Vintage Bathroom Tile Inspiration

Updated: Dec. 05, 2023

Use wallpaper, clever paint choices and smart styling in your bathroom to make the most of colorful vintage tile.

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Pattern Mixing Courtesy @onedelightfulhome Via Instagram
Courtesy @onedelightfulhome/Instagram

Pattern Mixing

Vintage bathroom tile often features bold colors, like this beautiful salmon pink from @onedelightfulhome. Instead of playing down the color, amp up the entire vibe of the bathroom with pattern, texture, and yes — more color. The moody floral wallpaper, gold accents and star pattern flooring complements the vintage floor tile really well here. Find out if you can paint bathroom tile.

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Whimsical Wallpaper Courtesy @studio Day Design Via Instagram
Courtesy @studio_day_design/Instagram

Whimsical Wallpaper

If the vintage tile in your bathroom is a little more basic, like black and white, install colorful, whimsical wallpaper to add interest.

The contrast of the intricate wallpaper design against the white tile makes both look fresh and crisp, rather than blending into the background. @studio_day_design also painted the mirror to make it pop and added period-appropriate wall sconces.

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Eclectic Styling Courtesy @whalingcitycottage Via Instagram
Courtesy @whalingcitycottage/Instagram

Eclectic Styling

When she bought the house, @whalingcitycottage didn’t initially love this yellow vintage tile. “But once we replaced the old yellow toilet, I could see the potential with the yellow,” she says.

A fresh coat of velvety black paint and an eclectic gallery wall was all she needed to give the bathroom and the tile new life! A bamboo étagère and thoughtful accessories finish the look for a style that fits well in historic homes.

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Labor Of Love Courtesy @1920craftsman Via Instagram
Courtesy @1920craftsman/Instagram

Labor of Love

Of course, salvaging vintage tile is not always easy. Restoring this bathroom floor was a labor of love for @1920craftsman.

The floor wasn’t in good shape when she moved in. Deep cleaning it multiple times was just the beginning. The real job was scraping out the eroded grout with a small precision blade. Definitely worth the effort, the finished floor looks gorgeous against the playful pink walls and simple decor.

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Embrace Color Courtesy @haymounthomes Via Instagram
Courtesy @haymounthomes/Instagram

Embrace Color

If you’re lucky enough to have pink vintage tile in your bathroom, like @haymounthomes, embrace the color and add even more!

The small stripe of green detail on the tile inspired the rest of the bathroom design. The matching Kelly green vanity and green patterned walls (painted to look like wallpaper) were bold choices that paid off. A streamlined mirror and retro-style lighting provide the perfect finishing touches.

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Complementary Colors Courtesy @endless Hacienda Via Instagram
Courtesy @endless_hacienda/Instagram

Complementary Colors

If you’re not sure which paint color to use with your vintage style, choose one that’s complementary (i.e. one that sits opposite on the color wheel.)

In this bathroom by @endless_hacienda, the bluish green peacock paint color complements the yellow-gold tile. It offers a high-contrast look that appeals to the eye and draws attention to the beautiful tile.

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Refresh With Paint Courtesy @karlidesigns Via Tiktok
COURTESY @karlidesigns/TIKTOK

Refresh with Paint

The pink vintage wall tile in this bathroom by @karlidesigns was in great shape, but the rest of it needed some work. Some black paint and new plumbing fixtures gave the bathroom a new look. The black ceiling coordinates nicely with the black border on the tile and draws the eye up, making the room look taller. If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your existing tiles, you need to get the right kind of paint.

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Keep It Simple Courtesy @alexander.lerner Via Instagram
Courtesy @alexander.lerner/Instagram

Keep It Simple

The pink, turquoise and red vintage tile in this bathroom from @alexander.lerner stands out all on its own. Layering on a lot of styling and decor would make this too busy. Instead, keep it simple with a fresh plant and a few luxury bath products. That makes the vintage tile the star of the show!

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Repair With Replicated Vintage Tile Courtesy @bwtilecompany Via Instagram
Courtesy @bwtilecompany/Instagram

Repair With Replicated Vintage Tile

Unfortunately, sometimes vintage tile is beyond repair and must be removed. That’s where companies like B&W Tile come in.

B&W Tile offers colors found in bathrooms from the 1920s through the 1960s, which is how homeowner @415buzzard replicated this gorgeous kiwi green tile shower. Besides vintage colors, they also carry different tile shapes to create period-correct looks.