side. Keep in mind that this kit only includes the doors and a 31-in. x 31-in. acrylic base, not the wall panels.

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Foremost Jetcoat Five Piece Shower Kitvia

Foremost Jetcoat Five-Piece Shower Kit

If you’re looking for a kit with a few color options, this Foremost kit ($665) could be the one. Choose between four 32-in. x 60-in. wall designs, including a stone-like Carerra White that mimics the high-end look of natural stone without messy grout.

Its scratch-resistant acrylic and fiberglass construction also makes this a durable and easy-to-clean choice. The beveled edges of the pieces result in smooth, clean edges.

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Vigo Winslow Shower Kitvia

Vigo Winslow Shower Kit

Anyone who appreciates the high-end, minimalist look of a frameless glass shower enclosure should check out this 47-in.-wide Vigo shower kit ($1,139). The pre-drilled door allows for easy handle installation, and a convenient stopper keeps it from making accidental contact with the wall when opened.

Note: This kit includes only the two tempered glass walls, so you’ll need to purchase the shower base/floor and other walls separately.

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Dreamline Prism Semi Frameless Pivot Shower Kitvia

DreamLine Prism Semi-Frameless, Pivot Shower Kit

The angular shape of this kit ($879) maximizes your bathroom space without a sharp corner protruding into the room.

A magnetic door latch runs the length of the door, providing a secure seal. Although the glass channels allow for up to 1/2-inch of unevenness in your walls — a convenient feature — consider hiring a pro to install this shower kit.

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