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8 Best Dog Beds for Every Dog

Your best friend deserves the best dog bed! Here are eight of our faves, for every type of dog.

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Buying a Dog Bed

When it comes to beds, your dog probably cares more about its proximity to wherever you hang out over how plush or supportive it is. Still, you want to make sure you select a bed with the features that enable your beloved pet to sleep well, night after night.

Some dogs require orthopedic beds. Others prefer the security of small, donut-shaped beds. A lively pup might enjoy a whimsical bed that doubles as a place to play, while a basic bed free of bells and whistles is perfectly acceptable to the average adult dog.

But even if you have a general idea of what type of bed would be best for your dog, there are so many options within each category that it can be tough to narrow it down. That’s where we come in!

Here is our list of eight of the best dog beds out there.

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Best Bed for Small Dogs

What’s not to love about a bed nicknamed the Donut Cuddler? Your small-breed companion will love curling up in this machine-washable, faux fur, supportive round bed.

Officially coined the Original Calming Dog Bed, it’s great for dogs that can’t make it through the day without their chill alone time. And while this bed is particularly popular among the 25-lb.-and-under set, the Donut Cuddler comes in four sizes to accommodate almost any dog breed.

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Best Bed for Large Dogs

Just like you wouldn’t buy a twin bed for a 6-foot-5 human, don’t buy a standard-sized dog bed for a larger dog — they need space to stretch out! One good option in this category: the Frisco Bolster Bed. The faux velvet, washable dog bed comes in XL (40 in.) and XXL (50 in.). It also features a bolster in case your gentle giant likes to prop his head during naptime.

“(This bed) is so comfortable I think I myself could fall asleep on it,” said one five-star Chewy reviewer who bought the bed for a 100-pound hound dog.

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Best Temperature-Control Dog Bed

Temperature-sensitive dogs appreciate beds that help them stay cool and get cozy. There are plenty of great beds out there that do one or the other. But if you’re interested in a bed that covers both, check out The Molecule Air Engineered Pet Bed. All you do is flip the cushion, depending on the season, weather or your pet’s inner thermometer. One side is cozy, the other cool.

It has other sought-after features, too, including a removable cover and orthopedic support. Plus it’s available in small, medium and large.

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Best Elevated Dog Bed

If your dog likes to be up off the ground, an elevated pet bed is clearly the way to go. Many exist, but the Original Bolster Elevated Bed from K&H Pet Products is considered a winner among pet parents. One reason: The mesh cot allows for plenty of air circulation — important for those dog days of summer. It also has that coveted bolster ledge for comfortable head positioning while sleeping. And it’s easy to keep clean.

Reviewers say it’s easy to assemble. Plus, since this is an indoor/outdoor bed, you can take it with you to the beach or on camping trips, or just set it up in the backyard!

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Best Luxury Dog Bed

Looking to treat yourself — ahem, your dog — to a bed that is a little “extra?” How about their own Consuelo Dog Sofa? This bed, really a mini leather couch, is easy to clean (just wipe it down!) and comfy (the cushion is made of orthopedic memory foam).

The bed’s biggest selling point? It just looks so good in your living room or home office. Any dog up to 90 lbs. can fit comfortably on the Consuelo Dog Sofa. And it’s spacious enough that in some cases two or more pets can even kick back together. Movie night, anyone?

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Best Novelty Dog Bed

Nothing is more adorable than a sweet pet snugged into something cute, and this Pet Teepee is that perfect “something cute.” For under $40, the teepee gives your dog an all-in-one place to sleep, play and even hide out if they need a little privacy now and then.

Reviewers give this bed props for durability, comfort, pet appeal and (of course) cuteness. It’s available in three patterns.

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Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

Many dog beds offer comfort and support. But if your dog is recovering from an injury, suffers from arthritis/joint pain or is simply on the older side, it’s important to select a bed specially designed for their needs. Our favorite in this category is the Paikka Recovery Orthopedic Dog Bed.

Not only is it fabricated with that ever-important memory foam, it also features FIR (a.k.a. far infrared) fabric, which harnesses your dog’s body heat and re-emits it to aching pressure points. Paikka has the basics down, too. The bed has a washable cover and comes in three sizes to accommodate various breeds.

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Best All-Around Dog Bed

If you need a bed that checks all the boxes — comfy, easy-to-clean, budget-friendly, versatile — put this Bedsure Dog Bed at the top of the list.

The design is as basic as they come (think: a big, flat pillow) but don’t let that fool you. This bed has a lot to offer, including memory foam for joint support and a plush, washable cover.

What about size? Well, tiny dogs will probably gravitate toward something else, but since this bed is available in four sizes — medium through XXL — it will work for almost any other dog.

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