14 Traditional-Style Home Decor Ideas That are Still Cool

Updated: Dec. 19, 2023

When it comes to decor, traditional is comfortable and often predictable. Some may say traditional is outdated, but there's a reason the style is still so popular—it just works. If you like rooms that are warm and welcoming and where everything has its place, here are 14 traditional-style home decor ideas that are still cool.

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Beige Living Room with White Couch traditional home decor ideas
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Traditional-style decor uses some color on walls, but does so conservatively. Choose paint colors in mellow tones such as neutral grays and beiges, along with light yellows, greens and blues. Use bolder colors in accessories.

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leather couch and chairs living room

Furniture Placement

When it comes to furniture placement, the key here is symmetry and balance. Group furniture in a way that invites conversation, such as a couch facing two chairs. Not all pieces must match, so use some refinished wood chairs with a comfortable leather sofa. Here is your guide to some trendsetting furniture styles.

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cream arm chairs traditional rug
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Add a Rug

Oriental and Kilim rugs are as popular as ever because they offer some style while also blending into their surroundings. When determining the size of a rug, make sure you can get at least the front legs of the furniture on the rug.

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traditional style living room
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Soft, Comfortable and Cozy

Traditional decor has a comfortable and cozy feel to it. Furniture has soft edges and big cushions, opposed to the crisp and sleek look of modern designs.

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wood staircase


Wood furnishings, accents and flooring have always had a place in traditional home decor. Install wood molding in your living room or add a wood handrail to stairs. You can also add a set of refinished wood chairs.

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metal faucet fixtures
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Add Some Metal

You want some accents to shine when it comes to traditional decor, but not too much. Install a new faucet with a bronze or copper finish, or hang a new light fixture in pewter or another metal with some texture.

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formal dining room

Hang a Chandelier

Chandeliers are a mainstay in traditional dining rooms and can make a home’s entryway more welcoming. If you have a smaller space, many chandeliers now come in smaller sizes and can help make the room appear larger.

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formal living room


Whether it’s stripes or florals, patterns are still a go-to in traditional home decor ideas. Try stripes on an accent wall or hang some wallpaper in a powder room in an up-to-date pattern or floral design.

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bedroom window curtains
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Window Treatments

The key when it comes to choosing window treatments is to avoid having them match your furniture fabric. Try some light curtains, roman shades or hang some bamboo blinds. Avoid any heavy curtains, along with tiebacks and thick valances because they make a room look dated.

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wood floor stain refinishing
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Hardwood flooring in rich maple, cherry or mahogany is still a staple of traditional decor. Install some new hardwood flooring or refinish old floors.

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artwork gallery wall
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Add Artwork

Bare walls have no place in traditional decor, so hang some artwork at eye level. Group similar sized items in a gallery wall and don’t be afraid to include black and white photos or even some modern art pieces, which all have a place in today’s traditional homes.

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side table with plant
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When it comes to adding plants, think simple. Stick with plants that don’t overwhelm the room—try a small terrarium or a spider plant which can improve your home’s indoor air quality.

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fireplace mantel decor
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Focus on the Mantel

Make the mantel the focal point of your living room and add some of your favorite pieces. For easy traditional decoration, add a simple vase of flowers, some candles or hang a heavy mirror above the mantel.

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living room crown molding trim
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Molding and Trim

Crisp whites are still the go-to when it comes to traditional painted molding and trim. Add some crown molding to make a statement and give trim a fresh coat of paint to make it pop against the wall color.