8 Best Car Dog Barriers

If your dog can't sit still in the car, a dog barrier will ensure they don't end up in your lap while you're driving.

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Buying a Car Dog Barrier

Dog barriers for the car are designed to limit your dog’s movement, keeping them in the proper area of your vehicle, whether it’s the back seat or cargo space.

There are numerous styles of dog barriers, ranging from nets to metal cages. Consider your dog’s size and tenacity when selecting the best option for your car. After all, if your large-breed dog is determined to climb into your lap, a mesh or net barrier will only keep them at bay for so long.

Of course, it’s also essential to consider the size of your vehicle when selecting a dog barrier. Certain barriers are meant for sedans, SUVs or trucks. Be sure to measure your available space in advance to ensure the barrier fits properly.

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Best Metal Dog Barrier

Metal dog barriers are the most durable, and the PetSafe Deluxe Happy Ride Dog Barrier is a top option for large or determined dogs.

This barrier adjusts to fit most cars and SUVs. Its rubber stoppers prevent damage to your car’s interior, and the manufacturer says this dog barrier doesn’t rattle while driving. You’ll also appreciate its slim bars, so you can maintain your visibility while allowing your dog to see you.

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Best Mesh Dog Barrier

For more easy-going dogs, a fine mesh barrier like the Starroad-Tim Car Dog Barrier will probably be sufficient to keep them in the back seat. The mesh won’t hinder airflow throughout the car, and it’s easy to install with the included bungee cords. The barrier comes in three sizes to fit different vehicles, and it’s extremely affordable, too.

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Best Hammock Dog Barrier

Hammock-style car barriers are ideal for dogs who like to get dirty or shed a lot, since they also provide a protective barrier for your vehicle’s interior surfaces. The Frisco Quilted Water-Resistant Hammock, made from a water- and stain-resistant material, is a durable and versatile option in this category.

This car dog hammock includes seat belt access slits as well as a built-in storage pocket. It attaches to the back of your front seats, helping to keep your pooch from climbing over the center console.

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Best Between-Seat Dog Barrier

If your dog likes to climb over the center console, this Dykeson Pet Barrier that stretches between the two front seats might be your answer. This inexpensive net has four hooks that attach to the headrests and seat rails, and it stretches to fit in most cars and SUVs. Plus, it features two layers of mesh so it can double as a car organizer! This is a great tool for dog owners to keep in the car.

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Best Dog Barrier for Trucks

The large, sturdy Bushwhacker Deluxe Dog Barrier is a top-rated option for anyone with a truck. This model is 56 inches wide, making it ideal for double-cab trucks. It has an aluminum frame lined with tear-resistant mesh.

This barrier is truly heavy-duty. One reviewer says that it’s the only barrier that has kept his 100+ lb. Great Dane in the back seat: “I bought the wider version for my truck and it fits perfect. He tried to bring it down but to no avail.”

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Best Adjustable Dog Barrier

If your back seat is strangely shaped, or you want to use the barrier in multiple vehicles, the Rabbitgoo Dog Car Barrier features an adjustable design that will fit in almost any vehicle. The sturdy metal barrier can be mounted to the seat headrests, with two adjustable panels to extend its height or width as needed. Reviewers say it’s durable and effective, even with large-breed dogs.

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Best Dog Barrier for Outdoorsy Dogs

Does your dog love rolling around in mud and going swimming at every opportunity? The Grip-Tight Quilted Hose-Off Hammock Seat Protector is an easy-to-clean barrier that will keep your pet securely in the back seat while also protecting your car seats. The heavy-duty fabric traps dog hair, dirt, mud and moisture. The best part is, when it gets dirty, you just hose it down.

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Best Car Barrier for Large Dogs

Large dogs can often go over, around or through mesh barriers, but the High Road Dog Car Barrier effectively keeps big dogs in the back seat. This barrier features a durable steal frame with chew-resistant mesh. It securely attaches to the back of your front seats.

“My 70 lb. Doberman thinks he’s a puppy and used to try to climb onto my lap — super dangerous when driving, obviously,” says one reviewer. “This item keeps him safely in the back where he can’t distract me from the road and keeps him safe so he can’t fly forward if I have to stop short!”

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