6 Irregular Rug Shapes and Where They Work Best

Updated: Jul. 11, 2023

Rugs brighten up your space. To bring some fresh life into your room, consider irregular rug shapes rather than traditional ones.

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Abstract Blob Rug For Kids Room
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Abstract Blob

These work really well in kids’ rooms. Look for colors and patterns that mesh nicely with your children’s interests. Soft pinks and greens for your flower-loving kiddo or blues and yellows for your aspiring surfer.

These are some of the most versatile irregular rug shapes, and there’s a good fit for everyone.

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Flowers Rug In Kitchen
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Floral rugs are a great option for any room. Consider brightening up your kitchen by buying a rug shaped like an edible flower.

Dandelions, hibiscus, and marigolds are all colorful flowers that can serve as a great pop of color in your kitchen. Plus, they’ll make a great conversation starter or a teaching instrument if you’re cooking with someone.

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Irregular Geometric Rug Shapes In Studio Apartment
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Irregular Geometric Rug Shapes

If you live in a small space, you likely know the importance of a rug in decor. It can anchor a section of the room, making your studio apartment seem like it has distinct zones.

Generally, people opt for rectangular area rugs to do this. But to make your space feel more unique, look into irregular or unusual geometric shapes instead. This could be layered hexagons or more freeform shapes, whatever fits your personal style.

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Wavy Rectangles Rug In Entryway
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Wavy Rectangles

A wavy rectangular rug is a great statement piece for your entryway. You can keep it small, a little bigger than the doormat outside your home. Or go big and have it serve as a hallway runner if your space allows.

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Layered Circles Rug In Living Room
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Layered Circles

Looking for a fun way to make your living room appear trendy? Opt for a rug shaped like layered circles to slide under your sleek coffee table. Look into any color combination you want, from a soft gradient to bold pops of color.

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Sheepskin Rug In Bedroom
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If you’re someone who loves soft and cozy textures in your bedroom, consider a sheepskin rug. If you’re opposed to animal products, don’t worry! You don’t need real sheepskin to get the cozy feeling you’re dreaming of. There are plenty of cruelty-free options out there.