5 Interior Design Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2023

Get ahead of the design curve with these stunning home trends, including lively colors, a fresh take on marble and must-have accent pieces.

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With the New Year comes new dreams, challenges and resolutions. If you’re the artsy type, it also brings new design trends to test out in your home. We at Family Handyman have scoured the internet to collate the top trends you’ll be seeing in every chic abode in 2023. Read on for five fresh design ideas to inspire your own remodels, from paint colors to wall treatments.

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2023 Design Trends Indigo Blue And Honeycomb Yellow
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Indigo and Honeycomb

For the first time in its 2023 Design Predictions, Etsy unveiled two “colors of the year”: indigo and honeycomb. Indigo is a rich, oceanic cobalt, while honeycomb is a warm turmeric yellow; each color is said to “bring out the other’s radiance.” Expect to see these brilliant hues in wall decor, flatware sets and fashion must-haves throughout 2023. If bright blue and yellow are a little bold for your taste, try out a pop of sage green or warm coral to evoke the outdoors more subtly.

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Luxury Spanish Villa
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Statement Marble

Marble has long lingered in the backgrounds of kitchens and bathrooms, but 2023’s take is all about spotlighting its dramatic veins. TikTok’s Mr. Phoenix Grey (@designdaddy) describes marble as “nature’s artistic expression,” and we suggest using it for kitchen sinks, vanities and side tables to make a bold statement. For a gentler foray into the contrasting stone, try finding coasters or bookends in classic neutral tones.

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Modern Scandinavian Home Interior
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Organic “Melting” Shapes

Inspired by the flow of molten lava, artists everywhere are showcasing the playful curves of so-called “melting” shapes. Small accent pieces like bulbous candles, sculptural ceramics and bubbly glassware impart a sense of grace and whimsy. If you’d like to center a room on something truly eye-catching, try a curvaceous mirror with gilt accents.

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Luxurious Minimalist Bathroom With Slate Black Stone Wall
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Pine Wood and Other Natural Materials

Potter and interior designer Jonathan Adler claims that natural materials—including wood, stone and plants—will be huge in 2023. We’re already seeing that to be true in popular trends like forestcore. Adler says that pine wood in particular is having an “unexpected moment.” We suggest finding quality vintage pine pieces and restoring them. A fresh finish will emphasize the character of the grain and breathe new life into this old-school staple.

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Living Room In Industrial Style
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Textured Accent Walls

In 2022, our walls got a rustic makeover with plaster, Roman clay and micro cement. 2023 will be less about floor-to-ceiling limewash and more focused on a single textured accent wall. To dip your toe into the trend, experiment with textured paints or vertical wooden slats to visually lift the entire room. If one wall is still too much of a commitment, take a page from designer Cara Rideau’s book and try plastering your kitchen hood. In an unimposing color, the toothy drywall will provide just enough interest without detracting from the space.

For designers, 2023 is all about thoughtfully incorporating natural elements into the home. Letting humble materials shine in exciting tones and textures will revitalize the home without making it too sterile or imposing. Have fun dreaming up your own designs, and while you’re planning your remodel, revisit the essential rules of interior design to harmonize your new and existing pieces.

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