6 Best Artificial Turf Grass Pads for Dogs

Updated: Mar. 25, 2024

Provide your pup with a soft plot of green all year round. Here are our picks for the best artificial turf grass pads for dogs.

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Buying Artificial Turf for Dogs

Artificial turf, or artificial grass, is an all-season surface constructed in the same way as carpeting — a flexible backing with synthetic “blades of grass” (instead of yarn) sewn in.

Artificial turf is no longer the plastic-looking, shiny AstroTurf of the past. Today, most artificial turf does a pretty good job of mimicking the look and feel of a natural lawn without turning brown or dying.

So why should you consider artificial pet turf over natural sod?

Dr. Rebecca Greenstein, the veterinary medical advisor for Rover, says, “Not every pet parent has the benefit of living in a house with a yard. For dog owners without a lot of green space and for condo dwellers, dog-friendly turf is a genius idea.”

Along with solving the issue of limited space, other benefits of fake grass over real grass include:

  • Affordability after initial cost and installation;
  • Low maintenance (no mowing or fixing lawn spots);
  • Easy clean-up (spray down with a garden hose);
  • Durability and toughness (dogs can’t dig it up and bury bones in it);
  • Deterrent to ticks and fleas;
  • Safety. No need to worry about using toxic pesticides or fertilizers.

Here are some pet-friendly turf-buying features to look for:

  • High-quality materials (polyethylene or polypropylene) that last;
  • UV protection for fade resistance;
  • Fireproof or fire-resistant for safety;
  • Higher pile for comfort;
  • Permeable backing for good urine drainage;
  • Multi-color blades for a more realistic appearance.

Let’s take a look at some of the best artificial turf for you and your dog.

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Goasis Lawn Artificial Grass Turf Lawn Ecomm Amazon.com via merchant

Most Durable Artificial Turf for Dogs

Goasis GL Lawn stands up to what your pet can throw at it (but not dig into it). Engineered for high paw and foot traffic zones — pet play areas, dog crates, kennels and runs — this tough turf is made of superior quality UV-resistant yarns and polyethylene fibers.

A strong latex backing with drainage holes lets liquid seep through, keeping the surface clean and dry. Fire retardant, non-toxic and lead-free, the manufacturer guarantees color fastness for more than 10 years.

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Artificial Grass Puppy Pad For Dogs And Small Pets Ecomm Amazon.com via merchant

Best Artificial Turf for Puppy Potty Training

“Many puppy owners claim they find it easier to potty train a dog on turf,” says Greenstein. “And compared to grass, there are infinitely fewer organisms and less debris that curious pups can grab and ingest.”

Petmaker Artificial Grass Puppy Pad is a housebreaking puppy product that’s safe indoors or out. The three-piece system comes with a pad that looks and feels like real grass. A detachable grid tray with holes allows liquid to drain to the bottom base tray, which is also removable for mess-free and easy clean-up. After dumping the contents, just wash with soapy water and rinse.

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Most Realistic Artificial Turf for Dogs

Your pup’s happiness is important, yet it doesn’t mean your yard has to look like a putting green at a mini golf course. SunVilla Artificial Grass Patch provides a natural aesthetic via multi-tone blades that resemble an elegant, manicured lawn — even up close.

The clever, simulated thatch adds to the illusion. With a face height of almost two comfy inches, we give it extra points for lushness.

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Runnen Decking, Outdoor, Artificial Grass Ecomm Ikea.com via merchant

Best Artificial Turf For Apartment-Dwelling Dogs

IKEA Runnen outdoor artificial grass tiles make it easy to line your deck, balcony or patio with soft, summery turf. Simply secure the squares by clicking them together. The tiles can be cut to fit into corners or around poles.

Fade-resistant and UV stabilized to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun, this “lawn” can be taken apart to clean the decking underneath or make repairs. Then it snaps back together.

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Dog Bone Synthetic Grass Doormat Ecomm Etsy.com via merchant

Cutest Artificial Turf for Dogs

The Agokc Dog Bone Synthetic Grass Mat lets your dog eat and drink in style. The custom hand-cut mat measures 26-in. x 15-in. across. It’s made of synthetic, 1-1/2-in. blades/pile that replicates fescue grass.

Agokc customer Kathy and her dog have gone through many mats over the years. “This is not only the cutest one we have had, but I think it will be the longest lasting and best to get the dirt off the dog’s feet!,” she writes.

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Pet Grow Artifical Grass VIA MERCHANT

Best Overall Artificial Turf

Whether you want to install artificial turf grass to your entire backyard or just a little piece of it, Pet Grow Artificial Grass has all the important qualities discerning pups and their people could want.

First, it boasts a cushy grass height. It’s made of resilient synthetic material with a reinforced multi-layer mesh backing that provides excellent vertical drainage. This helps ensure the lawn dries quickly to prevent odors from lingering. Made to withstand all weather conditions, it can be cut to the desired size or shape without fraying.