Design Trends Everyone Wants In Their New Home Build

Updated: Oct. 06, 2023

Wondering what's hot in new home trends this year? Join us as we take a look at the most sought-after features.

Folks building new homes are in the enviable position of creating a space tailored to their needs. Whether it’s a particular layout, certain materials or even small touches like fixtures and switches, they can have their home precisely as they want it on move-in day.

But what specific features are modern shoppers prioritizing in new home builds? Let’s take a look.

What People Prioritize in a New Home Build

All home shoppers have a few unique wants, but the same three things appeal to most of them — location, styling and price.

According to Zonda’s 2023 Consumer Trends seminar, location is the most important factor people consider in their new home. Proximity to work, the right school district and comfortable surroundings are all considerations.

After that, styling barely edged out price. People are looking for homes that offer premium interior styling, more functional space and a better lifestyle. And folks building new homes need to afford them, of course.

The Biggest Obstacles Facing Home Buyers

Homeownership and building come their challenges, though obstacles do tend to change from year to year.

About 61% of people building or shopping for new homes state cite affordability as the biggest obstacle they’re facing, according to Zonda. This is understandable considering home prices have skyrocketed since 2020. Though prices are expected to cool this year, affordability is likely to remain an issue for some time.

Availability is also a factor. Forty-seven percent of the people Zonda surveyed say they can’t find what they’re looking for in today’s market. Finding a home that checks all the boxes during such a complicated time remains a hurdle.

But others say they aren’t having any trouble finding a home. Things like paying cash, searching in certain inventory-rich markets or simply lowering expectations can speed up the process.

Top Home Trends Buyers Expect

Trends homeowners expect in their prospective properties include sustainable design, eco-friendly materials and smart home technology. Also, indoor-outdoor living spaces that make the home feel larger are important. So are packages of upgrades or designs.

Other hot trends include floor plans that include places for pets, well-designed kitchens and spa-like features in bathrooms.

One design that’s not going anywhere any time soon? Modern farmhouse. People still love the aesthetic of this design, especially in kitchen spaces where bright and airy works well.

Trends That Exceed Expectations

Here are some modern trends that blow the expectations of home shoppers out of the water:

  • Smaller footprints with intelligent, multi-space design;

  • Passive homes witch close to net zero efficiency;

  • Plenty of light to make smaller spaces feel bigger;

  • More accessibility for folks planning to age in place;

  • Multi-generational housing, where parents can live with their children and their families.

Top Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Here are some of the most significant trends homebuyers see in these essential spaces.

Kitchen trends

Kitchen spaces are the heart of the home. People want clean and seamless designs, plenty of built-in and clever storage, walk-in pantries and high-quality materials.

Unsurprisingly, size is also a factor. Many folks in smaller homes are opting for galley kitchens, while those in larger homes yearn for open floor plans.

Appliances are also critical. Shoppers want energy-efficient appliances, but they also prefer smart appliances with Bluetooth, touchscreens and remote access.

Bathroom trends

When home buyers daydream about their perfect bathrooms, they have a few specific touches in mind.

First, they want spa-like features and high-end materials. They’re also looking for large counter surfaces, natural light and heated towel racks. Heated floors and walk-in closets are also big hits, with closet space almost a dealmaker or dealbreaker.

Shoppers Want What They Want

The housing market hasn’t been kind to buyers lately, but folks buying or building their own homes want what they want regardless.

Location, design and price reign supreme, but smart home tech, sustainability, sleek kitchen design and professional spa features are hot as well. It’ll be interesting to see whether these trends stay hot or cool off over the next year.