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Cianna Garrison

location-pin Menifee, California

School: Arizona State University

Expertise: landscaping and garden, product testing, cleaning and organization, décor and design, renovating and remodeling, pets

Cianna Garrison

  • Former Staff Journalist/News Writer at Elite Daily
  • Work has appeared in Reader's Digest, Taste of Home, The Kitchn, Family Handyman, How-To Geek, Elite Daily, Truity and more.


Cianna Garrison is a California-based freelance writer with a love for home design and architecture. Since she was small, she's been immersed in interior design and DIY projects, whether hands-on or through her HGTV obsession, and is handier around the house than she'd like to admit. Her work has appeared in Elite Daily, How-To Geek, Review Geek, Truity and other publications.


Arizona State University, BA English

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