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The 6 Best Bath Mats of 2022

A good bath mat protects your floor, keeps you from slipping and can really tie the room together.

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Best Bath MatsFamily Handyman, via retailers (3)

In the hierarchy of bathroom staples, the humble bath mat doesn’t grab the same attention as a cozy towel. But it’s the first place your feet go after a shower. A bathmat makes it more comfortable to dry off, keeps water from damaging the floor and prevents you from slipping.

When buying a bath mat, look for something absorbent that quickly dries your feet when you step out of the shower. The mat should also dry relatively quickly to keep mold and bacteria at bay. A good non-slip surface is essential, preventing the mat from sliding out underneath wet feet.

Finally, don’t overlook washability and durability. A bath mat can be one of the dirtiest surfaces in your home, so you need to keep it clean. And a good bath mat should stand up to repeated washings.

Wooden bath mats can give your bathroom a nice look, but they require special care. You can’t throw them in the washing machine, of course, but you should be able to wipe them down with a spray cleaner. You’ll also need to dry the water that pools underneath the mat, unless there’s a central drain in your bathroom.

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Pottery Barn Waffle Weave Bath Matvia

Pottery Barn Waffle Weave Bath Mat

Waffle weave helps this bath mat from Pottery Barn breathe to dry more efficiently. The ridges give it a nice texture under foot, while the organic cotton makes it soft. And silicon dots underneath keep it from slipping.

Clean lines and a low profile pair well with a contemporary design, and also make it an easy fit under doors and in tight spaces. It’s available in five colors and two sizes, including a 24-in. x 64-in. runner that fits nicely in front of a tub.

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Psst! This stone bath mat makes for a decreased workload and a more hygienic bathroom.

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L.l. Bean Classic Cotton Bath Matvia

L.L. Bean Classic Cotton Bath Mat

Just like the name says, L.L. Bean’s bath mat really is a classic, a familiar look made with looped cotton that’s cushy to stand on and super absorbent. The nonskid backing keeps it in place, and the durable thick cotton holds up in the washer and drier. Its basic look goes well in just about any bathroom. It’s available in two sizes and seven colors.

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Plush Microfiber Chenille Bath Rug By H.versailtexvia

Plush Microfiber Chenille Bath Rug by H.Versailtex

Stepping onto the fluffy chenille microfiber of this bath mat is like a trip to the spa for your feet. It also soaks up water and dries quickly so you’re not stepping into a puddle between uses.

The grippy underside, made with a breathable hot melt adhesive, stays put and doesn’t shrivel up in the drier. It’s one of Amazon’s best-selling bath mats, earning 4.4 stars with more than 14,000 ratings.

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Genteele Memory Foam Bath Matvia

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

A memory foam mat makes for a velvety landing spot when you hop out of the shower. That comfortable cushioning is also highly absorbent and dries fast. It’s machine washable and safe for the dryer. We like that this one comes in eight sizes and 21 colors, making it easy to find a match.

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West Elm Aquatic Bath Matvia

West Elm Aquatic Bath Mat

Add a little adventure to the kids’ bathroom with this 100 percent organic cotton mat that’s soft, durable and extra absorbent. It’s also easy to care for — just throw it in the washing machine.

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Idesign Bamboo Floor Matvia

iDesign Bamboo Floor Mat

Wooden bath mats add a natural look to your bathroom. This one, made from water-resistant bamboo, has a woven backing that holds it in place and keeps it low to the floor. It dries fast, too. You’ll also appreciate how easy it is to clean — just wipe it down with warm, soapy water or a gentle spray cleaner.

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