11 Creative Apartment Decorating Ideas in 2024

Update your apartment with these innovative and stylish decor ideas that won't make you lose your deposit.

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apartment living room with blue couch and removable bird wallpaper
courtesy @Kfogara/instagram

Bland White Walls? Try Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper infuses color, pattern and style into any space. But it can be a nightmare to remove, so of course it’s not typically allowed in apartments.

However, peel and stick wallpaper is easy to install and doesn’t require glue, so it won’t damage the walls. Simply peel it off before you move out! This gorgeous apartment living room by @kfogara features peel and stick wallpaper by Walls Need Love.

peel and stick kitchen backsplash
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Dreaming of a New Backsplash? Install Tile Stickers

As a renter, you can’t just rip out the kitchen backsplash and install your dream tile. But you can update the look with tile stickers. Check out our favorite modern apartment kitchen ideas to upgrade your place.

These waterproof, vinyl stickers adhere to existing tile to create the illusion of an entirely new backsplash. Measure the tiles and choose the corresponding size stickers. For best results, thoroughly clean the tile and grout before installing the stickers.

geometric black and white wallpaper in bathroom
courtesy @Alifredrickson/instagram

Want More Pattern? Use Washi Tape

Washi tape comes in lots of colors and patterns, great for creating your own DIY “wallpaper” or other colorful designs. It’s easy to install and won’t leave a sticky residue when it’s time to remove it.

Although it looks like paint or wallpaper, @alifredrickson used black Washi tape to create a graphic pattern in this eclectic bathroom.

radiator cover
via merchant

Ugly Radiator? Conceal It With a Radiator Cover

If your radiator is an eyesore, cover it with a modern wood cover from @ArtMillworkDesign. The wood doesn’t impede the function of the radiator, and the cover blends seamlessly with the rest of your apartment decor.

Each cover is custom ordered so you get the precise size and style to fit your needs. And when it’s time to move, maybe your landlord or the next tenant will want to buy it from you.

apartment kitchen wit contact blue contact paper covering the cabinets
courtesy @Tulipsforthetable/instagram

Can’t Paint Your Cabinets? Use Contact Paper

Believe it or not, these beautiful blue cabinets aren’t the product of a fabulous paint job. They’re covered in renter-friendly contact paper! The DIY job by @tulipsforthetable takes patience, but the transformation is worth it.

By using an X-Acto knife and a smoothing tool, she avoided air bubbles and ensured the paper adhered to each cabinet door and frame. Colorful cabinets that even your landlord will love? It’s probably a good idea to get permission for this upgrade.

apartment office with picture frames hanging on the walls
courtesy @Theamandabittner/instagram

Want to Avoid Nail Holes? Use Command Strips

A gallery wall looks great, but creates a lot of nail holes you’ll have to repair before you move out of your rental. Instead, use Command Strips like @theamandabittner did for this gallery wall in her office.

Heavy Duty Command Strips can hold up to 20 pounds and frames up to 24- x 36-in. without damaging painted walls.

peel and stick bathroom floor
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Outdated Flooring? Cover it with Peel and Stick Floor Tile

No product in renter-friendly peel and stick flooring is better than FloorPops. I installed it in my bathroom, and two years later the tile is still holding up great!

These floor tiles are not flimsy stickers. Thick and rigid, they can be cut to size and installed over existing tile. Here are the best websites to find an apartment online.

arch mirror
via merchant

Small Room? Make it Feel Bigger with a Large Mirror

If you have a small apartment, leaning a large mirror against one wall will visually double the space with its reflection. It also bounces light around the space, making it feel bigger and airy. And because you’re leaning the mirror rather than hanging it, there’s no damage to your walls.

Pegboard room divider
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Need Privacy? Use a Decorative Room Divider

Studio apartment dwellers can use a freestanding room divider to separate the space into different zones without damaging the walls or ceilings. This pegboard room divider also adds more decor. Hang artwork, shelves, accessories and other items so it doubles as a decorative/storage feature.

 Coavas Window Privacy Film Non Adhesive Frosted Glass Window Film
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No Window Treatments? Install Window Film

Installing window treatments like curtains and shades usually requires drilling into the wall. For a renter-friendly, no-damage option, go with window film instead.

This herringbone pattern window film installs with just static cling or water, no glue required. It provides privacy and a decorative pattern without blocking the light. And it’s easy to remove when you move out.

Door Curtain
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No Door? Install a Custom Door Curtain

If you have a doorway but no door, adding a curtain creates separation. However, in an apartment, you probably shouldn’t install standard curtain rod hardware. Instead, try a door curtain with an adjustable tension curtain rod built in!

Choose from five patterns or upload a favorite photo for a customized curtain. Then, for $29 (shipping is free), your 34- by 56.3-in. polyester curtain and rod will be delivered in less than two weeks. Whether your apartment decor vibe is serene and natural, modern or all about your pet, you can get exactly what you want and take it with you when you move.

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