Mosaic Sinks Could Be the Next Bathroom Craze

Updated: May 25, 2023

Mosaic sinks are pretty—but you might want to think twice before creating one of your own.

You might think you’ve heard everything when it comes to bathroom decor trends, but TikTok’s creativity continues to surprise us. While most expect to tile showers, lately, it seems, people have also taken to tiling their sinks.

Mosaics are designs made up of small, irregularly shaped pieces of glass or tile. While mosaic floors are old hat, one innovative TikTok creator decided to create a mosaic pattern on their sink instead. While this may not work for everyone, the results are certainly stunning.

How to Create a Mosiac Sink

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TikTok creator Summer Stebens Scott (@summerrrscottt) took this up as a COVID-19 quarantine project and takes us through a quick view of the process. She uses a mix of purple, blue and green tiles of various shades, starting with the darker shades in the center and letting the lighter ones fan out to the sides. First, she shows us how she lays the small iridescent tiles out to create a pattern across the sink—you can create your own pattern or follow hers. She also lays a separate, smaller design around the faucet.

She then spreads tile grout across the sink to fill in the gaps (and presumably wipes the excess away) before applying tile sealer with a brush to protect the design. Since mosaic tiles leave plenty of little gaps that can be hard to clean, these are important steps!

Can a Mosaic Sink Work?

A mosaic sink definitely looks pretty, but it definitely has its downsides. For one, it can be a pain to clean! Several commenters pointed out that it would be tough to wipe down, especially as a sink is a high-traffic area. Getting into those little gaps isn’t guaranteed, even with grout and sealer.

On top of that, the installation might look easy in a TikTok, but the small, delicate tiles are hard to handle, and the grout might show through, making it look less polished. They’re also prone to scratches, making them unsuited to something as regularly used as a sink. And of course, they can break—so if you drop something the wrong way into the sink, you might damage the whole pattern. The tiles are also expensive, so replacing them (and buying them in the first place) can hit your wallet hard.

Keeping all these things in mind, it’s certainly possible to create a mosaic sink, but it’s a commitment. If you’re not sold on the idea, check out these bathroom tile trends you can incorporate into other parts like the floor and shower.