10 Bathroom Tile Trends That We Love

Updated: Apr. 14, 2024

See 10 fresh, new bathroom tile trends in these gorgeous spaces we found on Instagram.

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Wood Inspired Porcelain Tile
Courtesy @Mosierluxuryhomes/Instagram

Wood Look

Tile that looks like wood isn’t new, but the current trend leans more Scandinavian than farmhouse. Instead of rustic wood-look floor tile, think minimalist feature walls, clean lines and light wood finishes. The wall in this bathroom by @mosierluxuryhomes uses oversized porcelain tile that create the illusion of rib slat wall paneling.

Photographer: @cateblackphoto

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Green Tile bathroom
Courtesy @thecliffs_hockinghills/Instagram

Green Tiles

We’re seeing color used in bathroom tile more and more. The color leading the way is definitely green, from dark emerald to muted olive to the shimmery sea green in the wall tile in this bathroom by @thecliffs_hockinghills. Green tile works so well in a bathroom because it’s bold and unexpected, yet it comes from nature so it feels soothing and fresh.

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Black Bathroom Tile Floor
courtesy @hendricksoninteriors/instagram

Black Floor

Instead of an all white bathroom, designers are opting for darker floor tile. The black floor tile by @hendricksoninteriors here helps ground the space and gives it dimension. And while shiny black tile might look dated, note the matte finish, large hexagon shape and subtle veining in this tile. Those features give it a fresh and modern look.

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Earthy Neutrals Bathroom Tile
courtesy @sebringdesignbuild/instagram

Earthy Neutrals

Cool grays and bright whites once ruled the day in bathroom tile, but the trend is moving to the warmer side of the color wheel. Earthy neutrals like warm ivory, taupe, beige and brown are popping up more and more.

This bathroom by @sebringdesignbuild showcases shades of ivory on the walls and greens and browns on the floor. The overall look is warm and welcoming, yet sleek.

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High Contrast Bathroom Tiles
Courtesy @audreylouisedesign/Instagram

High Contrast Tiles

We’re seeing higher levels of contrast in bathroom tile, whether in the pattern itself or in side-by-side materials. This bathroom by @audreylouisedesign showcases both methods. Note the black and white patterned floor tile, and the black marble shower wall juxtaposed against the ivory wall.

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Color Blocking Bathroom Tile
Courtesy @haus.of.kerr/Instagram

Color Blocking

Color blocking tile means using large, solid blocks of different colors together to create a big, bold design. In this bathroom by @haus.of.kerr, the red floor next to the blue-green shower wall creates a stunning look. Color blocking can also help define different areas of the bathroom, as the wall tile here helps separate the open shower from the bath tub area.

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Statement Wall Bathroom Tile
Courtesy @theeclecticbeetle/Instagram

Statement Wall

There are so many beautiful patterns of tile to choose from, why not cover an entire wall with your favorite?

A patterned tile statement wall is a way to make the bathroom feel more custom and luxe. You can’t go wrong if you pick the wall next to the bathtub (as seen here in this space by @theeclecticbeetle), in the shower or behind the vanity mirrors.

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New Geometric Bathroom Tile
Courtesy @thejunetree/Instagram

New Geometric Tiles

Geometric pattern tile has taken over bathroom décor in recent years. To update the trend, look for softer patterns and muted or neutral colors.

The beautiful flooring in this bathroom by @thejunetree is a perfect example of the new geometric style. The handmade cement tile in brown and tan is sleek yet organic (Bauhaus by Zia Tile).

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Terra Cotta Bathroom Tiles
Courtesy @sarahruthinteriors/Instagram


Terra-cotta tile has been used for centuries, and it’s no surprise its beautiful rich red color and hard-wearing properties are making a comeback in bathroom design. The hexagon terra-cotta floor tile in this bathroom by @sarahruthinteriors contributes an earthy element that makes it feel elegant yet lived-in.

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Mini Hex Mosaic Bathroom Tile
Courtesy @creativetileimports/Instagram

Mini Hex Mosaic

There’s been an upswing in vintage-inspired interiors using rich colors and classic materials. Especially, vintage floor tiles, as they are still sought after owing to their timeless appeal. One example is the resurgence of mosaic pattern floors made with black and white mini hexagon tiles. The style has been around since the 1920s, and from what we can tell it isn’t going anywhere. Check out this gorgeous bathroom with tile supplied by @creativetileimports.