10 Inviting Entryway Decor Ideas

Whether your entryway is large or small, there are some simple things you can do to make it more functional and inviting. Here's a look at 10 entryway decor ideas to make your entry space work better for you and your family.

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Hang a Mirror

Hanging a mirror is an easy way to decorate an entryway or hallway. Not only does it brighten the space, it can make it feel larger and more inviting. Plus, you’ll be able to check your teeth for spinach right before you walk out the door.

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Add Wall Hooks

If you’re short on space, wall hooks are your best friends. Hang jackets, bags, dog leashes, backpacks and other outdoor gear up and off the floor. There are plenty of options available to buy, or you can make your own wall hooks, an easy DIY project.

If your entryway is littered with shoes and jackets, purses and book bags, this simple bench and matching shelf might be just what you need.

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Provide Seating

An entryway bench is a smart idea because not only does it offer people a spot to sit and put their shoes on, many benches also offer hidden storage space. If you don’t have room for a full bench, try adding a chair or a small shoe bench.

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Paint it Purple

Painting a room is an easy way to transform a space. For your entryway a fun color can also make a great first impression. “Painting it an unexpected color, like lavender, signals a fun-loving approach to decorating that’s as warm and welcoming as you standing there with a couple of cocktails at the ready,” notes One Kings Lane, a home design and furnishing company.

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Shine a Light

Make sure your entryway includes a light source. A lamp will offer a welcoming glow that’s easy to switch on when you walk in the door. If you have a hanging light in the entryway, make sure the fixture is high enough that tall guests won’t have to watch their heads. A new light fixture can change the look of a room. And if you’re worried about the wiring, don’t; there are plenty of ways to add lighting without wires or cords. Looking for something more? Here is a comprehensive list of entryway furniture ideas to help you spruce up your home.

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Define the Space with a Rug

A rug not only comes in handy as a spot for guests to wipe their feet, but it can help define the space if your entryway is large or open to the rest of the home. You can use a rug that’s easy to clean, since it will see a lot of foot traffic. This customizable Letterfolk Tile Mat is another great option if you’re looking to add a personal touch to your entryway.

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Utilize Wall-Mounted Shelves

When it comes to great entryway decor ideas, hanging wall shelves is a logical choice. Not only do they provide a catch-all place for small items such as keys, coins and mail, they also function as decoration. Use wall shelves to display a favorite photo or plant to brighten up your entryway.

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Add Personality

The entryway is a great spot to show off your personality and give guests an idea of your personal style. Hang some favorite pieces of art or photos, have a potted plant or prop up a welcoming sign in a bright color.

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Add a Table

If you have the space, add a console table or a short stack of cubbies in your entryway for some extra storage. If you don’t have room for a console table, a small end table will give you a spot to set your things down while you get settled. Want to make a good first impression? Here’s how to decorate your entryway table.

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Seasonal Decor

Change up the look of your entryway regularly with seasonal decor. Try seasonal wreaths, festive wall decor or even a small tree decorated for the upcoming holiday.

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