8 Innovative Products Coming To Construction In 2024

The 2023 International Builders' Show did not disappoint. Here are the most noteworthy products coming to the building industry this year.

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Toto Neorest Smart Bidet Toilets Ecomm Prnewswire.comVIA MERCHANT

Innovation, technology and environmental consciousness are coming to the construction and DIY world this year.

After seeing all of the incredible products and materials on display at the 2023 International Builders’ Show, we’re eagerly anticipating what the future has in store. One thing we know for sure: These eight products and materials are the ones we’re most excited to see in 2023.

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Lg Electronics Unveils Revamped Residential Hvac Portfolio Ecomm Prnewswire.com

LG Electronics Revamped Residential HVAC Portfolio

One of the most exciting things to hit the residential construction market is LG Electronics’ revamped HVAC portfolio. The brand is focused on electrification and efficiency, utilizing heat pumps, inverter technology and innovative air quality solutions.

There are plenty of products to look forward to with this revamped line from LG. There’s the Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater, which provides an efficient alternative to gas or electric heaters. The Art Cool Mirror also uses inverter technology. It requires little maintenance and is easy to install, unlike routing ducting.

The new portfolio includes other HVAC products like the Heat Pump Multi F Max with LGRED, a split unit that can handle up to eight indoor units, as well as the Multi V S and Vertical Air Handler. These options offer traditional and non-traditional approaches to HVAC.

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Schlage Introduces The Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Lever At The International Builders' Show Ecomm Schlage.com

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Lever

Schlage takes the smart lock further with the release of its new Encode Smart Wi-Fi Lever, which fits in standard door locks.

Because it’s compatible with standard doorknob holes, it can be installed anywhere without drilling any new holes. Users can program the lock with up to 100 codes, check on and adjust its status when away from home, and follow real-time activity logs that track users’ codes.

The Encode Smart Wi-Fi Lever is also compatible with the Schlage Home app, Alexa, Google Assistant and all iOS and Android devices.

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Tando Composites Beach House Shake Ecomm Beachhouseshake.com

Tando Composites Beach House Shake

Tando Composites is solving the centuries-old issue of premature weathering and black streaks that plague cedar shake siding. The brand’s new Beach House Shake features a composite material that offers the authentic look of natural cedar shingles without the maintenance or compromise of wood.

This year siding shoppers can compare four styles: Sandcastle (fresh-cut white cedar), Pacifica (fresh-cut western red cedar), Atlantica (gently weathered, untreated cedar) and Hatteras (weathered, untreated cedar).

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Toto Neorest Smart Bidet Toilets Ecomm Prnewswire.com

Toto Neorest Smart Bidet Toilets

Toto’s Neorest bidets are making quite the impression this year. The company offers four new bidet toilets, each with varying degrees of luxury and modern touches. While the look is exciting, what’s going on inside them really thrills us.

Each bidets features Clean Synergy technology. That combines an array of features including “Premist spray,” which cleans better; a Cefionect nano-technology porcelain coating that utilizes all the bidet’s water to flush waste; and a technology that electrolyzes water to further reduce waste buildup. This combination means less reliance on harsh cleaning solutions — a good thing for the environment.

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Delta Showersense Digital Shower Series Ecomm Prnewswire.com

Delta ShowerSense Digital Shower Series

Delta appears to be focusing on making its products more high-tech and human-centric. Delta’s shower offerings will now include ShowerSense and SteamScape.

ShowerSense Digital Showers feature tech to make it smart and easy to use, with customizable presets, precise temperature and flow adjustments. They can also link to digital voice assistants. SteamScape offers the ultimate steam shower, including a reservoir for essential oils that enhance the steam experience.

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Rheem® Launches Hotwave® Multipurpose Hose Sprayer Ecomm Prnewswire.com

Rheem HotWave

Rheem’s HotWave multipurpose hose sprayer is an exciting new product from the on-demand water heater company. This hose nozzle attaches to a garden hose and plugs into a wall or extension cord to produce water temperatures of up to 115 degrees. Temps are instantly adjustable.

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Vacuum Elevators Ecomm Vacuumelevators.com

Vacuum Elevators

Vacuum elevators aren’t entirely new. But they’re becoming more feasible, and make more sense now than in the past. Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator’s line of single, double and three-person elevators feature aluminum construction, sealed polycarbonate tubing and powerful vacuums to move folks from floor to floor.

Since these elevator units use vacuums, they don’t require oils, lubricants or oversized motors like traditional elevators. This makes them better suited for homes, as well as more efficient. They also can be installed in just a few days.

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Zip System™ Peel And Stick Underlayment Ecomm Huberwood.com

Zip System Peel and Stick Underlayment

Zip System’s efficient and effective sheathing options are well-known in the construction industry. Now the brand has a peel-and-stick ice and rain shield underlayment on the market, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

It comes in two forms: The standard peel-and-stick, and a high-temperature variety for areas that trade ice for extreme sun exposure.

This underlayment features a rubberized asphalt adhesive underneath that seals around nails, plus a slip-resistant top surface. It’s compatible with the rest of the Zip System tape and sheathing. That combination earns installers Zip System’s leak-free guarantee.

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