Super Chewer BarkBox Review 2023: Pros, Cons & Is It Worth It?

Updated: May 19, 2024

Are you spending more time cleaning up fluff than your dog actually spent enjoying the toy? Then the BarkBox Super Chewer box is for you.

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As a dog mom to a toy shredder, I find myself in an endless cycle of purchasing dog toys only to see him rip them to shreds in record time. And yet, I keep returning to the toy aisle, as if expecting a different outcome than what has become our little song and dance: I pay good money for a cute toy in exchange for one minute of doggie enjoyment and a layer of fluff blanketing my living room.

Even the toys that made promises of being tough and long-lasting stood no match for my pup (did they even test them with dogs like mine?!), who takes his job of locating—and surgically removing—a squeaker very seriously.

That’s when I heard about BarkBox’s Super Chewer subscription and knew I had to try it. Each BarkBox is filled with clever theme-inspired toys, treats and chews. In fact, the toys are almost too cute and creative, I didn’t dare sign up for a box before. But now, BarkBox has a Super Chewer version that caters to pups like mine.

What is the BarkBox Super Chewer?

Barkbox Super Chewer Set on Fabric SurfaceNancy Snyder/Family Handyman

If you’re unfamiliar, BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that delivers dog-curated fun to your pup’s door. Just as there are subscription boxes for plant lovers, backyard grillers and DIY juniors, BarkBox indulges the furry family member of the household—because they deserve to receive packages, too, right?

Designed with heavy chewers in mind, the monthly BarkBox Super Chewer features two tough toys, two chews and two bags of treats. If you’d like to further spoil your pup and receive free shipping, you can select a toy add-on or bundle (extra toy and goodies) for an additional cost.

To get started, you’ll answer a few questions about the lucky pup recipient (including breed, weight and dietary preferences), and select your subscription plan (month-to-month, six-month plan or 12-month plan). The price ranges from $25 to $40 per box, depending on which plan you choose. But since each box delivers $45 worth of goodies (in addition to tail wags), you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Barkbox Super Chewer Box on Doormat and Dog in middle of Door Nancy Snyder/Family Handyman

Once you purchase your first box, it’s time to mark your dog’s calendar—your good boy’s goodies will arrive within five days. The best part? Each box is themed with clever designs and creative goodies to be enjoyed by both dog and dog lovers. Past themes include Fall Hike, Carnival Barkers and Ski Lodge. My dog’s first box was the oh-so-adorable Maw Paw’s Farm box.

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BarkBox Super Chewer Features

The Super Chewer box offers a variety of durable toys and, luckily, provides a manual to explain each so you can tailor future deliveries to your dog’s liking and play preference (something BarkBox actually encourages!). The company also instructs dog owners to notify their Happy team if they would prefer “more fabric,” “solid nylon,” “mixed nylon” or “less nylon” in their next delivery.

  • Wacky Bounces + Super Squeaks: squeaking rubber toys for playtime and fetch
  • Serious Chewing: nylon toys to satisfy committed chewers
  • More Ways to Play: puzzles and treat dispensers for pup engagement
  • Mixed Materials: mix of rubber and nylon for chewing versatility
  • Snuggle, Shred & Surprise: once the outer layer is chewed, a second bonus toy is revealed

Barkbox Super Chewer User Manual on Wooden SurfaceNancy Snyder/Family Handyman

Each box also contains two 3-ounce bags of treats (ideal for rewarding or training), and two chews made with real ingredients from recipes developed by nutritionists. Just as you can tailor the toys to meet your pup’s liking, you can also let BarkBox know if your dog has any allergies or aversions.

And if after all that, your pup isn’t fully satisfied (highly unlikely!), BarkBox offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How We Tested It

The BarkBox arrived at my door, and I’ll admit unboxing it was just as exciting for me as it was for my dog. I was a little worried that the toys would all be hard rubber or nylon material—something that does not excite my dog, Ernie. I was pleasantly surprised to find two fabric toys (each with a squeaker, I might add), that Ernie was eagerly waiting to sink his teeth into.

Dog Chewing Barkbox Super ChewerNancy Snyder/Family Handyman

Both toys were labeled for large dogs (50+ pounds), which I had specified when signing up for the subscription. The first was an adorable Mad Cow “rip and reveal” toy (OK, now I may actually be encouraging Ernie to destroy the toy faster to satisfy my curiosity). The second was a Corn to Run “tug and fetch” cream-scented toy. I gave both to him at separate times and he chewed on each for quite awhile, but never destroying either (to my surprise and also to my dismay, as I really wanted to see the bonus toy!).

Dog Chewing Barkbox Super ChewerNancy Snyder/Family Handyman

Ernie was equally excited about the two bags of treats—so much so, I could barely snap the photo below. He received a bag of Turkey + Sweet Potato Jerky Nibbles and Chicken + Pumpkin Jerky Cuts. I loved how soft and fresh these treats were (and Ernie did, too). They also had a very enticing smell to them, and I could tell they were made with fresh, quality ingredients.

Dog Treat in Hand and Dog Sitting on RugNancy Snyder/Family Handyman

Last but certainly not least, the box included two large chew sticks: Beef and Pumpkin & Honey. As an avid chewer, Ernie enjoys gnawing on a good chew stick on the back patio. These are a little softer than his typical bully sticks (you can break them in half), so they were chewed rather quickly and not savored for as long as I would have liked. But still a great treat, nonetheless!


  • Ability to tailor box to dog’s play and dietary preferences
  • Offers a variety of toys and treat flavors (in themed packaging)
  • Toys are bisphenol A (BPA)-free
  • Treats are made with fresh ingredients
  • Multiple subscription plans to choose from
  • Auto-ship saves time and prevents need to go shopping
  • Helps prevent chewing of furniture and other household items
  • It makes my dog happy!


  • Monthly subscription is more expensive than the six- and 12-month plans
  • For my pup, the chew sticks don’t last very long


How much does BarkBox Super Chewer cost?

The subscription price is dependent on the plan you choose, with longer commitments proving the most cost-effective. A 12-month subscription is $25 per box and a six-month subscription (the most popular plan) is $30 per box. You can also forgo the longer-terms plan and purchase a monthly subscription at $40 per box, which is a smart option if you simply want to try it out, purchase it occasionally or gift to a friend.

Does BarkBox have tough toys?

BarkBox’s Super Chewer subscription offers a variety of durable toys to withstand the toughest of chewers and the roughest of playtimes. BarkBox notes on its website that they have personally designed and tested each toy with their own super chewer dogs to ensure they stand up to their “chompion chewer” target demographic.

With versatility at top of mind, the brand offers a selection of product textures (from rubber to nylon to durable fabric) and different types of toy types (chewing, fetching and treat-dispensing) to satisfy every dog’s unique preferences. That being said, BarkBox also points out that no toy is 100% indestructible, and for safety reasons, the products are purposely designed to break apart before potentially causing any damage to your canine’s canines. Keep in mind that if you’re not satisfied with the durability of any toy you receive, BarkBox will replace it free of charge (and no questions asked).

Can I change from Super Chewer to BarkBox?

You can switch from Super Chewer to the regular BarkBox, and vice versa, at any time. Simply reach out to BarkBox’s Happy Team to switch over—there is no need to create a new subscription.

Product Comparison

Barbox Super Chewer Vs Barbox Originalvia merchant

The only difference between the original and Super Chewer is the toys. While regular BarkBox recipients receive two plush toys, Super Chewer subscribers receive two tougher, more durable toys to accommodate strong chewers and rowdier roughhousing. As a result, the Super Chewer subscription is priced slightly higher, ranging from $25 to $40 per box while the original BarkBox ranges from $22 to $35 per box.

Final Verdict

Barkbox Super Chewer in Hand on Fabric SurfaceNancy Snyder/Family Handyman

A few weeks later, I am happy to report that the toys have gone through vigorous rounds of testing by both Ernie and another verified super chewer that we dogsat. The result? Two enticing (as noted by a few minor battle wounds), yet still very intact, toys. While I still have yet to confirm what bonus toy lies underneath the cow, I can confidently say that the BarkBox Super Chewer receives two thumbs up from me and multiple tail wags (and many more to come) from Ernie.

Where to Buy the BarkBox Super Chewer

Barkbox Super Chewervia merchant

You can sign up for the Super Chewer subscription directly on BarkBox’s website, starting at $25. Your super chewer pup (and your wallet) will thank you.

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