The Best Waterproof Dog Beds

Who's a good doggie? Yours is! Until they have an accident. Avoid wet messes from getting you down with one of these top waterproof dog beds.

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The Benefits of a Waterproof Dog Bed

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), “A great dog bed provides your pup a space that’s not only comfortable but also supportive and soft.”

But what if you have a puppy who isn’t housebroken, or an older dog, or one who loves to play in mud puddles? In these cases, a waterproof bed is a must.

When shopping for a great waterproof dog bed, look for these details:

  • Impermeability. Be sure the bed is actually waterproof (i.e. provides a complete barrier to water) and not just water-resistant (made of a tightly woven material that water struggles to penetrate). Many products use the terms interchangeably.
  • Hygienic and odor resistance. Some beds can be wiped down or hosed off. If they have a removable cover that can be thrown into the washing machine, that’s even better.
  • Durability. Generally, waterproof materials are made of synthetic fabrics with coatings that provide a urine barrier and tend to be more chew-resistant.
  • Indoor/outdoor usability. Waterproof beds may be moved into the yard so your dog can enjoy a little fresh air.
  • Size. Most dog beds come in various sizes. Make sure you buy one roomy enough to accommodate your dog, from paws to hindquarters.

Check out our collection of top waterproof beds for your dog.

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The Dogs Balls Dog Bed

Waterproof Bed

For medium to extra-extra-large dogs, this dog bed with its funny Zzzzz embroidered design is an outstanding all-purpose, heavy-duty choice. Lightweight and easy to move from room to room, the tightly woven Oxford fabric features with a waterproof coating on the underside.

One five-star Amazon reviewer wrote, “I have big high energy dogs. If they don’t get enough playtime, the first thing they do is chew things. These beds are not the soft cuddly beds that everyone wants but they hold up really well.”

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Brindle Dog Bed

Brindle Waterproof Orthopedic Pillow Bed

As pets grow older they often develop arthritis and incontinence. The Brindle waterproof orthopedic dog pillow is the perfect bed to cradle your senior pup in comfort, while the waterproof inner layer protects the memory foam from accidents.

The orthopedic dog bed features two inches of high-density support foam on the bottom and two inches of memory foam up the top. That creates a cushy surface that helps reduce pressure points that can cause pain. Find out how orthopedic dog beds can ease your dog’s sore joints.

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Drymate Dog Mat

Drymate Dog Crate Mat

Crate training your dog encourages their natural instincts to carve out a quiet and secure place for themselves. On top of that, crates and kennels are safe ways to transport pets to the vet or on long car trips.

The Drymate dog crate mat is not a dog bed per se, but your dog will certainly sleep well on it when they’re in their crate. This dog kennel accessory has an absorbent top layer with a waterproof and slip-resistant backing that protects floors and other surfaces while keeping the mat firmly in place. It can be cut with scissors to fit any size crate without edges fraying.

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Outrav Camping Dog Bed

Outrav Camping Dog Bed

The Outrav camping dog bed is easy to take with you camping, hiking or to the beach. The lightweight, insulated material with a polyester shell and waterproof lining ensures your dog stays warm, cozy and dry on wet ground. This sleeping bag/bed comes with a stuff sack that lets you condense it down to 15-in. x 5-1/2-in.

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Coolaroo Dog Bed

Coolaroo Steel Pet Bed

Elevate your dog with the Coolaroo steel pet bed! This bed sits eight inches off the ground to promote good air circulation and keep animals cool and dry. Plus, the breathable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric resists fleas, mites and mildew.

Never worry again about an accident — the non-porous fabric blocks liquid so you can just hose it off and let it dry. The lightweight cooling bed with a strong steel frame supports medium to large doggies (up to 100 pounds), and replacement covers in various colors are available.

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Fable Dog Bed

Fable Bed

The Fable Bed features a simple, minimalist design. Start with a stain-, scratch- and UV-resistant waterproof exterior. Inside, human-grade, shredded memory foam with a pre-formed recess provides maximum comfort. It’s soft and breathable to encourage a more restorative sleep.

Note that the bed is shipped flat. Just remove it from its packaging, unroll and plump it up. In about 30 minutes or so it will be fully expanded and ready to use.

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Like this? Take a look at some more of our favorite picks from Fable Pets to spoil both you and your pup.

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Sunnytex Pet Cover

Sunnytex Waterproof, Reversible Dog Bed Cover

The Sunnytex waterproof and reversible dog bed cover turns any surface into a waterproof snoozing spot for your canine companion.

The quilted “blanket” is made of layers of microfiber fabric and hypoallergenic filling. It features a water-resistant outer shell lined inside with a 100 percent thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) waterproof coating. Choose from six sizes and 11 colors to blend with any home décor. This cover can be machine-washed in the cold cycle and tumbled dry.

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Zigzag Dog Bed

Majestic Pet Round Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed

The cheerful Majestic Pet round indoor/outdoor dog bed completes this list. A removable, zippered, chevron pattern slipcover of treated polyester fabric provides up to 1,000 hours of UV protection. The bed is stuffed with plush fiberfill. At the base, heavy-duty 300/600 Denier fabric repels water. Choose from a rainbow of bright, happy colors.

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