8 Best Dog Car Seat Covers for Easier Cleaning

Updated: Dec. 20, 2023

Dogs love car rides but can be messy passengers. Our pet expert recommends these dog car seat covers to keep your vehicle free of mud, fur and slobber.

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Kurgo Copilot Seat Cover Ft Ecomm Via Chewy.com
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As a pet care expert, I get to share my work day and office with Shadow, who loves our daily car rides to the post office. He’s too big to fit in a carrier, so he rides in the safest place for dogs in the car — the back seat, with his harness clipped to the seat belt. When rain, shedding season, or car sickness strike, my dog car seat cover has saved the upholstery (and my sanity) more than once.

The best dog car seat covers protect upholstery and carpet, making it easier to keep the interior of your vehicle clean and manage pet messes. Of course, I keep other important items in my car just for the pets.

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Car Seat Cover

  • Design: Not all dog car seats fit every vehicle. Look for one that best fits your vehicle, whether a bench back seat, bucket front seat or combination of styles.
  • Water resistant: If you have a water-loving dog or a pup that gets carsick, get water-resistant or waterproof covers.
  • Easy on-off: That way you can remove the liner for cleaning without a lot of hassle.
  • Secure nonslip options: Look for nonskid covers that don’t let your dog slip and slide during rides.
  • Washable: Products that clean up quickly and easily are a must.
  • Non-absorbent: Fabric should repel and not absorb dust and dirt, reducing routine cleanup to a quick vacuuming or a wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Comfort level: Plastic repels water but isn’t comfortable for a resting dog. Look for padded covers.
  • Safety features: Can your dog be belted in? What options prevent them from climbing into the driver’s lap? Safety earns bonus points.

Evaluation Criteria

Here’s what I looked for when choosing the best dog car seat covers:

  • Comfort for the dog;
  • Sturdy construction;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Good fit on the seat;
  • Safety features;
  • Ratings by reviewers.
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Dog Back Seat Cover Protector Ecomm Via Amazon.com
Via Merchant

Best Overall Dog Car Seat Cover

I love the design of this Dog Back Seat Cover Protector from Active Pet. It comes in two sizes that should fit most vehicles, and the versatility allows you to use it three ways. It’s easily one of the best car accessories for pet parents and keeps hair from piling up on car floor mats.

The “hammock style” secures the front and back of the cover to headrests on the rear and front seats, protecting the surface and creating a barrier to keep dogs from climbing. It also has openings for a canine seat belt attachment. Alternatively, you can drop the front sling portion to protect the front of the bench-style rear seat. Or you can use the cover over the cargo area to protect the carpeted rear area.

The material has four layers for comfort, protection and easy cleaning. The top layer of water-resistant cotton offers an easy-to-vacuum surface. The second and third layers offer additional water-resistant protection. The last layer, a PVC rubber non-skid backing, keeps your dog from skidding back and forth during accelerations or unexpected stops. If you want to protect your car, check out these best car covers.


  • Two sizes (standard and extra-large) to fit compact cars to SUVs;
  • Adjustable straps for fitting;
  • Velcro opening for seat belts;
  • Easy to vacuum surface;
  • Prevents claws from penetrating;
  • Sturdy anchors for no slip-and-slide;
  • Economical price.


  • Not machine washable but can be hosed off and hanged to dry;
  • Reviewers suggest plastic buckles easily break.

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Arf Pets Waterproof Non Slip Ecomm Via Chewy
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Best Dog Car Seat Cargo Liner

The Arf Pets Waterproof and Non-Slip SUV Cargo Liner is one of the best I’ve seen for on-the-go people who want to take dogs along for the ride.

Water-loving pets, shedding pooches, drooly dogs and mud puppies still get to travel with this waterproof cargo liner. Be sure to measure your vehicle so you’ll know it fits well. And if your dog already made a mess before you got the cover, check out these tips for cleaning up pet carpet stains.


  • Measures 82- x 55-in. to fit all standard cargo areas;
  • Straps with buckles fit around headrests for security;
  • Vacuum, wipe or machine wash (gentle cycle);
  • No-slip bottom surface;
  • Quilted for pet comfort;
  • Three layers of waterproof polyurethane;


  • Washing may pill the non-slide surface, which then sheds in the car.

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Meadowlark Premium Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Luxe Dog Car Seat Cover

Meadowlark had consumers test its Premium Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover in 100 vehicles to check sizing, so this comes close to a universal fit. This costs a little more, but offers comfortable padding for your dog and four layers of double stitching for durability.

The quilted design also looks more stylish than some plainer seat covers while also protecting car doors from dog slobber.


  • Four layers of double-stitching for sturdy wear;
  • Two sizes to fit compact cars or SUVs;
  • Machine washable;
  • Hook and loop openings for seat belts;
  • Padded for dog comfort;
  • Zipper side flaps for adjustable side protection;
  • Full money back guarantee.


  • More water-resistant than waterproof.

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Valige Dog Seat Cover Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover

The Vailge Dog Seat Cover for Back Seat sets up in two minutes. It works like a hammock, but the center front portion mesh material lets you see and monitor your dog instead of blocking the view. It also allows air flow while containing flying fur.

Side panels protect the rear doors from dog mess. When not in use, you can quickly unhook one side and roll up the seat cover for a human passenger. And when it needs a refresh, clean it with one of the best car vacuum cleaners, like the Amazon-loved ThisWorx car vacuum.


  • Hammock style is easy to set up and take down;
  • Two sizes (standard and extra-large) to fit compact cars to SUVs;
  • Side panels for protecting doors;
  • Mesh screen to view dog;
  • Two waterproof layers;
  • Comes with a dog seat belt;
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle.


  • May give off a chemical odor that dissipates over time.

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Yesyees Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Best Backseat Bench Dog Car Seat Cover

As an alternative to the popular hammock style, the YesYees Waterproof Dog Seat Cover provides a snug fit over a bench style back seat. Besides allowing the center armrest and beverage holder to be used, it provides access to kid car seat anchors if little ones are sharing the backseat.

The water-resistant material protects against wet fur and paws better than potty accidents, so be sure to walk your dog prior to car rides.


  • Fits snugly over a car’s backseat bench;
  • Accessible to the middle armrest and drink holder via zippers;
  • Velcro openings for seat belt buckles;
  • Sturdy anchors for no slip-and-slide;
  • Also allows for kid car seat anchors.


  • More water-resistant than waterproof;
  • Reviewers noted that adjusting for the center armrest isn’t easy;
  • Zippers not highest quality.

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Urpower Dog Front Seat Cover Ecomm Via Amazon
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Best Budget Front Seat Dog Car Seat Cover

Riding in the front seat poses safety risks for pets. If you do allow your dog to ride shotgun, also invest in a dog seat belt safety harness and be sure to turn off the airbag.

Urpower Dog Front Seat Covers for Cars come in black, gray and khaki and are machine washable. These covers also work for rear bucket or captain seat styles in some cars and SUVs. And at less than $22 each, it’s a steal.


  • Affordable price;
  • Universal fit for most seats (20.5 x 43.3-in.);
  • Machine washable on gentle, in fabric bag;
  • Prevents scratches on leather.


  • Some reviewers complain stitching pulls apart.

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Vivaglory Dog Front Seat Cover Ecomm Via Amazon
Via Merchant

Best Dog Car Seat Cover with No Skirt

Choose this no-frills Vivaglory Dog Front Seat Cover to do the job without spending a bundle. Though designed for the front seat, it easily adapts to one or both sides of the back seat.

This economical choice works great for quick trips because it’s easy to install. It comes in four colors. The “no-skirt design” means fitting is a breeze, and it covers the most important dog-contact areas of seat and backrest.


  • Easy, quick installation and removal;
  • Backrest and seat fits nearly all vehicles;
  • Economical price.


  • Water-resistant but not waterproof;
  • Reviewers say it scoots around.

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Kurgo Copilot Black Cover Ecomm Via Chewy
Via Merchant

Best Bucket Dog Car Seat Cover

The Kurgo CoPilot Seat Cover is one of the best-looking options I’ve seen for bucket or pilot seats in cars or trucks. I love the stylish design and the color choices (black or khaki) to match interiors.

Two pouches provide space to stash cell phones or dog treats. The spandex keeps it snug, although it won’t fit every seat out there. The one complaint reviewers shared was disappointment when it didn’t fit. Be sure to read the dimensions and measure your car seat before ordering.


  • Coverall design made with polyester and spandex for a snug bucket seat fit;
  • Waterproof and stain resistant;
  • Seat belts accessible for halter restraint;
  • Runs 30-in. x 60-in. from headrest to bottom seat edge;
  • Spot clean or machine wash;
  • Stylish design;
  • Two colors: khaki or black.


  • Might not fit your car’s seat. Measure first.

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