The Best Kitchen Rugs to Spruce Up Your Space: Tested and Reviewed

Updated: Jun. 08, 2024

The best kitchen rugs offer function, safety, comfort and style. Spruce up your space (and soothe your feet) with one of these tested picks.

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The Best Kitchen Rugs To Spruce Up Your Space Tested And Reviewed SseditFAMILY HANDYMAN

Whether your aim is to add a pop of color or provide a soft spot to wash dishes at, finding the best kitchen rug for your needs is the easiest way to update your kitchen. Rather than browsing countless websites or store aisles, our dedicated, in-house testing team put over a dozen popular rugs to the test to find out which are worth spending your money on. Keep reading to find their picks for best kitchen rugs for various categories, including anti-fatigue, washer-friendly, bamboo and natural.

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Fhma24 Abdulraheem Anti Fatigue Mat Annamarie Higley 01 Ssedit

The Best Kitchen Rug Overall

Abdulraheem Kitchen Mat


  • Easy to clean
  • Non-trip edges
  • Non-slip
  • Soft cushion


  • Limited sizes
  • More expensive than similar products

Our testers’ pick for the best kitchen rug overall is the Abdulraheem anti-fatigue, non-skid kitchen mat from Wayfair. This rug has a ¾-inch thick polyurethane foam layer that is easy on feet and knees, even after hours of use. The rug also features sloped edges to prevent kicking or tripping over the rug, which is especially important in a kitchen.

The Abdulraheem mat comes in two sizes, 2 ¾ x 1 ¾ ft. and 4 x 1 ¾ ft., making the rug especially good for a small or galley kitchen. There are four colors available: black, cranberry, navy and truffle, all of which have a leather-like appearance and are incredibly easy to clean, per our testing team.

Fhma24 Fulton Standing Mat Annamarie Higley 02 Ssedit

The Best Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rug

Fulton Standing Mat


  • Best anti-fatigue for feet, back and joints
  • Made of sustainable materials
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Pricier than other mats
  • Only 2 color options

Fhma24 Fulton Standing Mat Annamarie Higley 05 Ssedit

If you’re going to be on your feet all day, every day, the standing mat from Fulton is worth the elevated price. Which shouldn’t be surprising since Fulton specializes in insoles. Catherine Ward, Taste of Home’s Prep Kitchen Manager, tested this mat out and said, “I liked this immediately when I stepped on it. After using the Fulton mat, I didn’t feel the fatigue and throbbing in my feet that I usually have at the end of the day.”

That comfort comes from the mat’s construction of granulated cork, natural foam and vegan cactus leather, which provide support and are easy to clean. The only downsides to this aesthetic standing mat is its limited color options (Fulton green and natural cork), single size option and $120 price tag.

Fhma24 Kmat Kitchen Mat 2 Piece Set Annamarie Higley 03 Ssedit

The Best Value Kitchen Rug

KMat Kitchen Mat


  • Two-for-one
  • Many color options
  • Easy to clean
  • Inexpensive


  • Minimal support
  • Prone to sliding

These kitchen rugs are a steal at just $40 for a pair. Each set comes with two mats (one 17 x 47 in., the other 17 x 29 in.) so you don’t have to choose between getting support at your kitchen sink or stovetop. The set is available in eight colors and two patterns to match your kitchen decor.

The PVC material of these mats is stain-resistant, durable and can be cleaned with just a rag and warm warmer. Our testers found these kitchen rugs were light on support, so they’re better suited for casual home cooks who will only use them an hour or two a day.

Fhma24 Ruggable Gradasi Teal Quartz Rug Annamarie Higley 01 Ssedit

The Most Stylish Kitchen Rug

Ruggable Tufted Cushioned Rug


  • Many color, pattern and size options
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable


  • Measurements aren’t consistent
  • May be prone to slipping
  • Pricier than other mats

Fhma24 Ruggable Gradasi Teal Quartz Rug Annamarie Higley 05 Ssedit

When you want to upgrade your kitchen floors without breaking the bank, turn to Ruggable’s nearly endless style, color and size options. Ruggable has a selection of patterned, solid, neutral, maximalist and geometric rugs to match (or upgrade!) your kitchen’s look. The company even has partnerships with brands like Jonathan Adler, The Home Edit, Star Wars and Disney to help you reach the exact aesthetic you’re hoping for.

Beyond the plethora of design choices, our testing team enjoyed that this is a washable rug. Ruggable’s products consist of a latex-free rug pad and a rug cover that can be removed and tossed into the washing machine. Our testers were impressed with how the rug cover stood up to being washed: no pilling, wrinkling, curled corners nor discoloration. The rug cover didn’t even need to be spot-treated to be rid of oil and tomato sauce stains!

Sarah Farmer, Taste of Home’s Executive Culinary Director, tested the cushioned rug pad and tufted cushioned rug cover in her home and said, “Usually, I notice a little strain on my hips after being on my feet on the tile flooring, prepping, cooking and on dish-duty for several hours. However, after making sure I stood on the mat, I noticed I did not have that tinge of achiness in my feet, legs, back or joints.”

While this rug has many pros, the testing team noticed that the rug’s measurements differed from the site to in person. The rug cover was “significantly bigger” than the 37 3/4 in. x 26 1/4 in. dimensions listed on the site, and the pile height was more than 5 mm shorter. The team also noted that the rug system was not non-slip, which was surprising since Ruggable’s bath mat has great grip.

Fhma24 Lahome Boho Tribal Area Rug Annamarie Higley 04 Ssedit

The Best Washable Kitchen Rug

Lahome Kitchen Throw Mat


  • Machine washable
  • Many color, size and shape options
  • Inexpensive


  • Takes days for creasing to relax
  • Minor fraying

Those who are prone to spilling or dropping what they’re cooking (no shame!) will love this washable kitchen rug from Amazon. Our testing team simply blotted any excess spill, threw the 2 x 3 foot rug into the washing machine, hung it to dry, and the rug looked like new again. Plus, the polyester pile was still super soft post-washing.

The Lahome comes in 11 colors (seven are available for the size we tested) and 13 sizes and shapes.

While this rug has decent anti-slip (the bottom of the rug has a rough texture with rubber-like dots), the testing team noted that the rug took over four days for the rug’s creasing to relax out of the packaging and that there was minor fraying along the corners. If you find your rug creases won’t come out, follow our tips for how to flatten a rug.

Fhma24 Anji Mountain Bamboo Mat Annamarie Higley 04 Ssedit

The Best Bamboo Kitchen Rug

Anji Mountain Kitchen Mat


  • Natural look
  • Non-slip
  • Four sizes
  • Good value


  • Difficult to fully clean
  • Limited color options
  • Not anti-fatigue

Fhma24 Anji Mountain Bamboo Mat Annamarie Higley 06 Ssedit

The testing team loved this bamboo rug by Anji Mountain, available through Home Depot. The surface is made of smooth, high-gloss bamboo slats that repel water and spills, and an exceptionally non-stick rubbery bottom. Since the top is slated, this rug can be folded up and stored when not in use.

Like bamboo flooring, there are some downsides to a bamboo kitchen rug. While the slats themselves are easily cleaned with warm water and a rag, spills sink into the cracks between the slats and get stuck. It was difficult for the testing team to completely remove debris from between the slats, but did note that any residual dirt, dust or spills weren’t noticeable when the rug was lying flat.

Fhma24 Nuloom Jute Rug Annamarie Higley 02 Ssedit

The Best Natural Kitchen Rug

NuLoom Seagrass Rug


  • Natural, sustainable materials
  • More durable than similar rugs
  • Many size and shape options


  • Difficult to clean
  • Likely to stain
  • May harbor bacteria

Fhma24 Nuloom Jute Rug Annamarie Higley 06 Ssedit

Of the natural kitchen rugs tested, NuLoom’s rug was by far the best. The rug is made of sustainable woven seagrass that resists water and is sturdy enough to withstand biweekly vacuuming without fraying. It’s available in five colors and 23 sizes, including rectangle, square and round options.

However, cleaning a jute rug can be incredibly tedious. During testing, our team found that the deep groves of this woven rug tend to trap dirt, debris and stains, making it difficult to clean and sanitize. Because of that, we’d recommend utilizing this rug in doorways or walkways instead of under countertops, cooktops and sinks.

What to Look for When Buying a Kitchen Rug

There are many things to consider when buying a rug online. From size to material to style, here’s what to keep in mind when shopping for a kitchen rug:


Whether a rug sits at the base of the sink, spans the length of the galley or sits underneath the dining table, size matters. Be sure to measure the space where the rug will be before you start shopping, just like you would for an area rug in another part of your home.


Do you prefer natural fibers such as jute or bamboo, or easy-care, synthetic fabrics that you can wash? The type of rug you choose will depend on where you plan on using the rug and how much effort you want to put into cleaning it. Indoor/outdoor rugs are a great option for kitchen entrances or attached mudrooms. While PVC and polyurethane rugs are best suited for under the sink since they’re waterproof.

Ease of Cleaning

Many of today’s rugs are lightweight and made of fabrics you can toss right into the washing machine. Unless they have a non-slip rubber backing (see below), most are also dryer-safe. If you’re not planning on investing in a washable rug, make sure you know how to clean a rug the right way.


The best kitchen rugs will have a non-slip, gripping backing. After all, there are few things worse than tripping over a rug when you have a hot pot or knife in your hand. In fact, a non-slip rug is one of the best kitchen safety items you can own.


Cushioned rugs will save your aching feet and back. They also make a nice spot for your pet to nap. If you find your rug flattening over time, try our hack to make any rug comfortable.


You don’t want your rug to clash with the rest of your kitchen color scheme, and you also don’t want it to be so light that it shows every single (inevitable) stain. Pick a rug in a fun accent color to brighten up the space or a soft neutral if you don’t want it to stand out too much.


The selection of kitchen rug colors and patterns is nearly endless. From simple to traditional to wild, go ahead and express yourself.

Why You Should Trust Us

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Kitchen mats are nothing new to us. Not only do our editors and contributors have them in their own homes, but our sister brand Taste of Home’s Test Kitchen team uses them all day, every day.

How We Found the Best Kitchen Rugs

Finding the best kitchen rugs was no small feat. Our in-house testing team scoured the internet for the best-reviewed kitchen mats from top brands and retailers in a variety of materials, sizes and features.

Ultimately, we tested 15 products and tracked nearly 600 data points, including the packing and shipping, absorbency and care needs, material, feel, style and size options and price. We splattered the rugs with common kitchen liquids and foods to test for staining and ease-of-cleaning, measured each side and pile to ensure the retailer’s measurements were correct, stood on the mats for hours to feel the anti-fatigue benefits (or lack thereof) and much more. In all, we spent close to 24 hours testing each of these rugs.

Each category was scored out of 5, then added up for the total performance score. Only the top-scoring kitchen rugs were included in this list.


What is the best type of rug for a kitchen?

The best type of rug for your kitchen usually depends on your specific needs and desires, but there are some standouts. Washable fabrics like cotton, PVC and polypropylene (also known as olefin) are easy to clean, which makes them a great option for the kitchen. Natural materials, like jute, bamboo and cork would also work well in the kitchen, depending on the rug’s construction and durability.

On the flip side, avoid silk, hide and faux fur rugs. These materials are much too delicate and difficult to clean for a kitchen setting. We’d also recommend avoiding any rugs that shed, are slippery, or have high sides or curling edges, as they can be a tripping hazard.

Are rugs in the kitchen a good idea?

Kitchen rugs are a wonderful way to update your space and stave off aches and pains. Like almost anything in the kitchen, there are some potential safety hazards. To minimize them, ensure the rug you’re using is non-slip on the top and bottom. Beveled edges and a low-profile or low-pile will also minimize the risk of tripping on the side of the rug.

Should you put a rug in front of the kitchen sink?

You can certainly put a rug in front of a kitchen sink, especially if you tend to spend a lot of time washing dishes. An anti-fatigue kitchen rug can prevent sore feet, hips and lower back. Just make sure you wipe up any drips or spills to prevent slipping. You’ll also want to regularly clean and disinfect your kitchen rug, just as you would clean your kitchen floor.

Toni DeBella, freelance writer and product reviewer, contributed to this review.