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White Kitchen Ideas That are Still On Trend

All white kitchens are classic, modern and far from outdated. These timeless white kitchen ideas can work with nearly every decor.

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Two-Tone Tuxedo

Are white kitchens really on their way out? Contrary to popular belief, most people would say no. Design-savvy homeowners still love color-blocked tuxedo kitchens in black and white. While a classic tuxedo kitchen typically has white upper cabinets and black lower cabinets, flip the design upside down and opt for oversized cabinets that double as a chalkboard. The dual-tone look adds sophistication to a style that’s both chic and timeless. Soften the black-and-white space with natural wood accents like a wooden table, cabinet handles or utensils. If you want to replace a kitchen ceiling light fixture, here’s how to do it.

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Statement-Making Tile Patterns

Sure, you could use standard subway tile in your crisp white kitchen, but why not have fun with it? Nothing spices up a bland white kitchen like a statement-making tile pattern for the floor or backsplash. It’s a practical upgrade that can add a unique and bold flavor to A white kitchen.

Pro Tip: Tiling a DIY backsplash above the counter is one of the easiest ways to upgrade old kitchen decor on a tight budget.

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White-and-Wood Accents

Keep your fresh, white kitchen from becoming too stark by inviting natural, warm wood accents to mellow it out. Wood beams, shelves, countertops and furniture can add balance to an otherwise sterile space. Opting for a wood oven hood adds rich depth to a white kitchen. You can make this beautiful wood cutting board.

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A Touch of Brass

You may be surprised to know that the current metal of choice for kitchen hardware is brass. Add a touch of brass to your all-white kitchen for a look that’s both vintage and modern. When brass accents are added to a crisp white kitchen, the rich metal of the moment pops against the neutral surroundings. To incorporate this distinctly right-now trend, weave it through appliances, fixtures, faucets and decor items. Or, include bar stools with brass details. Plus: Check out five kitchen flooring ideas that are trending right now.

Not a fan of brass? Here’s how to replace kitchen cabinet hardware with brushed nickel, glass or stainless steel.

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White Kitchen Ideas: Pops of Pizzazz

Add a pop of pizzazz to your white kitchen by incorporating a bold, rich hue in unexpected ways. Colorful upholstery or furniture can add a splash of color without being too busy. A stylish backsplash adds the right dash of zest to keep the vibe light and bright, while an accent wall can help pull together other colors in adjacent rooms. Bold kitchen colors are on trend, but avoid choosing bright colors for appliances.

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Go Industrial

Old objects are transformed into something new with the functional industrial style. Spacious layout? Check. Open shelving? Check. Industrial pendant lights that add a chic touch? Check. The entire look is reminiscent of an old-fashioned kitchen with the comforts of modern-day living. Whether it’s subtle or obvious, one of our favorite white kitchen ideas is to go industrial.

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Beautiful Brick

A pure white kitchen is far from “sterile” or “boring” when you let the original architectural details shine through. Avoid refinishing or covering up exposed brick or stone walls even if you think the look is “outdated.” An exposed brick wall in a modern kitchen becomes the showstopper and creates a cozy, inviting ambiance. Original brick offers a beautiful backdrop and adds a laid-back feel to the rest of your white kitchen.

Top design experts say you should never do this to your kitchen.

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Modern Marble Makeover

Infuse old world charm into your all-white kitchen with a modern marble makeover. People have been using marble in their art and architecture for thousands of years, and it’s easy to see why. The smooth, strong, one-of-a-kind slabs of marble countertops bring to mind classical elegance. From lamps to tables, trays, bowls, countertops and backsplash, marble makes a white kitchen special.

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Brighten Up

A striking light fixture can brighten any spot in your abode – even an already bright white kitchen! Statement-making lighting can take your crisp kitchen vibes to the next level. Add funky, geometric light pendants for a cool and current refresh. From flush mounts to floor lamps and pendants to chandeliers, a fantastic fixture can make a standout statement in any home.

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White Kitchen Ideas: Nifty Shade of Gray

If you want to avoid all white everything, go with white upper cabinets and darker lower cabinets so it feels less monochromatic. Gray is an excellent pick for the lower cabinets because it brings both warmth and neutrality to any space. It’s also one of the hottest home colors in general, and works great in kitchens, too. Transform your kitchen into an oasis of tranquility, warmth and relaxation. What more could you want?! If gray is too neutral, paint your cabinets with these crisp, clean colors.

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