8 Kitchen Decor Ideas

Updated: Jul. 21, 2023

Once you choose kitchen cabinets and countertops, the real fun begins! Check out these creative kitchen decor ideas for inspiration.

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Cutting Board Wall Courtesy @panache.interiors.design Via Instagram
Courtesy @panache.interiors.design/Instagram

Cutting Board Wall

Wood cutting boards are a kitchen essential, so why not display your collection as wall art?

Recreate this arrangement from @panache.interiors.design by choosing cutting boards in different sizes, shapes and wood tones. Then hang them on a blank wall in your kitchen. The cutting boards not only look gorgeous, they’re accessible, too. Another secret method to make chopping more efficient is to get an over-the-sink cutting board.

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Plant Shelves Courtesy @stayinginstudio Via Instagram
Courtesy @stayinginstudio/Instagram

Plant Shelves

Our motto is, every room needs a plant shelf — or in this case, one with many plants! If your kitchen has plenty of bright light, hang a couple shelves and fill them with houseplants.

As you can see in this example from @stayinginstudio, the greenery infuses the space with fresh style and texture. Mix in a few accessories like framed artwork or lidded jars to add variety to the display.

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Gettyimages 1414857299 Property Kitchen Interiors By John Keeble
John Keeble/Getty Images

Vintage Vibes

Make your kitchen timeless with vintage accessories, warm woods and antique-style light fixtures. The black and white flooring and blue cabinets provide the perfect canvas for a vintage-style kitchen. For a similar look, display plates in a wall-mounted plate shelf and opt for a rustic yet elegant chandelier.

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Wooden Spoons Art Wall Courtesy @iamhayleystuart Via Instagram
Courtesy @iamhayleystuart/Instagram

Wooden Spoons Art Wall

Wooden spoons are another everyday kitchen object that makes great wall art.

This arrangement by @iamhayleystuart uses spoons (secured to the wall with Command strips), framed artwork and a shelf to create a vintage-inspired wall display anyone could create. Buy new spoons, check antique stores or estate sales, or carve one-of-a-kind spoons yourself!

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Functional Shelves Courtesy @themillys1930shome Via Instagram
Courtesy @themillys1930shome/Instagram

Functional Shelves

Turn your kitchen essentials into decor by displaying them on open shelves like this vignette from @themillys1930shome.

Functional items like cutting boards, mugs and glasses are mixed with decorative accessories like artwork and candles. The result is a beautiful yet practical shelf design. Use a neutral color scheme like this to keep the look cohesive and uncluttered.

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Copper Cookware Courtesy @sincerelymariedesigns Via Instagram
Courtesy @sincerelymariedesigns/Instagram

Copper Cookware

Copper cookware should not be hidden in a kitchen cabinet! Instead, bring it out and use it as decor with a pot rack.

Most pot racks require drilling to install. To avoid damaging her marble backsplash, @sincerelymariedesigns came up with a different solution. She attached an inexpensive tension rod across the bottom of the range hood, resting it securely on the lip. Then she added gold hooks and hung the pots and pans. Genius!

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Gallery Wall Courtesy @chouxdesigns Via Instagram
Courtesy @chouxdesigns/Instagram

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are most commonly found in living rooms, bedrooms or hallways. But as proven here by @chouxdesigns, they look gorgeous in the kitchen as well!

“It’s all art that I have collected in my travels to local antique shops, thrift stores and art galleries,” she says. “The key is to collect a mix of interesting art pieces that coordinate and keep the frames somewhat neutral.”

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Pattern That Pops Courtesy @a.wooten Interiors Via Instagram
Courtesy @a.wooten_interiors/Instagram

Pattern That Pops

Bring in some pattern to break up all the stark cabinets and appliances.

In this kitchen by @a.wooten_interiors, a whimsical, citrus pattern Roman shade dresses the window over the sink, and traditional blue and white antique ginger jars make chic countertop accessories. The patterns soften the overall look of the kitchen, making it feel cozy and welcoming.