The Top Bathroom Decor Trends of 2023

Updated: Jul. 20, 2023

These top bathroom decor trends include some gorgeous natural finishes on cabinetry!

Your bathroom is a special space. When you think about it, you spend a good portion of your life in your bathroom, whether that’s getting ready for your day, showering or taking a leisurely bath. It needs both form and function, and the decor matters, too!

Because your bathroom’s decor can make or break the tranquility of the space, you may want to refresh your bathroom. An update can solve space issues or bring some needed calm to your day-to-day, and one of the best ways to get some inspiration is to look at the top bathroom decor trends for 2023.

The Bathroom Decor Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2023

Whatever your style, having a comfortable bathroom is a trend that everyone can appreciate, and comfort is one of the increasingly popular reasons to renovate your bathroom. The top bathroom decor trends leading the way in 2023 include modern aesthetics with clean lines and eco-friendly, sustainable materials. Some surprising trends are also increasing across modern bathroom decor—space-saving moves like removing giant bathtubs are also on the rise.

In a time when customization options abound, your bathroom’s aesthetics can take on a unique personality, just like the rest of your home.

Skip the Oversized Bathtubs

Empty Luxury Bathroomadamkaz/Getty Images

Among the bathroom trends on the way out, large, standalone tubs are becoming a thing of the past for many people. By removing an unused tub, you can reclaim that space for something more useful, such as a larger shower or more storage. Maybe putting in a huge tub was a bona fide bathroom design fail, leaving little room to navigate the space. Some people may prefer to keep the reclaimed space for a more spacious bathroom layout as opposed to a cramped one.

Larger, Insta-Worthy Showers

People are putting more energy and money into redesigning their shower spaces. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s (NKBA) 2023 Design Trends report and Houzz’s 2022 U.S. Bathroom Trends Study, there’s been a continual increase in consumer upgrades for showers. These upgrades span the whole spectrum from adding shower seats to luxury or multiple shower heads and expanding a shower’s size. The NKBA notes that two-person showers are especially popular.

Sustainable Materials and Elements

As people strive to lessen their carbon footprint, sustainability is an important detail a lot of homeowners are now not willing to overlook when updating their bathrooms. Upgrades such as tankless, energy-efficient water heaters and automatic bath ventilation showed up as major spending areas in the Houzz report, which surveyed 2,570 people in varying stages of the bathroom remodeling phase. Per the report, “nearly three in five homeowners add ventilation fans” when upgrading bathroom systems. That’s 59% of people who upgrade their bathroom!

Eco-friendly homeowners invested in Energy Star appliances, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for cabinetry, LED lighting and paints free of volatile organic compounds (VOC-free).

Houzz’s report also shows bathroom renovators were opting for houseplants in their bathrooms for reasons such as odor-fighting, antibacterial attributes and air purification.

Your Bathroom, Your Spa

A major takeaway trend from NKBA’s 2023 Design Trends Report is a spa vibe. People want to feel relaxed in their bathrooms, and what’s more relaxing than heading to your own personal spa? Despite the increase of large showers over large bathtubs, a spa atmosphere is achievable through whatever your personal aesthetic is. Shower benches and multiple shower heads make a shower feel more luxurious, while subdued bathroom lighting, including bathroom shower lights, can set the tone for relaxation.

Houzz noted spa-like elements, too, through an increase in bathroom plants, adding natural lighting solutions and choosing dimmable lighting. Completely covering the fall and shower walls with tile can also make the atmosphere soothing and luxurious, which is a bathroom tile trend that scores high, with 82% covering walls in ceramic or porcelain tiles. Although, some are arguing that bathroom tiles are on the way out and bathroom carpet is on its way back in.

Accents Galore!

Injecting some personality into an en suite bathroom is on the rise. Fun pops of color will likely abound, as well as interesting patterns and textures.

These accents could show up in your chosen lighting, paint color, cabinets, or towels. Other on-trend decor items that’ll accent your bathroom includes irregular mirrors, textured tiles and colorful cabinets, all trends hitting the internet lately.

If you’re on a budget for your bathroom redesign, check out these cheap bathroom updates that really make an impact.