12 Bathroom Trends on the Way Out

These bathroom trends are so last year...

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Glass Block Bathroom Windows

Glass block bathroom windows may give you privacy and plenty of light, but they also make for a gaudy look that’s totally outdated. Want privacy and light? DIY your own outdoor shower!

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Hollywood-Style Bathroom Lighting

Hollywood-style marquee lighting had its moment, but that moment has passed. Need a new look? Try overhead pendant lighting. You can even add sconces on the side to round everything out.

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Chevron Pattern

Chevron has been trending like crazy, but that only means it’s time it takes a back seat to other ideas. Give up the rugs, wallpaper and towels designed with the pattern, as they are quickly becoming passé. Remodeling your bathroom? Here’s how to make a small bathroom look big.

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Oversized Tubs

Big bathtubs are impractical, both in how much space they take up and the amount of water used. That’s why they also made it onto our list of bathroom decor trends of 2023 that you can skip. If you’re looking to buy a new tub, be sure you take a look at these tips.

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All-White Bathrooms

While all-white makes for a sleek look, the white bathroom trend has grown tiresome. White will always be around, but be sure to include some pops of color so your bathroom doesn’t look too sterile.

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Granite Materials

Granite has been a mainstay for decades, including for bathroom countertops. But designers and homeowners are putting granite on the back burner and putting marble on a pedestal.

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Copper Materials

Rose and copper finishes had their moment, but 2018 is seeing a major decline in these finishes on large surfaces. Gold, silver and bronze are beginning to take their place. Need some remodeling inspiration? Check out these 21 beautiful bathrooms.

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Glossy Bathroom Tile

Matte finishes are taking the place of the glossy look as far as bathroom tiles go, with the trend toward a more natural and minimalist look on the rise.

Another bathroom floor trend that many believe is on its way out? Bathroom carpet.

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Multiple Showerheads

Multiple showerheads means more water, and therefore over consumption of water and energy. With consumers making more environmentally-friendly design decisions, it makes sense they’re opting for one showerhead.

Plus, who wants to clean a bunch of showerheads? Oh, here’s how to clean them by the way.

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Beige and Taupe Color Schemes

Along with avoiding all-white and chevron, consumers are passing up on beiges and taupes. Why? Neutrals have become boring. Richer colors are in!

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Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are fading from popularity, with terra-cotta tiles in varying geometric shapes taking their place. Check out these 10 common tiling mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Impractical Designs

Grandiose designs once were considered luxurious or even kitschy (in a good way), like chandeliers and open shelves with decor and neatly stored bathroom supplies on display. But they’re impractical! You have to move everything to clean beneath or above, and stay on top of your organization game. Homeowners are now opting for realistic bathroom environments, including modest bathrooms with simple, functional decor. Check out these 25 trends in home decor for 2018.

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