10 Ideas on How to Decorate Entryway Tables

Updated: Dec. 06, 2022

Make a good first impression with these entryway table designs to fit every style.

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Modern Courtesy @jenferrandi Via Instagram
Courtesy @jenferrandi/Instagram


A large mirror, oversized vases and stacks of books are all you need to recreate this sleek, modern entry table design by @jenferrandi.

Notice the table and all the accessories are in the same neutral color palette. And everything has clean, simple lines, like the rounded corner mirror and smooth black vases. Choose a table with hidden storage so you can tuck away keys, mail and other items, preserving the clean look.

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Colorful Courtesy @stephaniemichelle Athome Via Instagram
Courtesy @stephaniemichelle_athome/Instagram


This bold and colorful entryway table by @stephaniemichelle_athome provides a burst of energy as you walk in the door. A few smart design choices keep the space exciting but not overwhelming.

Sticking to a jewel tone color palette and using gold accents throughout harmonizes the different elements. The secret to layering patterns is varying all the sizes, as displayed here with the wallpaper, striped curtain and leopard print stool.

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Round Courtesy @lindseyhomedesign Via Instagram
Courtesy @lindseyhomedesign/Instagram


A round table in the middle of an open entryway is an easy way to make the space look chic and high-end, like this example from @lindseyhomedesign. One large vase of branches adds texture, along with a few simple accessories.

The most important piece here is the graphic rug. It defines the entry space and draws the eye into the home as you walk in the door.

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Classic Courtesy @hattiesparks Via Instagram
Courtesy @hattiesparks/Instagram


This bright, airy entryway by @hattiesparks offers classic style with a modern twist.

The light color palette, gold accents and contemporary mirror make the space look fresh and new, even though the furniture is traditional. Also note the two rugs and pops of greenery that bring extra layers of interest without adding clutter.

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Natural Courtesy @glebroninteriors Via Instagram
Courtesy @glebroninteriors/Instagram


A soft neutral color palette and natural accessories make this entryway by @glebroninteriors calming and inviting.

Our favorite element? The round baskets as wall decor. They’re affordable art that’s easy to hang — what could be better? Attach baskets to the wall with simple Command Strips, overlapping one or two to make an organic arrangement.

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Oversized Art Courtesy @amys Interiors Via Instagram
Courtesy @amys_interiors/Instagram

Oversized Art

Although we love a gallery wall, sometimes one big piece of art is all you need, as seen here with this entryway table designed by @amys_interiors. The large abstract art in vibrant pinks and oranges plays nicely off the traditional wood table. Finish the look with a pretty lamp and a few thoughtful accessories, and your entryway is complete!

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Affordably Refined Courtesy @homesweethorton Via Instagram
Courtesy @homesweethorton/Instagram

Affordably Refined

You don’t have to spend a fortune on high-end objects to get the refined entryway of your dreams. This stylish entryway table design by @homesweethorton is actually a lot more affordable than it looks!

Surprisingly, most of the decor is from Target, including the vintage-style rug and round gold mirror. The faux branches are a great way to add texture and life to the vignette without any upkeep. And the big baskets keep clutter at bay.

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Maximalist Courtesy @sarahbrannoninteriors Via Instagram
Courtesy @sarahbrannoninteriors/Instagram


There’s never too much color or pattern for a maximalist! If you’re a fan of more is more decor, you’ll love this entryway table by @sarahbrannoninteriors.

To recreate this space, start with whimsical butterfly wallpaper and a pink patterned rug (here’s something similar). As for accessories, don’t hold back! A pair of playfully shaped lamps, colorful stacks of books and a crystal chandelier complete the look.

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Simple and Symmetrical

On the other end of the spectrum is this elegant entryway table by @megantempledesign. The soft blue color of the table sets the scene for a symmetrical arrangement featuring gold lamps and a matching wavy gold mirror. This table proves you only need a few well-chosen items for a sophisticated entryway tablescape.

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Big Statements Courtesy @firefinish Interiors Via Instagram
Courtesy @firefinish_interiors/Instagram

Big Statements

Arrange the artwork above your entryway table to extend beyond the width of the table for a big statement, as in this design by @firefinish_interiors.

The three large pieces of art along with the two large pendant lights make a big impact as you walk in the door. Large pieces like these can be overwhelming if not done correctly. Notice the clean lines of the lights, the abstract design of the art and the simple tabletop accessories. All create a wow factor without overcrowding the space.