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The Best Durable Dog Toys for Avid Chewers

If you're looking for durable dog toys, try these, which stood up to my dog's rough play and avid chewing.

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Kong toyvia

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Kongs are an extremely popular dog toy, as their hollow bodies are ideal for stuffing with food or treats. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, you’ll want to opt for the Kong Extreme. (Kong color-codes its toys by durability — regular toys are red, puppy toys are light blue or pink and extra-durable products are black.)

On days when my dog has a lot of energy, I’ll stuff a Kong with peanut butter, dog treats and/or fruit. She’ll spend an hour or more digging the food out of the toy, which is made from extra-durable rubber. Even after years of use and heavy chewing, our Kong Extreme looks as good as new, and I love that you can clean it in the dishwasher.

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Chuck-it ballsvia

Chuckit! Ultra Balls

My dog loves playing fetch, but when the game is over she often chews on the balls. Given the chance, she’ll pull the fabric off tennis balls and rip apart the rubber, which is why we now solely use Chuckit! Ultra Balls. The thick rubber construction of these balls has held up extremely well. As a bonus, their bright orange color is easy to spot in long grass.

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Bark bonevia

Pet Qwerks BarkBone Stick

After cleaning up the pieces of one too many real sticks from my floor, I bought the Pet Qweks BarkBone Stick for my dog. She’s not generally a big fan of faux bones, but to my surprise she loves it — probably because of its peanut butter flavor. A few of the end nubs have been chewed down, but overall the heavy-duty nylon construction has stood up well to several months of nightly gnawing.

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Kong ballvia

Kong Extreme Ball Dog Toy

The Kong Extreme Ball is another product that we’ve found can withstand aggressive chewing. This heavy rubber ball is great for fetch, but it also has a hole through the center where I’ll occasionally stuff bully sticks for my dog to chew. The product is puncture-resistant yet extremely bouncy. So if your dog likes balls but often ruins them, this one is worth a try.

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Dura force ringvia

DuraForce Ring

Most fabric toys last only a matter of minutes in our home, but the one product that’s still in one piece after several months is the DuraForce Ring. It’s woven from plastic-coated fibers that are much more durable than regular fabric, and the edges are sewn shut with industrial-grade webbing. After a few months my dog finally ripped a small hole in the toy and got one of its squeakers out, but it’s still usable and one of her favorites for tug-of-war.

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Kong genius toyvia

Kong Genius Mike Dog Toy

Another durable and engaging Kong toy is the Kong Genius Mike Toy. Similar to a regular Kong, this cylindrical toy has a hollow center where you can place treats. But the openings are smaller and it’s more challenging to get the food out, keeping your dog busy longer. My dog ripped a few small pieces off the edges of the toy, but we still use it several times a week.

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Deer antlersvia

USA Bones & Chews Deer Antler

When in doubt, your avid chewer will love gnawing down on a real deer antler. We like USA Bones & Chews Deer Antlers, which are 100 percent natural, extremely hard and long-lasting. They come in several sizes to suit your dog’s need. We usually have several in our home at any time.

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