10 Incredible Dog Houses for Your Best Friend

Updated: Aug. 11, 2023

For millions of people across the globe, dogs aren't just pets, they're part of the family. And a beloved member of the family deserves the best possible living space. Here are a dozen amazing dog homes to help inspire your own canine creations. Some are lavish, some are great DIY projects, and some are just fun. No matter the size and breed of your own best friend, there's something on this list for you.

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Tiny Taj Mahal

Your home may be your castle, but there’s no reason to make your dog settle for anything less than a palace. This replica of the Taj Mahal is made of architectural foam and white-washed stucco.

A custom-built pooch palace, this house is intended for smaller dogs who don’t chew on their surrounds, and for owners with plenty of disposable income. You can always spoil your pet with one of these super cool pet products.

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A Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Dog House

When a twelve-year-old boy wrote to the world’s most prominent architect asking him to design a home for the family dog, Frank Lloyd Wright responded with designs for the most Prairie Style of dog houses. Designed after he completed designs for the Guggenheim Museum, Wright’s take on the classic dog house was constructed in the ’60s, but was damaged and disposed of over a decade later.

Today, that little boy has grown up and now tours the country with a recreation of the dog house, rebuilt to the original specifications. Plus: Check out one of these 40 projects that will show your favorite pet some love.

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Classic Camper Dog House

This may not be the best trailer to actually take camping, but it’s definitely one of the cutest dog houses you’ll ever see. These miniature retro campers provide small dogs a place to shade themselves in style. Their metal structure means that they’ll need to be relocated out of direct sunlight in warmer weather, but they’re easily moved and capable of hitting the road on a moment’s notice.

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Styling fit for a King

If you’re not crazy about the streamlined look of Wright’s dog house, then check out this lavish, Baroque styled “Notre Palais” from Beyond the Crate. Its ornamentation and flair might mean it isn’t right for every setting, but there’s no disputing that it makes a statement.

Of course, with all the draped fabric featured in this dog house, you’ll want to make sure that your dog is either well housebroken.

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Pallet Dog House

A far more humble design is this homemade house built from disassembled shipping pallets and corrugated metal. Recycled pallets are popular with DIYers because of their easy availability and low cost. They’re great for constructing everything from sheds to tables and (of course) dog houses!

The rustic feel of this house makes it a good fit for a home with a “maker” aesthetic, or for dogs who are rough on their houses.

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Under the Stair Dog House

The space beneath your home’s staircase is perfect for built-in storage, hidden rooms and cozy dog houses. This project makes great use of home space that would otherwise be “dead”. The iron gates are an especially nice touch, as they stand out in both style and color to the surrounding trim, while also keeping the dog house from becoming claustrophobic. Just make sure you don’t make one of these mistakes every dog owner seems to make.

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Paris Hilton’s Mini-Mansion

No list of amazing dog houses would be complete without a mention of the two-story, air-conditioned replica of Paris Hilton’s own home, that doubles as one of the most posh dog houses in history. No detail was overlooked with the two-story dog house, and Hilton even hired designers to install tiny, expensive furniture in the all-pink interior. (You can’t see much of the chandelier from this angle, but trust us—it’s amazing. And amazingly over the top.)

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Storybook Style

If the Hobbit hole isn’t quite whimsical enough, consider this hand-carved dog house that looks like it walked right out of the pages of Grimm’s fairy tales. With imitation thatched roofing and faux stone trim, bring a bit of whimsy into your puppy’s play time.

A great choice for homes with a playful air, dog houses such as this one embrace the fun of having animal companions while providing warm and secure shelter for your furry friend.

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Wine Barrel Retreat

If your love of spirits is trumped only by your love for your dog, then why not have the best of both worlds? With just a little bit of work, a retired wine or whiskey barrel can be transformed into a handsome and fun dog house.

Just be sure that old barrel is properly cleaned out, or you’ll be noticing a peculiarly strong smell when bath time rolls around!

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DIY Dog House

Hands down one of the best DIY dog houses we’ve ever seen was designed and built by Family Handyman reader Corey Hosick. Complete with running water, electricity and automatic feeder, this is home sweet home for Corey’s two German Shepherds Lexi-loo and Ranger-roo.

See the full build details in this article. But be warned: After reading about Corey’s project, you’ll be chomping at the bit to get started on one of your own!