I Tried a Stone Bath Mat and My Review Made Me Swear Off Terrycloth

Updated: Jan. 23, 2024

Stone bath mats dry almost instantly and add modern style to any bathroom. Plus, they're more hygienic than fabric versions.

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I’m always on the hunt for the best bath mats. We go through dozens of baths and showers each week with two adults and five kids living in my home, so finding durable bathroom accessories is a top priority. That’s why I decided to try a trendy stone bath mat. Plus, the idea of washing bath mats every other day is just overwhelming.

What is a Sutera stone bath mat?

Each Sutera stone bath mat is made of lightweight, sturdy diatomaceous earth that quickly absorbs moisture and wicks it away from wet feet. Unlike soggy terrycloth and poly-blends, stone bath mats keep floors as dry as can be. As soon as you step onto the mat’s smooth surface, the water evaporates almost instantly.

These mats also come with a slip-resistant wave-like design that keeps you safe. And despite what you might imagine a stone bath mat feeling like, these are actually soft to the touch and gentle on skin.

How to Use a Stone Bath Mat

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Using stone bath mats couldn’t be easier. Just unbox, place in your preferred spot next to a tub or shower and voila—you’re ready to go. When you step out of the bath or shower, you’ll feel a clean, dry surface under your feet. Repelling and quickly releasing moisture keeps these mats antimicrobial and more hygienic than fabric options or cedar bath mats, too.

Sutera includes a safety and cleaning kit with each bath mat. Slip-resistant matting also comes with each one to place below the stone surface. This promises a skid and slip-free experience no matter how wet your feet may be. And because stone bath mats should never be thrown in the laundry or vigorously washed, the brand includes a buffing tool. Every few months the top layer of stone gets gently buffed off—much like using a fine sandpaper or nail buffing tool.

My Sutera Stone Bath Mat Review

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I was surprised by how much I liked using the Sutera mat—and how quickly I committed to skipping terrycloth. Based on the name alone, I expected a rock-hard surface. Instead, I found the diatomaceous surface to feel more like a hybrid of unpolished tile and the somewhat bouncier texture of wood.

It’s a hard feeling to describe without having experienced it, and I have truly never felt anything else like it. The most important part of my stone bath mat review is how well it worked, though. On Sunday nights we’re prone to at least half a dozen back-to-back baths and showers in the children’s shared bathroom. One by one, they got out with sopping wet little bodies, and by the time the next kid was ready to hop in, the mat was already dry.

I can’t say for sure exactly how much time, money and detergent I’ve saved since switching to stone—but probably a fair amount. Having less chores and headaches is priceless, though. Even if I didn’t have loads of kids, this bath mat would be incredibly useful. Everyone can appreciate lightening up a home workload and a safer, more hygienic bathroom.

Pros of  Sutera Stone Bath Mat

  • Stone bath mats dry almost instantly
  • Non-slip surface and skid-free backing
  • Minimal upkeep
  • Surprisingly gentle on skin and soft to the touch for stone
  • Adds modern, trendy flair to bathrooms
  • Hundreds of positive customer ratings

Cons of Sutera Stone Bath Mat

  • More expensive than cloth bath mats
  • Limited colors, though the existing neutral shades suit most bathrooms

Final Verdict

I love my Sutera stone bath mat and hardly remember life before it. Minimal upkeep, stylish modern design and a slip-free experience were enough to convince me that I need one for each of my home’s three bathrooms. I’ll be scooping up a few extras, because these top home products make genius gifts for new homeowners.

Where to Buy a Sutera Stone Bath Mat

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The only place to get a Sutera stone bath mat is the brand’s website, where it is offered in packs of one, two or three mats. The brand offers significant discounts with larger orders, so it makes sense to buy one for every bathroom in your home. You’ll want to hurry though—growing popularity and limited inventory means they could sell out.

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