7 Best Air Mattresses for 2024

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

Preparing for overnight guests or settling into a new home? A quality air mattress can make or break a good night's sleep. Check out these top picks.

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Air Mattresses
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How To Choose an Air Mattress

An air mattress is an inflatable bed that’s portable and easy to store. When choosing an air mattress, consider whether you’ll be using it for camping, accommodating overnight guests or as a long-term bed solution. Another key factor: Who will be sleeping on it.

Here are a few additional features to consider:


Some lower-cost air mattresses feature external pumps, usually sold separately. Inflating with these pumps can be time-consuming. Air mattresses with internal pumps, however, inflate quickly, and there’s no chance of misplacing parts.

Higher-end mattresses feature dual mattress pumps — one that inflates or deflates, and another that maintains the same air pressure throughout the night.


Standard, single-height air mattresses tend to be 10 inches thick or less and inflate quickly, offering cushioning that’s low to the ground. Raised or double-height air mattresses are thicker than 10 inches and tend to be more comfortable.


Air mattresses can be packed up and stored easily, a big plus for camping or small living spaces. Look for options that self-inflate and deflate and come with a storage bag.


Most air mattresses are made of vinyl — usually PVC — because it’s flexible, durable and cheap. Other synthetic materials such as urethane plastic or thermoplastic polyurethane also are commonly used. However, they cost more because they’re sturdier. Here are a few tips for fixing a hole in air mattress.

The following are seven top-rated air mattresses for you to consider.

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Raised Air Mattress via amazon.com

Best Raised Air Mattress

Unlike single-height air mattresses, double-height or raised air mattresses inflate 10 inches or more off the ground. We like this extra-thick option because it inflates to 24 inches, closer to the height of an actual bed. It even has a soft, velvety pillow top and horizontal air beam construction for a supportive night’s sleep.

It quickly inflates with the turn of a knob that activates the internal pump. Plus, it can be rolled up easily and stored in its carrying bag. Elderly guests or anyone with injuries will get in and out of this mattress easier than any standard, single-height version. Bonus: Also, check out this Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover to learn how to convert your regular mattress into a smart bed.

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Never Flat Air Mattress via amazon.com

Best “Never-Flat” Air Mattress

You’ll never worry about guests waking up on the floor with this dual pump air mattress, which monitors the bed’s air pressure all night and reinflates when needed. The queen-sized mattress features air coils that maintain a consistent firmness, rivaling the comfort of a real bed.

Use the primary pump to inflate and deflate this 18-inch mattress. Select from three firmness levels while the secondary pump monitors the air pressure. Plus, this lightweight mattress folds down to fit in a duffle or carry bag.

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Adjustable Air Mattress via amazon.com

Best Adjustable Air Mattress

This remote-controlled air mattress includes seven firmness settings to customize the bed to each guest. Choose how much air fills the mattress by selecting one of the options between plush and extra firm. In just four minutes, the internal pump inflates it your guest’s desired firmness.

Four individual air coils evenly distribute its 500-pound weight capacity. When fully inflated, this queen-size air mattress is 19 inches tall. Deflate it in one push of a button and store it in the drawstring bag with handles (included).

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Self Inflating Air Mattress via amazon.com

Best Self-Inflating Air Mattress

Unlike some other self-inflating mattresses on this list, this one only takes two minutes to inflate. Open the inflation valve and turn on the pump until the mattress reaches the desired firmness. Then tightly close the inflation valve. To deflate it, open the deflation value and turn on the switch. Two minutes later, you’re done.

It features supportive coil beam construction and stands 13 inches high when inflated. It includes a storage bag with durable handles that make it easy to pack and take with you.

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Best Value Air Mattress via amazon.com

Best Value Air Mattress

This queen-size air mattress is comfortable, convenient and costs less than $50, about half the usual price for similar products. This internal electric pump makes it a breeze to set up and take down. This 10-inch mattress features a built-in pillow and velvety top surface that’s soft and supportive.

While this mattress may not be durable enough to take camping, its high-strength polyester fibers keep it from stretching over time, so you can use it indoors for years.

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Durable Air Mattress via amazon.com

Most Durability Air Mattress

This air mattress features 15-gauge puncture-resistant, waterproof PVC for maximum durability. Whether you’re sleeping on gravel, rocks or roots, or curled up with pets, this air mattress shouldn’t spring a leak. The 17-inch mattress inflates in just three minutes, and a luxurious built-in pillow provides additional head and neck support.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, “This is by far the best air mattress I’ve ever owned. The material is very thick and durable and super comfortable at the same time. I usually only get a few months out of an air mattress but this one I can tell will last for years to come.”

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Portable Air Mattress via walmart.com

Best Portable Air Mattress

This lightweight, twin-sized air mattress deflates and packs up into a 13-in. x 7-in. x 15-in. bag, making it ultra easy to transport. The built-in dual-control pump deflates and inflates in three to four minutes and it weighs less than 13 pounds, making it a breeze to take down from the attic or the top shelf.

It’s made of PVC, which is safe to use indoors or out. It’s 18 inches tall and features a waterproof top layer that’s soft to the touch. It comes with a convenient carrying bag for storage or transportation.