Meet the Cozy Viral Decor Trend Cottagecore Fans Will Love: Forestcore

Updated: Apr. 04, 2024

Forestcore, at its core, is dark, moody and slightly magical.

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If you’re thinking of new ways to update your space this year and have been a fan of the cottagecore look recently, you may want to consider the internet’s newest interior design trend: forestcore.

Think cozy secluded cabin, stone fireplace, rich colors and natural elements. Intrigued? Let’s dive into this new trend taking over social media.

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What Is Forestcore?

Forestcore is a new home decor trend that highlights rich color palettes alongside earthy textures to create a mysterious yet cozy dwelling. Forestcore’s design elements blend a bit of natural woodland beauty—think mossy greens, ferns and wood textures—with a dash of whimsy, like petite mushrooms and maybe a twinkling mini fairy garden.

At its root, forestcore evokes a sense of hibernation and stillness—much like an actual forest.

Forest Core Vs Cottage Core
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What is the Difference Between Forestcore and Cottagecore?

Forestcore has an overall darker and moodier vibe as opposed to cottagecore. Cottagecore skews lighter and more romantic by incorporating vintage home decor finds, mix-and-match crochet trinkets and plenty of vibrant florals. Also, get inspired to create your cozy haven, check these cottage-core bedrooms that are full of color, pattern and antiques—

Read on for some ways to incorporate forestcore into your home this year!

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The easiest way to incorporate the forestcore trend into your dwelling is with color. Think earthy tones such as lush greens and rich browns. While you can certainly paint your walls if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also bring these colors in using accent pieces like pillows and throws.

In addition to home accents, adding a few lush and deep green plants to your space can carry forestcore one step further. If real plants are too big of a commitment, creating a mossy plant terrarium (real or faux) is one DIY that’ll liven up your place.

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Incorporating a variety of textures that are inspired by the forest is yet another way to add a woodland touch to your surroundings. Natural textures such as stone and wood are popular ways to experiment with the forestcore aesthetic. It can be as small as adding a wood bowl to your coffee table or decorating with an antler chandelier or end table lamp.

Rugs are not only a great way to sprinkle colors into your space but are also key decor pieces for textures too. Look for a jute rug that goes with your space to add more of Mother Nature inside your home. Learn how to clean a jute rug.

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Natural Elements

Of course, you can’t grow a potted giant pine tree inside your living room, but there are a variety of indoor tree plants that can bring some more natural elements into your space. Consider a weeping fig, dumb cane, umbrella tree or Norfolk Island pine to invite the forest into your home.

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Maybe you have never been inside the Forbidden Forest, but most forests are deep, lush and not overly abundant with light. However, light does trickle through the trees, landing on the mossy textures and ground foliage at various parts of the day.

To mimic forest light inside your home, stringing twinkle lights and decorating with candles can add just the right amount of light glimmer. Another forestcore design tip is to decorate with gilded or metallic mirrors and other decorative trinkets that can catch your home’s natural light at certain parts of the day as well.