13 Cool Trends in Tile

Updated: Jan. 31, 2023

While the classic white subway design may always be in style, new trends are emerging when it comes to tile. If you're planning a tile project this year—whether it's flooring, a bathroom shower or a kitchen backsplash—here are 13 cool trends in tile to keep your eye on.

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If you’re looking for trendy tile, try pattern tiles for a backsplash or for the floor. Patterns and textures can help an otherwise drab space come alive.

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Throwback Colors

Remember that pink tile in your grandmother’s bathroom? It’s back in style! Think pink and baby blue tile with white and wood accents for an updated look.

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Outdoor Patterns

Patterns aren’t just for indoors. Try using some pretty patterns to liven up otherwise drab blocks or pavers on steps, patios and walkways.

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Floors with Interest

If you’re planning a floor tile project, consider using some patterned tiles surrounded by solid colors. The patterned block then looks like a rug. This design works well under a kitchen table to help define the space.

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Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are showing up everywhere when it comes to tile. Try tile pieces in hexagon, triangle and even diamond shapes or mix and match shapes for a one-of-a-kind look.

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Chevron Patterns

Try laying tile in a chevron pattern, whether you’re working on a backsplash, wall or on the floor. The chevron look works great with rectangular tiles in any size.

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fish scale tile
Mercury Mosaics

Fish Scale

Also known as mermaid tile, this fish scale design will be in bathrooms everywhere in 2018. Trending colors include greens, blues and turquoise.

Photo: Courtesy of Mercury Mosaics

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Black and White

The classic black and white tile combo is one of those trends in tile that will never go out of style. For an updated look, think white tile with black grout, or black tile with white grout.

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Round Glass

Instead of square glass tile, look for round glass tile. These “penny tiles” will bring an upscale look to any bathroom.

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bright-colors kitchen tile backsplash

Bold Colors

Think big when it comes to color. Try choosing bold colors for a tile wall, or include pops of vibrant color mixed in with more muted shades on walls and floors.

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texture star wall tile tin


Metal panels with the look of tile add texture and interest to any room. Try adding some texture to your kitchen or even to a living or dining room accent wall.

Photo: Courtesy of Global Specialty Products

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Living Room: Large Format Tile

On-trend for 2019 is innovation at its finest, including the use of large format tile for various purposes.

According to Mar Esteve, director of marketing for TheSize Surfaces, a large format tile manufacturer, “With its 100-percent natural composition—and several exhaustive quality controls along the chain—Neolith is able to produce large format slabs, which means greater uniformity and continuity in finished spaces, easier handling and minimized joints for aesthetic and hygienic benefits.”

“Thanks to its slim surface, it allows contractors to transport more than double the amount of surface per container than with thicker products. Slimmer slabs also allow for Neolith to be directly applied onto existing surfaces. This saves contractors from costly tear-outs while reducing landfill waste.” It won’t always work, but sometimes you can successfully tile over old tile. Here’s how.

Photo: Courtesy of Marva

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Bathroom: Mosaics

White mosaics, as well as black and white patterned ones, are on-trend right now. In 2019, a variety of shapes including small squares, herringbone, chevron and more will be seen everywhere.

“Many are opting for using the same white marble tile throughout the bathroom, but mixing up the shapes on the floors, walls and shower area,” notes flooring expert Debbie Gartner. “This keeps the space light and bright while providing visual intrigue by mixing up the shapes and textures.

Photo: Courtesy of Somertile