Home Designers Reveal 10 Details That Make a Bathroom Beautiful

Updated: Jan. 16, 2023

Bathrooms are sanctuaries. Chic, clean and personable, how you design and decorate it can bring a soothing, stylish finish that suits your needs and tastes.

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Nontraditional Finishes

“My favorite part of designing bathrooms are the finishes,” says Kate Arends, designer and founder of the lifestyle brand Wit & Delight. “I love thinking about the way tile would feel beneath my toes, the way a paint color can bring a soothing or energetic vibe and the feeling of a great material beneath your hands as you turn on the water for a shower.”

Arends recommends experimenting with nontraditional finishes. “I love Delta Champagne Bronze finishes, so I opted to include those in my remodeled basement bathroom (check out these basement bathroom ideas to revamp your space). In another bath, I chose Matte Black, giving the bath a high contrast, modern and casual look all at the same time.”

Arends was one of five home design experts that was a part of the first-ever Delta Design Trust, a panel of celebrated design experts to bring unique perspectives to the home design industry. Here’s how to remodel a small bathroom.

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Vintage Rug

Don’t limit yourself to a skimpy bath mat! Home design expert Elsie Larson, co-founder of A Beautiful Mess, recommends incorporating a vintage rug into your bathroom remodel. Adding a larger, colorful, printed rug will ground the notoriously transient space and make it feel more like a real room. Check out these 16 inexpensive bathroom updates with wow factor.

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“Adding greenery (faux or real) and baskets can brighten and warm up a bathroom,” says Larson. The proximity to several water sources will likely keep you from forgetting to water your precious plants! Here are 10 indoor plants you probably can’t kill.

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A Well-Lit Vanity

Designer Noa Santos, founder of Homepolish, loves the vanity area. “When it’s done right, not only does it look better, so do you. Lighting is the easiest way to enhance a vanity. Make sure you use more than one source of light to minimize cast shadows and give your face a soft glow.” Check out 12 astonishing bathroom vanity makeovers.

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Non-White Grout

Santos loves seeing non-white grout in a bathroom. “Unless you are a fastidious cleaner (or have a regular cleaning service), consider using a non-white grout. Match the gray in your bathroom tile or choose a contrast color. White grout is tough to take care of and, for many, can cause more of a headache than it’s worth!” Find out how to replace grungy grout in your bathroom.

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Floating Shower Bench

Designer Todd Noe, founder of NOEdesignCo., loves a floating shower bench. Securely anchored to the shower wall, the modern bench keeps the walk-in shower concept open while providing a place for you to store things, sit down or rest your foot when shaving.

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Rainfall Showerhead

Noe’s other shower favorite is the rainfall showerhead. It is a luxurious alternative to typical showerheads as it is installed directly overhead, mimicking the experience of showering in the rain. While you’re at it, check out these shower kits, too.

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Unique Tile

Interior designer Emilie Baltorinic, from Living Spaces, loves unique tile in the bathroom. It’s “a perfect way to add color and character to a bathroom,” she says. Check out these pro tips for better bathroom tile installation.

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Efficient Storage

Baltorinic also likes to see plenty of storage in a bathroom. “Keep personal items in drawers or cabinets. It’ll help keep the space looking clean and minimalist,” she recommends. One option is to select a vanity that has space underneath for attractive yet functional baskets. Check out these 20 bathroom storage hacks.

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Matching Hardware

“When it comes to knobs, pulls and faucets, try matching it with the light fixtures. You’ll find that it’ll give the space a more unified look,” suggests Baltorinic. Find out how to securely mount a bathroom towel bar.

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