The 10 Best Paints for Tile, According to Experts

Updated: May 24, 2024

No need to spend thousands to freshen the look of a tiled kitchen or powder room wall. All it takes is a little time, effort and the best tile paint.

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Sick of looking at your old, outdated bathroom tile? Luckily, there’s a solution that doesn’t require tearing out and replacing tiles completely. Purchasing a gallon of the best tile paint is an affordable way to refresh unsightly tile and give new life to a room. Although painting tile can be somewhat tricky to pull off, it’s a viable alternative to re-tiling a room. With a little know-how and proper prep, painting tile is a cost-effective solution to outdated kitchens and bathrooms.

However, there are a few things to know about painting tile before diving in. According to Bob Thomas, professional painting contractor and CEO at Hearth and Petals, “Painting tile is different than painting drywall or wood since tile has a non-porous, water-resistant glazed surface that paints can’t easily adhere to.”

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Majic Paints Diamond Hard Repurpose Tile Paint via merchant

Best Overall Tile Paint

Majic Paints Diamond Hard RePurpose Tile Paint

Perfect for DIYers, Majic Paints’ Diamond Hard RePurpose is our pick for the overall best tile paint. It’s a versatile paint that sticks to any surface, including wood, masonry and tile. Boasting superior color choices, it self-levels to a one-step, satiny finish that requires no sanding or priming. The enamel won’t peel or chip with time when using proper prep and we appreciate the low price. Plus, the 32-ounce cans are perfectly portioned for small areas or paint touchups.

Amazon reviewer Emily H. calls the product a straight-up miracle. “I bought this as a temporary fix to my outdated kitchen tile backsplash since we can’t afford a total kitchen re-do for a few more years,” she writes. “It turned out better than I ever hoped, and so far, the surface wipes clean from splatters without damaging the paint.”


  • Inexpensive
  • Enamel formula covers most surfaces
  • Sticks without sanding or priming
  • Wide selection of colors


  • Requires more than one coat

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Rust Oleum Home Interior Floor Coating Kit via merchant

Best Tile Paint for Floors

Rust-Oleum Home Interior Floor Coating Kit

When it comes to updating floors, a matte finish just won’t do. That’s why we suggest splurging on Rust-Oleum’s home interior floor coating kit, which comes formulated specifically for hard-to-coat surfaces like tile. The two-step, low-odor paint and primer duo work in tandem to keep paint adhered to surfaces that see high foot traffic.

Each kit covers up to 100 square feet. That’s more than enough for most bathroom floors, though you may want to pick up a few kits for kitchens or larger areas. For the most mess-free application, use a long-handled paint roller to first apply the primer, then the paint once the primer fully dries.


  • Water-based formula tested on tile surfaces
  • Two-step application adheres and seals paint for longevity
  • No sanding or stripping required
  • Several neutral tones to choose from


  • Requires a top coat

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Magnolia Home By Joanna Gaines Eggshell Paint And Primer via merchant

Best Tile Paint for Walls

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines Eggshell Paint and Primer

Joanna Gaines’ gorgeous Magnolia Home interior paint isn’t just for drywall and wood walls—the acrylic-based formula works on tile, too! It contains a built-in primer that helps the color adhere better to surfaces, though we recommend prepping with an adhesive primer beforehand for better coverage.

Each can covers approximately 250-400 square feet and the eggshell finish is stain-resistant and easy to clean. In addition to a wide array of stylish, modern color choices, the paint also contains a mildew-resistant film that makes it a viable choice for bathrooms or kitchens.


  • Contains a built-in primer
  • Mildew-resistant formula
  • Eggshell finish is ideal for covering imperfections in tile
  • Wide selection of colors


  • Not for use on floors

4 / 10
Benjamin Moore Aura Bath And Spa Tile Paint via merchant

Best Tile Paint for Bathrooms

Benjamin Moore Aura Bath And Spa Tile Paint

Touted for its stellar performance in high-humidity environments such as bathrooms and spas, Benjamin Moore Aura Bath And Spa paint promises a mildew-resistant, color-lock matte finish that won’t fade or rub off, even after repeated washings.

The proprietary 100% acrylic resin paint contains minimal VOC, is low odor and cleans up with soap and water. Even better, Aura is available in Benjamin Moore’s extensive color palette. It’s the perfect pick for a home spa, bathroom or anywhere else that is exposed to a lot of moisture.


  • Humidity-resistant color and finish
  • Blocks mold and mildew growth
  • Available in 3,500+ colors
  • Self-priming


  • Pricey at $80+ per gallon

5 / 10
Rust Oleum Specialty Tub And Tile Aerosol Paint via merchant

Best Tile Paint for Showers

Rust-Oleum Specialty Tub and Tile Aerosol Paint

That’s right—Rust-Oleum makes our list for the second time! A one-step, acrylic epoxy spray paint, Specialty Tub and Tile Aerosol is specially formulated for painting ceramic tiles, giving them a shiny waterproof finish that has real bonding power.

The paint not only provides outstanding adhesion and durability but retains its color in the wettest and steamiest environments. Suitable for porcelain and porcelain tile, each 12-ounce can covers 15 square feet of tile.


  • Dries to the touch in 15 minutes
  • Waterproof finish
  • Withstands hot temperatures
  • Easy spray-on application


  • Limited color selection

6 / 10
In The Swim Super Poxy Shield Paint via merchant

Best Paint for Pool Tile

In The Swim Super Poxy Shield Paint

Pool finishes don’t last forever and being submerged in water means that it’s important to choose a tile paint that can resist water damage. In the Swim Super Poxy Shield paint offers a high-gloss, gel-like consistency that dries hard, is abrasion-resistant and is non-porous. Simply use a pool cleaner, then follow the prep instructions on the Amazon listing for a tile-like finish that looks amazing when the sun hits it.


  • Lasts up to eight years
  • Covers 125-150 square feet per gallon
  • Seals small cracks
  • Recommended for tile pools


  • Epoxy-based paints can create possible slipping hazards

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Soto Touch Up Tile Paint via merchant

Best Tile Paint for Touchups

Soto Touch-Up Tile Paint

When your white subway tile doesn’t need a complete overhaul, a one-ounce container of Soto appliance and porcelain paint touch-up is a mess-free way to repair small scratches and dings. It looks like a bottle of nail polish or retro correction fluid, but adheres just as well as the other tile paints on this list.

Soto’s non-toxic, low VOC and low-smell formula is safe around kids and pets and comes in nine high-gloss shades of white to achieve a perfect match. It works on appliances, too!


  • 1.5-ounce bottle is perfect for touch-ups
  • Comes in over a dozen shades of white
  • Stain-resistant, washable finish
  • Works on both tile and appliances


  • Requires a few coats for proper coverage

8 / 10
All In One Cabinet And Furniture Paint via merchant

Best Paint for Ceramic Tile

All-in-One Cabinet and Furniture Paint

Despite the misleading name, All-in-One’s cabinet and furniture paint is a bit of a cult favorite on painting TikTok when it comes to reviving tile. Apart from a wide range of gorgeous shades and a pretty velvet sheen finish, it also covers nearly all surfaces—including fabrics like vinyl and leather! The best part? Some reviewers report skipping primer with equally fantastic results.

“This stuff is gold,” reports verified purchaser Jayme L. “I had hideous tile in my bathroom! One coat and it covered it. I love it. I would buy this paint over and over! It was easy to use. Not too strong-smelling. The best part was it was easy. Just wipe the walls down and paint!”


  • Adheres to tile, fabrics and almost every other surface
  • Requires zero prep work
  • Comes in over 35 colors
  • Dark colors cover completely in one coat


  • Light colors require a few coats for full coverage

9 / 10
Krylon High Heat Spray Paint via merchant

Best Paint for Fireplace Tile

Krylon High Heat Spray Paint

High heat and flammable paints simply don’t mix. When painting fireplace tile, it’s important to purchase a paint made for surfaces that come into contact with fire. Krylon high heat spray paint applies like normal spray paint but contains a heat-resistant formula that works well for fireplaces and the exterior components of grills.

“I ended up using it for a piece of concrete tile backer that I used to surround the insulated through-roof chimney tube on the ceiling,” says one Amazon reviewer. “Despite sometimes going into overfire, this white paint on the concrete hardi-backer board has never been discolored or even tarnished. Would definitely buy again.”


  • Withstands temperatures up to 1200° F intermittently; 600° F continuously
  • Spray application goes on easily
  • Dries in 15 minutes
  • Adheres well to tile


  • Limited color selection

10 / 10
Giani White Diamond Countertop Tile Paint Kit via merchant

Best Paint for Counter Top Tile

Giani White Diamond Countertop Tile Paint Kit

Transform your bathroom wall tile, kitchen countertops or vanity to look like natural granite in a single weekend with the White Diamond countertop paint kit by Giani.

Easy and affordable, the three-step paint process goes right over laminate, cultured marble or ceramic tile, resulting in automotive-grade durability from safe, water-based materials. Each DIY makeover kit covers 35 square feet of tile or countertop, takes around four hours to complete and dries in 16 hours.


  • Contains everything needed for prep, painting and sealing
  • Simulates the look of granite
  • Formulated for ceramic tile
  • Easy enough to do in one weekend


  • Reviewers recommend sealing with epoxy for a lasting finish

What to Consider When Buying Tile Paint

Just because tile doesn’t behave like drywall or wood doesn’t mean you need to tile over your tile—there are a few tricks that will help you get stunning results, even on older surfaces. “When selecting a tile paint, consider where it will be used. For walls, a flat or eggshell paint finish hides imperfections well,” Thomas says. He also notes that it’s important to ensure the paint has a built-in primer to aid adhesion.

What Paint to Use for Tile

The best tile paint depends on the tile’s texture, properties and where it is in the home. If you have your heart set on painting tile backsplash or bathroom walls, we recommend using products specifically made for use in moisture-prone zones. Thomas notes that in general, “it’s crucial to use a high-quality epoxy-based paint made specifically for tile instead of standard latex paints. Avoid any paints containing silicone, as they won’t bond properly to tile.”

“For updating outdated but structurally sound tile, using a quality epoxy tile paint can save thousands over replacement,” says Thomas. “But the tile must be properly prepped and an adhesive paint used.” To properly prep surfaces, Thomas suggests starting by thoroughly cleaning and scuffing sand tile so the paint can grip the surface. “Use a bonding primer like Gripper to further help with adhesion,” he says.

Ceramic tile-painting dos and don’ts

  • Do give tiles a good cleaning.
  • Do repair imperfections and fill hairline cracks with putty.
  • Do sand tiles lightly.
  • Do use a highly-rated primer made to bond to tile surfaces.
  • Don’t use normal house paint that’s not formulated for tile—it will peel right off!
  • Don’t mask off the grout. Not painting grout will produce an uneven look.
  • Don’t apply a clearcoat/polyurethane. It will make it difficult to repaint or touch up later.
  • Do invest in top-quality brushes and rollers to achieve a professional finish.
  • Do be safe. Always wear a respirator mask and work in a well-ventilated area.

Before starting on your tile painting journey, it’s important to determine whether your old tile can even be salvaged with a coat of paint. This will save you tons of time and money in the long run. “Painting over damaged, heavily stained or deteriorating grout may not be effective. In those cases, complete tile replacement may be best,” says Thomas.

Although it may seem like a lot of prep work, painting tile can be an inexpensive way to refresh a ho-hum room. When done right, paint can breathe new life into your tile surfaces. Below are our favorite tile paints for nearly every project, organized by their best qualities.

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What is the best floor tile paint?

Thomas says that painting floor tiles demands a little more attention to detail than walls, so there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing floor tile paint. “For floors, use a tile paint with a semi-gloss or gloss finish to make it more durable and scuff-resistant,” he says. Floor tile paint can be applied with almost any painting tool, but we recommend using a long-handled roller to make it easier on your back.

What is the best paint for bathroom tiles?

We don’t recommend painting high-traffic areas like countertops and floors or around showers, tubs and sinks unless you use specially formulated paints that are resistant to water intrusion and mold. Thomas notes that for bathrooms, it’s imperative to ensure the paint contains anti-mold additives, especially if being used in shower enclosures or other wet areas. Get to know if you can paint bathroom tile.