5 Kitchen Flooring Ideas That are Trending Right Now

Updated: Dec. 01, 2022

Ready to update your kitchen? One way to freshen up the look of a kitchen is with new flooring. Whether you're a fan of wood, tile or vinyl, here are five kitchen flooring ideas that are hot right now.

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pattern wood floor
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Patterns in Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has long been a popular choice for kitchens as it is long-lasting and works in a number of decor styles. If you’re looking for trending kitchen flooring options in wood flooring, try patterns. “Specifically, we are seeing an increase of chevron or herringbone pattern designs in homeowners kitchens, bathrooms and more,” according to Sebring Design Build, a Chicago-area based design-build-remodeling company.

Pros: Hardwood kitchen flooring is easier to repair than tile.

Cons: Hardwood flooring can show wear and tear in heavy traffic areas over time.

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When it comes to interesting kitchen flooring ideas, cork is a popular natural option with a different texture than any other flooring material. One of the most unique types of kitchen flooring, cork is durable, soft underfoot and is a great heat insulator and sound barrier, notes Decor Magazine. “It’s also friendlier to the planet than man-made materials like vinyl, so if you are creating a space which is environmentally conscious, cork is an affordable and less impactful kitchen flooring material,” according to the magazine.

Pros: Since cork is soft, it’s a great flooring option for those who stand for long periods of time. It’s also easy to install, maintain and has antimicrobial properties.

Cons: Cork stains easily and is prone to fading.

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Luxury Vinyl

This isn’t your grandma’s vinyl floor! Today, luxury vinyl as it’s often called, comes in a variety of budget-friendly choices so there’s no wonder it’s gaining popularity in today’s kitchens. Vinyl can look like stone or ceramic tile, plank hardwood and even fun patterns and colors.

“While laminate has been a top alternative to hardwood, vinyl has added more details, colors, and functionality to make it a competitor in the wood look category. You can definitely expect to see more home use vinyl flooring throughout 2019 to achieve a more affordable yet modern design,” according to Empire Today, a national flooring company.

Pros: Vinyl flooring offers a variety of color options, making it a top choice for a custom look. It’s also moisture resistant, less expensive than most tile and hardwood, and it’s easy to maintain.

Cons: Vinyl can fade over time. It is also non-biodegradable.

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Black and white checkered floor
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Black and White Tile

The color combination of black with white never goes out of style. When it comes to trending kitchen flooring ideas, try black and white tiles installed in checkerboard pattern, go for a bold look with tiles in a geometric pattern or choose individual tiles that have a black and white pattern.

“More and more homeowners want a unique twist to the vintage flooring style. This includes smaller tiles with bolder graphic patterns. This perfectly blends vintage with contemporary for the perfect look and feel,” according to Sebring Design Build.

Pros: Tile is durable and water resistant. Black and white tile offers a timeless look that is easy to maintain.

Cons: Tile can be costly to install. If you go for a bold, graphic pattern, you may get tired of the look over time.

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“Contemporary and completely durable, concrete kitchen flooring will easily withstand the highest traffic and activity, perfect if you need kitchen flooring ideas for a busy kitchen,” notes Decor Magazine. Concrete can also be polished and stained to give it a custom look. It also pairs well with natural elements such as wood and metal, and blends well with trending hygge design styles.

Pros: Concrete is easy to clean and durable.

Cons: Concrete flooring can be cold, unless a heated flooring system is installed underneath. In addition, if it isn’t sealed properly, moisture and mold can become a problem. Concrete can also crack over time.